base-files: implement -l (--list-backup) sysupgrade parameter to list the files that...
[openwrt.git] / package / kernel /
2013-07-31 haukebroadcom-wl: fix compile error with kernel 3.10
2013-07-29 nbdmac80211: rt2x00: add missing of.h header
2013-07-29 nbdath9k: fix several issues in the tx queueing rework
2013-07-29 blogicmac80211: rt2x00: fix default register settings for...
2013-07-29 blogicmac80211: rt2x00: enable setting wifi led polarity...
2013-07-29 nbdrt2x00: merge fix for queue stopping
2013-07-29 nbdmac80211: add support for verbose builds using V=sc
2013-07-28 lukakernel: add usb-mxs-phy package
2013-07-28 lukakernel: update usb-chipidea package
2013-07-28 lukakernel: update usb2 package
2013-07-27 blogicstrict_strtoul is obsolete, use kstrtoul instead
2013-07-26 nbdauthsae: adapt uci scripts to use authsae
2013-07-26 lukakernel: be consistent with formatting style
2013-07-25 blogicmac8021: add ath9k pcie id for AR9381
2013-07-23 jogokernel: ebtables depends on bridge
2013-07-22 blogiclantiq: dont build ar10 drivers
2013-07-21 nbdkernel: add a new global config symbol for enabling...
2013-07-21 jogokernel: fix config breakage from removing the de4x5...
2013-07-21 nbdkernel: fix kmod-crypto-hw-ppc4xx dependencies
2013-07-21 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol for the chipidea...
2013-07-21 nbdkernel: remove an exotic ethernet driver from the tulip...
2013-07-20 juhosgkernel: fix crypto-hw-talitos dependencies
2013-07-20 nbdath9k: add initial tx queueing rework patches
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-fs-btrfs dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: add fbdev.ko to kmod-fb on x86 dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-rtc-pcf8563 dependencies
2013-07-19 juhosgkernel: package the usbmon module
2013-07-19 haukekernel: simplify kmod-crypto-misc dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-et131x dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix usb-net-asix dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix crypto-hw-geode dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix crypto-hw-padlock dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix syntax error in kmod-crypto-misc
2013-07-19 nbdkernel: add missing module for mmc-spi
2013-07-19 nbdltq-deu: add missing dependency
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-chipideai syntax
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-chipideai dependencies
2013-07-19 jogokernel: remove gpio_buttons
2013-07-19 nbdbutton-hotplug: add missing dependency on kmod-input...
2013-07-19 jowlinux: fix platform dependency of kmod-usb2-fsl
2013-07-19 jowlinux: kmod-ipt-filter depends on kmod-ipt-conntrack
2013-07-19 jogokernel: change ipt depends to a select
2013-07-19 jogomac80211: add missing dependencies
2013-07-18 jogokernel: video-core depends on i2c-core if i2c-core...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-gpio-mcp23s08 depends on i2c-core
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-pcmcia-serial requires kmod-serial-8250
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-e1000e depends on pip for 3.8+
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: net-zd1201 depends on usb-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: fix usb-net-cdc-mbim dependencies
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-qualcomm depends on usb-serial-wwan
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-keyspan needs to include ezusb.ko
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-ipw depends on usb-serial-wwan
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: mtdtests depends on nand
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: bluetooth depends on crypto-hash
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: rfkill depends on input-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: split slhc into a separate package and make...
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: fix accidental depends line duplication
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: sctp depends on ipv6 if ipv6 is enabled
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: make kmod-sched depend on kmod-ipt-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: reduce spurious rebuilds of simple kmod-* packages
2013-07-18 jowlinux: introduce new kmod-iptunnel for Linux 3.10+...
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing netfilter dependencies
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependency to kmod-i2c-tiny-usb
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependencies to kmod-fs-msdos and...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: btrfs supports raid6 in 3.10, thus depends...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: move xor into its own package
2013-07-18 jogokernel: split out lib-raid6
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-dm depends on crypto
2013-07-18 jogokernel: crypto: add missing dependencies and files
2013-07-18 jogokernel: drop kmod-ata-sis
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependencies to kmod-ip6tables
2013-07-18 nbdbuild: add kernel modules to package provides info...
2013-07-17 wigyoriimx23: ChipIdea changes
2013-07-17 nbdath5k: fix AHB support dependency (#13896)
2013-07-15 lukakernel: add sound-soc-imx-sgtl5000
2013-07-15 lukakernel: add sound-soc-imx
2013-07-15 nbdmac80211: fix a crash in legacy minstrel when no STA...
2013-07-15 blogickernel: add usb-dwc2 kmod
2013-07-14 haukemac80211: b43: load b43 on core rev 17 and 18.
2013-07-14 haukemac80211: b43: activate LP-Phy support every time
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: add initial support for kernel 3.10
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: do not load the kernel modules needed for...
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: make it work with kernel 3.10
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: check the correct value for not null.
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: reoder some parts.
2013-07-13 nbdmac80211: tweak mac address allocation
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: reconfigure in Build/Compile instead of Build...
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: merge a fix for PS-Poll handling, refresh...
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: remove bogus module params from compat.ko
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: move codel from kmod-sched-core to kmod-sched...
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: make libsas depend on x86
2013-07-10 floriankernel: package the HW random core module
2013-07-08 blogickernel: unbreal of_i2c selection
2013-07-08 blogiclantiq: move dsl tools to package/network/config
2013-07-08 luka[package] ltq-hcd: remove prebuilt module
2013-07-04 blogickernel: fix 8250 ko name for 3.9
2013-07-04 blogicmac80211: make rt2x00_soc depend on !rt3883
2013-07-04 blogicbutton-hotplug: Add KEY_POWER handling
2013-07-02 lukagpio-button-hotplug: add support for EV_SW
2013-06-30 nbdrt2x00: fix rf id override for RT5350