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[openwrt.git] / package / network / ipv6 /
2013-11-16 cyrus6rd: Clear correct IPv6 address bits in 6rdcalc
2013-10-29 cyrusodhcp6c: Multiple improvements and fixes
2013-10-23 cyrusodhcp6c: filter similar RAs spammed by some ISPs
2013-10-21 cyrus6relayd: reduce fallout of RA spamming a bit
2013-10-17 cyrusodhcp6c: fix parsing of IA_PD adverts
2013-10-14 cyrusodhcp6c: various fixes
2013-10-07 cyrusodhcp6c: improve server selection, introduce "forcepref...
2013-10-02 cyrusodhcp6c: validate hop-limit on RAs
2013-10-02 cyrus6relayd: remove compat ULA setting by default (too...
2013-09-21 cyrusodhcp6c: handle NoAddrsAvail IA-status
2013-09-18 cyrusodhcp6c: Restart when server returns IAID error
2013-09-12 cyrusodhcp6c: Timing workaround for buggy servers
2013-09-05 cyrusodhcp6c: more compatibility fixes
2013-07-26 cyrus6relayd: Overridden DNS should affect DHCPv6
2013-07-16 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-PD with continuous hints
2013-07-03 cyrusodhcp6c: avoid integer overflows in resend logic
2013-07-03 cyrusodhcp6c: add missing config parameter
2013-06-27 florian6relayd: prevent build on AVR32
2013-06-25 cyrusodhcp6c: Add missing config option "ifaceid"
2013-06-23 cyrus6relayd: don't accidentally remove regular prefix routes
2013-06-22 cyrus6relayd: fix lease-update behaviour for clients without...
2013-06-22 cyrus6relayd: Keep PD-downstream across RENEW/REBIND
2013-06-21 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-PD assignment logic
2013-06-19 cyrus6relayd: correctly set downstream routes for DHCPv6-PD
2013-06-18 cyrusodhcp6c: Add option to override interface identifier...
2013-06-13 cyrusodhcp6c: add sanity checks for NDP and MTU parameters...
2013-06-11 cyrus6relayd: make route preference and prefix on-link flag...
2013-06-01 cyrus6relayd: Work around Windows DHCPv6 quirks
2013-05-31 cyrusodhcp6c: work around spurious false-positive address...
2013-05-31 cyrusodhcp6c: fix handling of multiple RAs in a row
2013-05-30 cyrus6relayd: Better compatibility with misbheaving DHCPv6...
2013-05-30 cyrus6relayd: more verbosity in leases and logging
2013-05-28 cyrusodhcp6c: fix or debug disappearing IPv6 addresses
2013-05-27 cyrus6relayd: RFC 6204 and naming improvements
2013-05-26 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-server picking up addresses from...
2013-05-24 cyrus6relayd: fix a lease-timing issue with stateful DHCPv6
2013-05-22 cyrus6relayd: Let OpenWrt override default CFLAGS
2013-05-21 cyrus6relayd: Fix a segfault when multiple downstream interf...
2013-05-21 cyrusodhcp6c: Various fixes
2013-05-21 cyrus6relayd: Various DHCPv6-fixes
2013-05-20 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix address / prefix expiry logic
2013-05-17 cyrus6relayd: Add stateful DHCPv6-support (IA_NA)
2013-05-15 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix handling of RAs when no DHCPv6-server...
2013-05-14 nbdpackage: fold the IPv6 menu into Network
2013-05-13 cyrus6relayd: Always announce the current MAC-address
2013-05-13 cyrusds-lite: add ds-lite network protocol handler
2013-05-13 cyrusodhcp6c: added support for DS-Lite + various fixes
2013-05-12 cyrus6rd: increase metric of default route
2013-05-06 cyrusodhcp6c: Make SLAAC-only work without reqprefix=no
2013-04-24 cyrus6relayd: Fix generation of RA-messages
2013-04-24 cyrus6relayd: update package description
2013-04-24 cyrusodhcp6c: Set default SOL_MAX_RT to 1h
2013-04-22 cyrusodhcp6c: Several fixes and improvements
2013-04-22 cyrus6relayd: Add DHCPv6-PD server support, fix relaying...
2013-04-09 cyrusRemove obsoleted ipv6-support meta-package
2013-03-26 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix a race-condition in RA-handling
2013-03-25 cyrusodhcp6c: minor bug fixes
2013-03-20 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix metric for on-link prefix routes
2013-03-18 cyrusodhcp6c: fix preference handling, custom client-ID
2013-03-08 cyrusodhcp6c: various bugfixes
2013-02-28 cyrus6relayd: Fix illegal memory accesses
2013-02-28 cyrus6relayd: various fixes
2013-02-26 cyrus6relayd: Fix config behaviour for rewrite_dns_addr...
2013-02-26 cyrus6relayd: compatibility with broken IPv6 devices
2013-02-19 cyrus6relayd: Fix possible memory corruption issue
2013-02-18 cyrus6relayd: Workaround potential signal handling issue
2013-02-12 cyrusodhcp6c: allow setting a user-provided prefix as well
2013-02-11 cyrusodhcp6c: Various bugfixes
2013-02-03 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix timing issues
2013-02-02 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix RENEW and REBIND requests
2013-02-01 cyrusodhcp6c: allow IPv6-config via SLAAC-only if no prefix...
2013-02-01 cyrusodhcp6c: switch to userspace RA-handling and offload...
2013-02-01 cyrus6relayd: Fix announced router flags and IPv6 procfs...
2013-01-30 cyrus6in4: fix typo in last commit
2013-01-30 cyrus6in4: work around hanging wget process
2013-01-29 cyrus6relayd: remove IPv6 forwarding-sysctl workaround
2013-01-29 cyrusodhcp6c: remove IPv6 forwarding-sysctl workaround
2013-01-28 cyrusodhcp6c: work-around for proto-script to avoid loosing...
2013-01-23 cyrusipv6-support: don't overwrite existing setting across...
2013-01-21 cyrus6relayd: fix shell library includes in init-script
2013-01-21 cyrus6relayd: avoid a race-condition with looping RAs
2013-01-21 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix address assignment with infinite validity
2013-01-18 cyrusipv6-support: adapt UCI defaults to new ordering
2013-01-18 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix parsing more than one DNS server
2013-01-17 cyrusipv6-support: Rename enable-ipv6 UCI defaults
2013-01-17 cyrusodhcp6c: Detect a different MAC if interface has none
2013-01-15 cyrusipv6-support: Switch to native IPv6 support
2013-01-15 cyrus6rd: add support for native IPv6 prefix handling
2013-01-15 cyrus6to4: add support for native IPv6 prefix handling
2013-01-15 cyrus6in4: add support for native IPv6 prefix handling
2013-01-15 cyrus6relayd: add suitable default configuration
2013-01-15 cyrus6distributed: Remove obsolete service (replaced by...
2013-01-13 cyrusodhcp6c: Send RS on start
2013-01-13 cyrusodhcp6c: Add preliminary proto-handler
2013-01-13 cyrusipv6-support: don't use disable_ipv6
2013-01-13 cyrus6relayd: Rewrite init-script logic
2013-01-02 cyrusipv6-support: Update iteration
2013-01-02 cyrusodhcp6c: Add support for SNTP and SIP options
2013-01-02 cyrus6relayd: Announce RDNSS and DNSSL via RA
2013-01-01 cyrus6relayd: Detect changes of default routes for RAs