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2015-03-11 blogicclean packages already moved to github
2015-01-29 nicomadplay: moved to github
2014-08-01 cyrusmocp: moved to github
2014-07-31 cyruslame: moved to github
2014-07-31 cyrussox: moved to github
2014-07-18 cyrusmpd: moved to github
2014-07-18 cyrusmpc: moved to github
2014-06-16 cyruspulseaudio: moved to github
2014-05-20 florianempdcd: fix compile on platforms with VFP
2014-05-01 haukeRevert "replace dependency of libffmpeg with libffmpeg...
2014-05-01 haukereplace dependency of libffmpeg with libffmpeg-mini
2014-05-01 haukemocp: bumped version from 2.4.4 to 2.5.0-beta2 and...
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/pulseaudio: fix trailing whitespace
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/sox: fix whitespaces
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/mpdas: fix whitespaces
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/mpd: fix whitespaces
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/madplay: fix whitespaces
2014-03-27 juhosgpackages/ices: fix whitespaces
2014-03-11 nbdpackages: disable mips16 support on a number of package...
2014-03-08 florianempcd: pass our CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2014-03-07 tripolar[packages] pulseaudio: set PKG_RELEASE to 1
2014-03-07 tripolar[packages] pulseaudio: update to 5.0
2014-02-08 haukesound/mpd: update to mpd 0.16.8
2014-01-29 jowcmus: fix configure checks against host files
2013-09-22 tripolar[packages]: pulseaudio - revert accidently commited...
2013-09-22 tripolar[packages] openssh,pulseaudio: switch to new procd...
2013-09-18 tripolar[packages] change ownership of the audiodevices to...
2013-08-04 tripolar[packages] pulseaudio: add libcap as dependency
2013-08-04 tripolar[packages] cmus: add pulseaudio and oss support as...
2013-07-29 tripolar[packages] cmus: make OSS configurable
2013-07-29 tripolar[packages]cmus: commit all Config.in changes
2013-07-29 tripolar[packages] fix cmus menu
2013-07-29 tripolar[packages] cmus add option for pulseaudio functionality
2013-07-28 luka[packages] sox: update to 14.4.1
2013-07-03 tripolar[packages] pulseaudio: remove accidently commited libca...
2013-07-03 tripolar[packages] add myself as package maintainer
2013-07-03 tripolar[packages] pulseaudio update to v4.0
2013-07-02 tripolar[packages] cmus update to v2.5.0
2013-03-21 nbdpulseaudio: fix missing staging library directory ...
2013-01-17 jowfix sox build
2013-01-02 blogicpulseaudio 3.0 update
2012-10-19 hcg[packages] licensing: Licensing metadata added to many...
2012-09-12 hcgautoreconfckage] sox: Update maintainer and copyright...
2012-09-12 hcg[packages] sox: Bump revision
2012-08-06 blogic[packages] build pulseaudio without gtk2 when xorg...
2012-07-19 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 2.1
2012-06-17 blogic[packages] fix mocp dependencies
2012-06-14 nbdpulseaudio: disable fftw
2012-06-14 nbdpulseaudio: provide a virtual package for the two pulse...
2012-06-14 nbdpulseaudio: remove obsolete uclibc dependencies
2012-06-13 jow[packages] mocp: revert libffmpeg-mini dependency to...
2012-06-13 jow[packages] sox: depends on alsa-lib and libsndfile
2012-06-12 jow[packages] streamripper: depends on libpthread
2012-06-12 jow[packages] ices: depends on alsa-lib
2012-06-12 jow[packages] pulseaudio: pulseaudio-daemon depends on...
2012-06-11 nbdcmus: depend on libncursesw instead of libncurses
2012-06-11 nbdlame: add missing dependency
2012-06-11 jow[packages] normalize PKG_FIXUP - the "libtool" fixup...
2012-04-02 florian[package] shell-fm: add libao support
2012-02-17 swalker[packages] pianobar: force the lib symlinks
2012-02-17 swalker[packages] pianobar: add pianobar, a pandora radio...
2012-02-15 nbdflite: add missing -lm
2012-01-12 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: fix r29716
2012-01-12 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: sync with recent avahi changes...
2012-01-12 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: make configfiles readable by...
2011-11-16 nicopackages: add missing conffiles define
2011-11-14 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: fix running as pulse user
2011-11-13 nicopackages/mpd: use new service functions
2011-11-13 nicopackages/pulseaudio: run as a pulse/pulse user/group...
2011-11-12 nicopackages/mpdas: use new service functions
2011-11-12 nicopackages/scmpc: use new service functions
2011-11-11 nicopackages: remove packages marked as LINUX_2_4 only...
2011-10-26 nicopackages/listener: add a config file, fix config file...
2011-10-25 nicopackages: add listener (thanks to Raphaƫl Huck)
2011-10-22 nico[packages] mpd: split in 2 variants -full & -mini ...
2011-10-20 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 1.1
2011-09-27 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 1.0 final
2011-09-15 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 1.0-rc4
2011-09-11 loswillios[packages] mocp: build with newer ffmpeg (#10082)
2011-08-29 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 1.0-rc3
2011-08-22 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: use PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
2011-08-19 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: always build pulseaudio-tools...
2011-08-18 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: fix VARIANT building (#9952)
2011-08-18 loswilliosrework pulseaudio package:
2011-08-16 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: change json dependency
2011-08-16 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 1.0-rc2
2011-07-26 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: remove optional gdbm dependency...
2011-07-26 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: disable avai
2011-07-22 swalker[packages] mocp: move to sound, add upstream url
2011-07-20 loswillios[packages] mpdas: update description
2011-07-20 loswillios[packages] mpdas: remove /usr/local PREFIX
2011-07-11 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: not supported in backfire releas...
2011-06-24 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: update to 0.9.23
2011-04-29 jow[PATCH] cmus music player Makefile
2011-04-13 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: fix 26640
2011-04-13 loswillios[packages] pulseaudio: drop dbus dependency, add back...
2011-03-13 nbdalsa-driver: adding the audio group is no longer necessary
2011-03-11 jow[packages] alsa: add audio group in postinstall (#8755)
2011-03-11 loswillios[packages] mpc: update to 0.20
2011-03-10 loswillios[packages] mpd: update to 0.16.1 and refresh patches