rpcd: iwinfo plugin fixes
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / brcm63xx / base-files / etc /
2016-01-18 jogobrcm63xx: add support for Huawei HG622
2015-12-11 jowall: drop old uci-defaults.sh
2015-12-04 jowbrcm63xx: switch from uci-defaults to board.d
2015-12-02 jogobrcm63xx: Add NuCom R5010UNv2 support
2015-08-30 jogobrcm63xx: add Comtrend VR-3026e support
2015-08-26 jogobrcm63xx: fix WAP-5813n default network config
2015-08-05 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for Plusnet 2704N
2015-05-21 jogobrcm63xx: fix failsafe lan and status led for DSL-274xB...
2015-05-21 jogobrcm63xx: Add Huawei HG655b support
2015-03-25 jogobrcm63xx: Add BT Home Hub 2A support.
2015-03-16 jogobrcm63xx: set status leds from within diag.sh
2015-03-16 jogobrcm63xx: switch to board_name based configuration
2015-03-16 jogobrcm63xx: base-files: rename board_name to board_id
2015-03-16 jogobrcm63xx: Add DGND3700 v1 / DGND3800B support
2015-02-07 lukatargets: base-files: diag.sh does not need to be executable
2015-02-07 lukatargets: files in uci-defaults do not need to be execut...
2014-12-15 blogicadd "preinit_regular" diag.sh set_state argument
2014-11-25 jogobrcm63xx: uci-defaults: network: move DSL-274x1 F1...
2014-08-18 jogobrcm63xx: fix HG556a boards and remove fallback board
2014-08-01 jogobrcm63xx: add preliminary support for D-Link DSL-2751B E1
2014-07-27 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for ADB P.DG A4001N
2014-07-27 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for Huawei HG520v
2014-07-27 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for ZyXEL P870HW-51a v2
2014-07-27 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for Comtrend VR-3025un
2014-07-27 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for Comtrend VR-3025u
2014-07-12 jogobrcm63xx: base-files: order board names alphabetically
2014-07-12 jogobrcm63xx: Use leds script for Huawei HG556a and improve...
2014-07-12 jogobrcm63xx: Fix HW553 support
2014-07-12 jogobrcm63xx: Use model name for ADB P.DG A4001N1
2014-06-30 jogobrcm63xx: Add support for Comtrend WAP-5813n
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add initial support for BCM963268BU_P300...
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add VW6339GU support
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: F@ST2504n board support (image, base-files)
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add support for Asmax AR 1004g router
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: Add userspace support for Sagemcom F@ST2704V2...
2013-07-15 nbdbcm63xx: update ralink wlan firmware hotplug script...
2013-06-24 jogobcm63xx: fix DSL-274xB F1 default network config
2013-06-21 blogicbase-files: diag does not need to insmod any drivers...
2013-06-06 florianbrcm63xx: add user-space support for Netgear CVG834G
2013-05-12 jogobcm63xx: remove defconfig support
2013-02-18 florianbrcm63xx: migrate platform to common led helper functions
2013-02-05 mirkofix trx checksum after first boot and add led/button...
2013-02-05 mirkoadd support for board named RTA770W
2013-01-23 jogobcm63xx: switch to b53 and swconfig
2013-01-18 jowall targets: use numerically prefixed uci-defaults...
2013-01-04 jogobcm63xx: Add Huawei HG556a support
2012-12-19 mirkoDo not use deprecated path to functions.sh (/etc/functi...
2012-11-24 jogobcm63xx: Add a fixup for rt2x00 devices.
2012-11-05 jogobcm63xx: fix SPW303V images
2012-10-23 jogo[bcm63xx] add support for Comtrend AR5381u.
2012-10-23 jogo[bcm63xx] add support for Comtrend AR5387un.
2012-10-23 jogo[bcm63xx] add support for HomeStation ADB P.DG A4001N.
2012-10-21 jogo[bcm63xx] Add F@ST2604 board support.
2012-07-31 jogobcm63xx: Add nb6 support (BCM6362 SoC base boards)
2012-07-27 florian[brcm63xx] Add CT6376-1 board support
2012-06-06 florian[brcm63xx] add 96348w3 board (#10764)
2012-05-30 jogobcm63xx: build images for 6328 reference boards with...
2012-05-30 jogobcm63xx: readd accidentially dropped network config...
2012-05-27 jogobcm63xx: add support for DSL-274XB rev F1
2012-05-27 jogobcm63xx: add a default switch configuration for DSL...
2012-05-27 jogobcm63xx: setup network config through uci-defaults
2012-05-27 jogobcm63xx: move the board name workaround to /lib/brcm63xx.sh
2012-05-27 jogobcm63xx: use the exact board id as board identification...
2012-03-05 florianMerge branch 'bcm63xx'
2011-05-20 florian[brcm63xx] add support for BT Voyager 2110 (#8810)
2011-05-20 florian[brcm63xx] add support for DSL-2640B rev B2
2011-05-20 florian[brcm63xx] add support for D-Link DVA-G3810BN/TL
2011-05-20 florian[brcm63xx] add support for BT Voyager 2500 (#9070)
2011-05-11 florianbcm63xx: Add support for the T-Home Speedport W 303V
2011-05-11 florianbcm63xx: Update support for the DSL-274xB revision C
2011-05-11 florianbcm63xx: Accept any led with power in its name as power led
2011-02-19 florian[brcm63xx] add support for 'MAGIC' bcm6348-based board
2011-02-09 florian[brcm63xx] fix T-Com Speedport W 500V default config
2010-12-26 cshorebase-files: Added uci-defaults script to run mtd fixtrx...
2010-12-10 cshore[brcm63xx] Fixed Comtrend CT536_CT5621 board settings...
2010-12-06 cshore[bcm63xx] base-files: Added network defconfig because...
2010-11-28 cshorebcm63xx: Add support for the T-Com Speedport W 500V.
2010-11-28 cshorebcm63xx: Finalize support for DSL-274xB, rev C2.
2010-11-28 cshorebcm63xx: Allow 'colored' power leds.
2010-11-28 cshorebcm63xx: Add defconfigs.
2010-08-02 cshore[brcm63xx]: base-files: diag.sh: For power button as...
2010-05-30 cshorebrcm63xx: Added LED code for preinit (/etc/diag.sh...
2009-07-18 florian[brcm63xx] we are using the default-on trigger for...
2009-07-18 florian[brcm63xx] register GPIO-connected LEDs for known boards
2008-11-26 florianMake 4-port LAN and 1 port wan configurations work