uboot-envtools: Add Gateworks Ventana Support
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2015-10-06 nbdoprofile: drop kmod-oprofile dependency, it uses the...
2015-09-03 nbdgdb: update to the latest version, fixes a build error...
2015-08-13 nbdoprofile: fix path to kernel headers
2015-07-26 haukeoprofile: update to 1.1.0-rc2 and make it work with...
2015-07-19 nbdstrace: add kernel headers include to host cflags to...
2015-07-19 nbdstrace: cross compile fix: pass HOST_*FLAGS in to ...
2015-07-11 haukevalgrind: update to 3.10.1 and fix kernel >= 4.0
2015-07-07 cyrusgdb: fix compilation for x86_64 with musl
2015-06-25 jowstrace: update to 4.10
2015-05-24 nicogdb: disable liblzma explictly
2015-05-08 nbdtrace-cmd: update to 2.4.2
2015-04-20 nbdbinutils/oprofile: disable mips16 to fix build errors...
2015-04-06 nbdoprofile: add dependency on librt, it seems to be neede...
2015-04-03 nicopackages: use $(LN) macro, make symlinks relative
2015-03-24 nbdbuild: remove obsolete references to cris and avr32
2015-03-21 blogicperf: don't error on warnings
2015-03-16 nicopackages: some (e)glibc fixes after r44701
2015-02-14 nicopackage/valgrind: fix build on eglibc
2015-02-11 nicooprofile: mark broken on uml
2015-01-07 nbdpackage/binutils: actually support the target toolchain
2014-12-18 nbdbinutils: break-out libbfd, libopcodes and ar
2014-12-06 blogicperf: this package fails to build for !eglibc
2014-11-28 floriandevel: import perf from oldpackages
2014-11-16 nbdtrace-cmd: update to v2.4
2014-11-03 blogiclicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 blogicAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 cyrusAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-10-24 nicogdb: fix build failure on arm
2014-10-19 nbdgdb: update to version 7.8, fix musl build
2014-10-19 nbdvalgrind: update to the latest version, fix musl support
2014-09-30 nbdbinutils: fix build with gcc 4.9
2014-08-30 jogobinutils: link libbfd and libopcodes dynamically again
2014-08-20 nicovalgrind: fix build failure on uml
2014-08-18 blogicvalgrind: set --enable-only64bit option for x86_64
2014-08-18 blogicvalgrind: explicitly disable mpicc compiler
2014-08-01 blogicvalgrind: add x86_64 support
2014-07-02 nbdstrace: fix build failure on arm
2014-06-29 nbdstrace: fix compile with musl
2014-06-10 nbdstrace: move to trunk, add myself as a maintainer
2014-06-08 nbdvalgrind: avoid including linux/ptrace.h to fix a musl...
2014-06-06 nbdbinutils: decouple from toolchain selection, use versio...
2014-06-06 nbdoprofile: update to 0.9.9, fix compile error
2014-01-07 kaloz[toolchain/binutils]: upgrade the Linaro binutils to...
2013-12-26 kaloz[package/binutils]: handle the Linaro version as well
2013-08-14 nbddisable mips16 for a few packages that don't compile...
2013-07-03 floriantrace-cmd: remove the compile fix patch
2013-05-17 nbdvalgrind: enable parallel builds
2013-05-16 nbdtrace-cmd: update to latest version
2013-05-13 nbdvalgrind: do not depend on a particular ARM target...
2013-04-01 nbdvalgrind: update to v3.8.1
2013-02-26 floriangdb: do not depend on libthread-db when using musl...
2012-11-27 jowtrace-cmd: lazily evaluate extra plugins list, fixes...
2012-11-21 florian[package] valgrind: re-categorize from utils to devel
2012-11-21 florian[package] gdb: recategorize from utils to devel in...
2012-11-19 florian[package] gdb: fix debugging of MIPS(el) applications
2012-11-19 florian[package] gdb: add missing zlib dependency
2012-10-30 nbdgdb: depend on zlib if zlib is selected
2012-10-29 nbdadd trace-cmd
2012-10-29 nbdgdb: use the libthread-db package instead of throwing...
2012-10-29 nbdgdb: update to version 7.5
2012-10-13 florian[package] gdb: fix patch directory after r33706
2012-10-10 nbdgdb: move to package/devel/
2012-10-10 nbdmove a few development packages to trunk and add myself...