uboot-envtools: Add Gateworks Ventana Support
[openwrt.git] / package / utils /
2015-09-22 nbdpx5g-standalone: use /dev/urandom instead of havege...
2015-09-11 nbdugps: fix filename to eliminate build problems
2015-09-11 nbdutil-linux: add prlimit command.
2015-09-09 nbdbusybox: lock: implement -n "Fail rather than wait"
2015-09-09 cyrusbusybox: fix ip applet and netlink behavior
2015-09-08 cyruspackage: replace ifconfig-usage with ip
2015-09-08 cyrusbusybox: improve applets & deprecate ifconfig, route
2015-09-07 cyrusDisable telnet in favor of passwordless SSH
2015-08-17 blogicugps: update to latest git HEAD
2015-08-16 haukeubi-utils: fix build with gcc5
2015-07-24 blogicbzip2: add host build
2015-07-14 haukerobocfg: remove robocfg
2015-07-14 haukeadmswconfig: fix compile with musl
2015-07-08 rmileckinvram: get rid of NVRAM_SPACE
2015-07-08 rmileckinvram: fix displayed info about NVRAM size
2015-07-07 rmileckiRevert "Revert "nvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB""
2015-07-07 rmileckinvram: fix "Segmentation fault" caused by setting memor...
2015-06-24 cyrusRevert "px5g-standalone: compatibility with fortify...
2015-06-23 cyruspx5g-standalone: compatibility with fortify-headers
2015-06-22 rmileckiotrx: add extra compilation check before using __BYTE_ORDER
2015-06-22 rmileckiotrx: include endian.h to make __BYTE_ORDER work with...
2015-06-20 rmileckiotrx: optimize memory usage by function checking TRX CRC
2015-06-20 rmileckiotrx: make crc32 table global for further optimizations
2015-06-18 cyruslua: honor LDFLAGS
2015-06-14 nbdbzip2: import package from packages.git
2015-05-24 nicofuse: fix exec environment for mount and umount
2015-05-23 blogicfuse: fix build on arm64
2015-04-24 rmileckiRevert "nvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB"
2015-04-24 rmileckinvram: fix regression in finding NVRAM beginning
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: increase NVRAM size to 64 KiB
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: refuse to open NVRAM for writing if it's too...
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: drop check for WGT634U using /proc/diag/model
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: use correct variable name for MTD partition...
2015-04-22 rmileckinvram: drop support for ancient /dev/mtdblock/%d
2015-04-19 nbdlua: link library with -Bsymbolic-functions
2015-04-17 nbdbusybox: fix an ash regression in handling local variables
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: support for creating simple TRX files
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: change command line API to start with a mode
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: use %zd to fix printf format warnings
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: check TRX length read from header to avoid Segmen...
2015-04-14 rmileckiotrx: include byteswap.h to fix compilation with musl
2015-04-12 rmileckiotrx: support for extracting partitions
2015-04-11 nbdbusybox: enable BUSYBOX_DEFAULT_FEATURE_TOUCH_SUSV3...
2015-04-09 nbdbusybox: fix regression in handling non-existant find...
2015-04-09 rmileckiotrx: new package with tiny app verifying TRX images
2015-04-04 nbdbusybox: update to version 1.23.2
2015-04-02 nicoe2fsprogs: add conffiles section
2015-04-02 nicougps: add conffiles section, fix config file perms
2015-04-01 blogicusbmode: update data files
2015-03-29 nbdpx5g-standalone: change PKG_NAME to avoid directory...
2015-03-29 nbdfbtest: remove bogus #include
2015-03-29 nbde2fsprogs: enable parallel build
2015-03-28 nbdfuse: add missing include lines, fixes musl build
2015-03-28 nbde2fsprogs: update to the latest version, fixes musl...
2015-03-26 blogiclua: fix eglibc reference
2015-03-22 nico[cosmetic] util-linux: replace spaces with tabs
2015-03-16 nicopackages: more (e)glibc fixes after r44701
2015-03-15 nbdtoolchain: remove leftovers from old llvm-gcc experiments
2015-03-13 blogicBusyBox: Netcat 1.10 compatibility require server option
2015-03-12 blogicbusybox: Minor fix for glibc 2.21 compatibility
2015-03-09 nicoutil-linux: fix pkgconfig files
2015-02-22 nicopackages: remove uneeded PKG_BUILD_DIR overrides
2015-02-11 nicoutil-linux: disable rpath
2015-02-05 jowbusybox: fix build on FreeBSD 10.1
2015-02-01 jowutil-linux: only enable curses support if required
2015-01-25 jowfix subject in generated certificates
2015-01-11 nicofuse: update to 2.9.3
2015-01-05 nbde2fsprogs: bump release
2015-01-05 nbde2fsprogs: package dumpe2fs, e2freefrag, filefrag,...
2015-01-05 nbde2fsprogs: symlink e2fsck to fsck.ext{2, 3, 4}, and...
2015-01-05 cyrusutil-linux: fix packaging issues
2014-12-22 nbdubi-utils: add mirror md5sum
2014-12-13 nbdnvram: remove libnvram.so, it is unused and incompatibl...
2014-12-12 jowbusybox: include config files relative to the main...
2014-12-07 blogicpackages: fix typo in OpenWrt name
2014-12-07 blogice2fsprogs: add InstallDev section to Makefile
2014-12-01 blogicutil-linux: fix more missing dependencies introduced...
2014-12-01 blogicutil-linux: fix missing dependency introduced by r43459
2014-12-01 lukautil-linux: package libsmartcols
2014-11-30 lukautil-linux: update to 2.25.2
2014-11-28 cyrusntp: add hotplug class for ntp-events
2014-11-23 nbdbusybox: turn on BUSYBOX_DEFAULT_FEATURE_SH_NOFORK...
2014-11-06 nicopackage/*: replace occurences of 'ln -sf' to '$(LN)'
2014-11-06 nicobusybox: add 2 upstream fixes
2014-11-03 jowpx5g: generate unique serial numbers
2014-11-03 blogiclicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 blogicAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 cyrusAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-10-27 jowbusybox: make high ASCII chars printable (#7993)
2014-10-27 jowpx5g-standalone: use /dev/urandom to initialize serial...
2014-10-26 blogice2fsprogs: fix description, tune2fs is not part of...
2014-10-26 blogicutil-linux-dmesg: Add missing install section
2014-10-02 cyrusbusybox: remove validation message from bootup
2014-09-13 haukepackage: nvram: enable on bcm53xx target
2014-08-26 blogicusbmode: update to latest git
2014-08-25 blogicpackage/*: remove useless explicit set of function...
2014-08-18 blogicbusybox: Fix pam_start link errors when PAM support...
2014-08-03 nbdrobocfg: add missing include
2014-08-01 blogicugps: add a minimal gps daemon
2014-07-19 blogicusbmode: update to latest git and also update the devic...