package: kernel: Enable support for DWC2 USB on SoCFPGA
[openwrt.git] / package / kernel / linux / modules /
2016-05-10 lukapackage: kernel: Enable support for DWC2 USB on SoCFPGA
2016-05-10 lukapackage: kernel: modules: Add USB Mass Storage package
2016-05-10 lukapackage: kernel: modules: Enable Dual-Role support...
2016-03-07 nbdramips: add linux 4.4 support, update mt7621 subtarget...
2016-03-05 haukekernel: mpc85xx: fix build of kmod-usb2-fsl
2016-02-16 blogickernel: add missing symbol to usb-audio
2016-01-28 nbdkernel: fix USB on mpc85xx (#21689)
2016-01-17 nbdkernel: add usb-net-sr9700 package
2015-12-02 jogopackage: kernel: update dependencies for 4.4
2015-11-21 haukekernel: make kmod-usb-dwc2 depend on kmod-usb-gadget...
2015-11-21 haukekernel: fix build of kmod-dwc2
2015-10-19 blogickernel: add usb-mass-storage-gadget driver package
2015-09-14 blogickernel: dwc2: Add missing config symbol definition
2015-07-04 floriankernel: fix OHCI and EHCI modules for AT91
2015-06-21 rmileckibcm53xx: add xHCI support
2015-06-18 nbdkernel: add Realtek USB to Ethernet modules
2015-06-15 rmileckikernel: use bcma-hcd.ko on bcm53xx for ohci
2015-05-29 jogokernel: fix usb-ohci-pci description define
2015-05-23 blogicmodules/usb: another cleanup: remove ancient module...
2015-05-23 blogicmodules/usb: cleanup remove old module names
2015-04-21 blogickernel: remove module checks for 3.15/3.16/3.17
2015-04-21 blogickernel: remove usb-serial-motorola-phone
2015-04-17 nbdkernel: mark kmod-usb-bcma/ssb as hidden, they are...
2015-04-15 nbdbcm53xx: add USB 2.0 support
2015-04-12 blogicmodules: add missing imx6 depenedency to dwc2
2015-04-11 nbdkernel: remove leftover @ (#19454)
2015-04-11 nbdkernel: remove kernel module checks/dependencies for...
2015-04-10 nbdkernel: drop obsolete linux 3.10 related dependencies...
2015-04-04 blogickernel: fix dwc3 symbols
2015-04-03 blogickernel: add package for dwc3 usb driver used on ipq806x
2015-04-02 nicokernel/modules: remove merge conflicts leftovers
2015-04-02 blogickernel: fix kmod-usb2-omap usb module
2015-04-02 blogickernel: fix kmod-usb-phy-omap-usb2
2015-04-02 blogickernel: add usb-serial-simple module
2015-04-02 blogickernel: add garmin_gps module
2015-04-01 blogickernel: remove kernel version dependency from ochi...
2015-04-01 blogickernel: add usb-ohci-pci module
2015-03-29 nbdkernel: remove useless AddDepends/input abstraction
2015-03-29 nbdkernel: remove useless AddDepends/hid abstraction
2015-03-28 wigyorimodules: fix dwc2 build breakage on mxs
2015-03-26 kalozmvebu: fixup usb3 support on the a38x
2015-03-21 blogickernel: fix usb kernel package Makefile
2015-03-19 nbdkernel: remove obsolete kernel version dependencies
2015-03-15 jogomodules: add depenency on usb-gadget for dwc2 also...
2015-03-12 blogicmodules: set dwc2 gadget dependency for at91
2015-03-11 blogicmodules: make dwc2 only depend on gadget support for...
2015-03-09 blogickmod-usb-dwc2: depends on udc-core (kmod-usb-gadget)
2015-02-22 blogickernel: Fix USB gadget modules for v3.18
2015-02-16 blogiclinux: fix kmod-usb-net-* for >= 3.17
2015-02-04 blogiclinux/modules: add support for Asix ax88179 USB-Gigabit...
2015-02-01 wigyorimodules: fix usb-gadget build on 3.18
2015-01-31 jowlinux: convert CompareKernelPatchVer to version tagged...
2015-01-29 jowlinux: kmod-usb-net-huawei-cdc-ncm depends on kmod...
2015-01-29 jowlinux: fix kmod-usbip* for >= 3.17
2015-01-28 jowlinux: add upstream patch to allow building dwc2 as...
2015-01-24 nbdkernel: eliminate a few kernel_patchver_*/CompareKernel...
2015-01-24 nbdkernel: drop obsolete kernel version checks
2015-01-24 nbdbuild: drop obsolete kernel version dependencies
2014-12-11 blogickernel/modules: fix chipidea
2014-12-02 nbdkernel/modules: package xhci for kernel>=3.18
2014-11-26 blogicadd new target 'oxnas'
2014-11-17 blogickernel/modules: location of usb-common.ko changed
2014-10-31 haukepackages: kernel: negate kernel version checks
2014-09-03 florianat91: add CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_AT91 to usb-ohci
2014-08-26 blogickernel: add package for huawei ncm modems
2014-08-25 blogickernel: add ohci-platform.ko for 3.11+
2014-07-01 kaloz[kmod-usb2]: try to load the orion glue automatically
2014-06-17 kaloz[kernel]: bundle ehci-orion with kmod-usb2
2014-06-11 cyruskernel: fix kernel builds for chipidea w/ usb-gadget
2014-06-03 blogickernel: fix kernel build for chipidea w/o usb-gadget
2014-06-02 blogickernel: Enable kmod-hid-generic driver when selecting...
2014-06-02 blogickernel: Add kernel modules for USB gadget serial devices.
2014-06-02 blogickernel: enable chipidea udc mode
2014-05-02 haukeomap: fix usb dependencies
2014-05-02 haukekernel: unify the two kmod-usb-mxs-phy packages
2014-05-01 haukekernel: add support for USB_NET_CDC_EEM and USB_NET_CDC...
2014-04-12 nbdkernel: mark kmod-usb-phy-nop as hidden to avoid buildi...
2014-04-04 jogokernel: fix usb module paths for 3.14
2014-02-21 haukekernel: add missing depends on kmod-mii
2014-02-10 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-phy-nop
2014-02-10 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-net-smsc95xx
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: phy-omap-control.ko is already part of a differe...
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: additional omap/musb related fixes
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: fixup ethernet gadget, disable EEM support
2014-02-10 kaloz[usb]: package the driver for smsc95xx chips
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: add additional omap related changes
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: additional musb fixups
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: musb depends on usb-gadget support
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: use musb in PIO mode, as DMA support is platform...
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: add more musb symbols
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: make musb available for omap as well
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: rename Kconfig symbol to the current one
2014-02-09 kaloz[usb]: move some omap24xx modules to the generic Makefile
2014-02-08 haukekernel: add kmod-usb-net-kalmia
2014-02-08 haukekernel: negate kernel version dependencies to fix confi...
2014-01-19 blogickernel: add usb3 module definitions
2014-01-14 haukepackages: kernel: reverse kernel dependencies logic
2013-12-20 kaloz[usb ethernet gadget]: handle new libs required for...
2013-12-09 lukakernel: module updates for 3.12
2013-11-08 kaloz[omap]: switch to 3.12, enable support for AM33xx/OMAP3