2015-05-17 rmileckibcm53xx: add Asus RT-AC87U partitioning hacky workaround
2015-05-17 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to dnsmasq2.73rc8 Important.
2015-05-16 rmileckibcm53xx: try to fix network on Asus RT-AC87U
2015-05-16 rmileckibcm53xx: use backported Asus RT-AC87U DT patch
2015-05-16 rmileckibcm53xx: enable RT-AC87U UART console
2015-05-16 cyrusmap: set ealen to psidlen for lw4over6
2015-05-16 cyrusodhcp6c: fix parsing of LW4over6 parameters
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: add support for SmartRG SR400ac
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: replace DT patches with backports from stblinux
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: use of_machine_is_compatible helper in b53 fix
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: fix "typo" in b53 patch fixing R8000 CPU port
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: add b53 hacky workaround for Netgear R8000...
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: fix default network interface on Netgear R8000
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: bgmac: add support for the 3rd core
2015-05-13 cyrusodhcpd: ignore /64 on interface when doing PD
2015-05-13 rmileckibcm53xx: sync NVRAM and SPROM drivers with upstream...
2015-05-13 rmileckikernel: backport struct ssb_sprom changes submitted...
2015-05-12 rmileckib53: Allow using all ports on BCM53012
2015-05-11 cyrusodhcpd: remove invalid call to free()
2015-05-11 nbdimage: disable compile target within image builder
2015-05-11 nbdbuild: disable initramfs build within image builder
2015-05-11 nbdar71xx: convert tl-wr741nd v1/v2 to new image building...
2015-05-11 nbdbuild: make initramfs kernel builds depend on the image...
2015-05-11 nbdbuild: add support for adding a per-device compile...
2015-05-10 nbdmtd: remove the warning about read-only caused by size...
2015-05-10 nbdscripts/feeds: add support for optionally using a full...
2015-05-10 nbdar71xx: add platform_pre_upgrade for sysupgrade
2015-05-10 nbdtoolchain: change default emulation for mips64 (octeon...
2015-05-10 nbdkernel: fix regression in backtrace module info change...
2015-05-10 nbdgcc: add some size optimization patches
2015-05-10 nbdipq806x: add pcie support to ipq806x based platforms
2015-05-10 nbdipq806x: add support for zImage kernel
2015-05-10 nbdipq806x: fix boot freeze on zImage kernel
2015-05-10 nbdinclude: make dtb argument optional in MkFIT
2015-05-10 nbdbuild: make device-tree arg optional in
2015-05-10 nbdgeneric: add CRYPTO_DEV_QCE option to default config
2015-05-10 nbdbuild: don't call prereq for any package/symlinks rules
2015-05-10 lukaar71xx: add status led found on ew-dorin boards
2015-05-10 nbdkernel: when KALLSYMS is disabled, print module address...
2015-05-09 nbdppp: remove the persist option, netifd handles reconnects
2015-05-09 nbdkernel: fix pppoe disconnect issues
2015-05-09 rmileckikernel: backport first bcma patches from 4.2
2015-05-09 nbdmac80211: apply mesh parameters after starting authsae...
2015-05-08 nbdkernel: add accidentally left out fib trie backport...
2015-05-08 nbdmt76: include generated mac80211 config file and add...
2015-05-08 lukageneric: refresh patches
2015-05-08 lukakirkwood: add support for the Seagate GoflexHome
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: allow mktplinkfw calls from the new image code...
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: allow tp-link initramfs images to exceed size...
2015-05-08 nbdmktplinkfw: add flag to ignore size limit (used for...
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx/image: move TPLINK-LZMA image to new build code
2015-05-08 nbdusign: update to the latest version, use libubox base64...
2015-05-08 nbdlibubox: update to the latest version, adds a base64...
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: do general formatting on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: fix spelling, add copyright on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: add support for Green WAN LED on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: add support for green LAN LEDS for wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: fix amber WAN LED setting for wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: make WLAN button RFKILL on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: set all buttons to be active_low on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: fix ethernet on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: track the correct WAN interface on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: fix LAN portmasks on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: use a common naming scheme for LEDS on wnr2000-v4
2015-05-08 kalozmvebu: add xhci phy support
2015-05-08 kaloztools: host/include/getline.h: fix FreeBSD 8.0+ support
2015-05-08 lukaar71xx: make art partition read only on 16MB ew-dorin...
2015-05-08 nbdnetifd-dhcp: supply parameters to user-script
2015-05-08 nbdtrace-cmd: update to 2.4.2
2015-05-08 nbdar71xx: fix 82_patch_ath10k
2015-05-08 nbdustream-ssl: correct year in PKG_VERSION string
2015-05-06 nbdkernel: backport upstream usbnet fix (fixes #19455)
2015-05-06 nbdhostapd: fix remote denial of service vulnerability...
2015-05-06 rmileckibrcm47xx: fix regression in NVRAM support for WGT634U
2015-05-06 nbdiptables: disable unused xml support to save some space
2015-05-06 nbdhostapd: enable 802.11w only for the full variants
2015-05-06 nbduboot-envtools: disable AES support, reduces code size
2015-05-05 nbdbuild: enable package list signing by default
2015-05-05 cyrusfirewall: Allow IGMP and MLD input on WAN
2015-05-05 cyrusnetsupport: l2tp-ip: only depend on IPv6 if IPv6 suppor...
2015-05-05 jowprocd: fix uid/gid changing for service instances
2015-05-05 nbdpolarssl: include PKG_RELEASE in ABI_VERSION
2015-05-05 nbdcurl: replace polarssl run-time version check with...
2015-05-05 nbdopenvpn: replace polarssl run-time version check with...
2015-05-05 nbdpolarssl: disable runtime version checks to save some...
2015-05-05 nbdpolarssl: disable an unused random number generator
2015-05-04 kaloztools/pkg-config: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 kaloztools/autoconf: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 kaloztools/sed: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 jowopenvpn: disable CBC record splitting in PolarSSL/mbedT...
2015-05-03 kalozgeneric/4.0: update to 4.0.1
2015-05-03 nbdbase-files: fix logic error in led default handling...
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: replace WDR4900 uci-defaults ethernet MAC...
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: gianfar: add mtd-mac-address support
2015-05-03 kalozmpc85xx: move newly created files from patch files...
2015-05-03 kalozThe ability to read MAC addresses from MTD is useful...
2015-05-03 cyrusnettle: bump to 3.1.1
2015-05-02 cyrusdhcp: add option specifying overriding custom-routes
2015-05-02 cyrusnetsupport: package L2TPv3 over IPv6 as well
2015-05-01 jowenv: allow passing a commit message on save