2015-11-08 nbdmac80211: restricted automatic channel selection
2015-11-08 nbdtools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.13
2015-11-08 nbde2fsprogs: add packages for "chattr" and "lsattr"
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: split into conntrack/conntrackd
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: upgrade to 1.4.3
2015-11-08 nbdconntrack-tools: remove default config file
2015-11-08 nbdx86: add generic profiles to x86_64, kvm_guest and...
2015-11-08 nbdar71xx: add support for TP-LINK TL-WR941ND v6 (internat...
2015-11-08 nbduhttpd: update to the latest version, adds support...
2015-11-08 nbdlibubox: update to the latest version, adds a small...
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: fix typo in r47416
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: fix alignment of struct arpt_arp (fixes #14577)
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove kmod-xen-kbddev, it is already enabled...
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove kmod-acpi-button package, it is already...
2015-11-07 nbdtoolchain: remove obsolete kernel version check
2015-11-07 nbdkernel: remove linux 4.0 support
2015-11-07 nbdimage: append-ubi: add optional UBI subpage size
2015-11-07 nbdtools/quilt: fix build error during kernel_menuconfig...
2015-11-07 export STAGING_DIR_HOST to sub-makefiles...
2015-11-07 nbdmac80211: set mcast-rate for mesh point interfaces
2015-11-07 nbdramips: minor fixes for mt7621 profiles
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: add support for the TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND v3
2015-11-07 nbdar71xx: Add support for ZyXEL NBG6616.
2015-11-07 nbdinclude/ Introduce generic option to wrap...
2015-11-07 nbdinclude/ introduce KERNEL_INITRAMFS_NAME variable
2015-11-07 nbdmac80211: disable a broken feature that was merged...
2015-11-07 nbduClibc: mark as broken for all architectures that use...
2015-11-06 fix distclean
2015-11-06 nbdtoolchain/gdb: update to 7.10, sync with target package...
2015-11-06 nbdkernel: omap_wdt module load typo
2015-11-06 nbdkernel: load softdog on boot
2015-11-06 nbdtools/mm-macros: update to 0.9.8
2015-11-06 nbdtools/scons: update to 2.4.0
2015-11-06 nbdpx5g: Use SHA-256 when generating self-signed certificates
2015-11-05 blogicramips: fix previous commit
2015-11-05 blogicramips: minor tweak to the lks7688 baord name
2015-11-04 nbdbusybox: enable ip rule support by default (required...
2015-11-04 lukakirkwood: add support for 4.3
2015-11-04 lukakirkwood: pogo_e02: use mainline led definitions
2015-11-04 lukakernel: update kernel 4.3-rc7 to version 4.3
2015-11-04 nbduboot-envtools: fix various compile breakage issues
2015-11-04 nbdlibrpc: update to the latest version, fixes build with...
2015-11-04 jogoipq806x: fix BOARD_NAME spellings
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: work around boot failures with squashfs on...
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: fix brcm, bcm6345-ext-intc interrupt controller
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: fix Netgear CVG834G HCS magic bytes
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: lzma-loader: add BCM3380 support
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: lzma-loader: add BCM3368 support
2015-11-04 jogobrcm63xx: fix BCM3368 external interrupts
2015-11-03 blogicramips: add feature to blink led on sysupgrade
2015-11-03 nbdscripts/config: fix handling of CONFDEFAULT on oldconfig
2015-11-03 nbdmac80211: fix kconf handling of allnoconfig, fixes...
2015-11-03 nbdtools/bison: update to 3.0.4
2015-11-03 nbdtools/mpfr: update to 3.1.3
2015-11-03 nbdtools/mpc: update to 1.0.3
2015-11-03 nbdlldpd: implement a reload hook
2015-11-03 kalozuboot: create the uboot config file for the shelby...
2015-11-02 nbdmac80211: fix crash when using mesh (11s) VIF together...
2015-11-02 nbdar71xx: use correct PLL configuration register bitmask...
2015-11-02 nbdbusybox: enable find mtime support by default
2015-11-02 nbdhostapd: add default value to eapol_version (#20641)
2015-11-02 nbdupdate config.guess & config.sub
2015-11-02 nbdinclude/ - better search for ARCH
2015-11-02 nbdiproute2: always use -DHAVE_SETNS, since the old uclibc...
2015-11-02 nbduclibc: remove version 0.9.33
2015-11-02 nbduclibc-ng: bump version from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8
2015-11-02 nbdtoolchain: use glibc instead of uclibc for mips64 by...
2015-11-02 blogicmediatek: add support for the new MT7623 Arm SoC
2015-11-02 blogicfstools: update to latest git HEAD
2015-11-02 blogicuboot-lantiq: Add SoC version 1.2 support for Arcadyan...
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add support for ZBT WG2626
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add eeprom mtd partition to the Asus RP-N53 dts
2015-11-02 blogicramips: preinit: use iproute2 instead of vconfig
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add support for Dovado tiny AC
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add function to change rt2x00 wifi eeprom mac
2015-11-02 blogicramips: mt7620 add icplus phy driver kernel config...
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add support for the Asus RP-N53 in the "02_netw...
2015-11-02 blogicar71xx: Add support for wdr7500v3
2015-11-02 blogicomap/Beagleboard: remove FEATURES override
2015-11-02 blogicscripts/ Fix deprecation warnings
2015-11-02 blogicramips: rt305x: enable seama mtdsplit parser
2015-11-02 blogicramips: rt305x: update kernel config symbols
2015-11-02 blogicmusl: add upstream patch for open_[w]memstream
2015-11-02 blogicpackage/devel/perf: fix build for kernel 4.1
2015-11-01 rmileckibcm53xx: Netgear R8000: define GPIO powering USB ports
2015-11-01 rmileckibcm53xx: replace USB patch fixing power control with...
2015-11-01 haukekernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.23
2015-11-01 nbdar71xx: fix regression in building TL-WDR6500-v2 images
2015-11-01 nbdkobs-ng: fix compile errors
2015-11-01 nbdimx6: add v4.1 support
2015-11-01 lukakirkwood: add initial support for NSA310s
2015-11-01 lukageneric: 3.18: refresh patches
2015-10-31 lukauboot-envtools: update to 2015.10
2015-10-31 nbdtools/cmake: update to 3.3.2
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: make eth0 the wan interface by default
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: use as a default type device
2015-10-31 nbdmalta: set CPU_TYPE:=24kc.
2015-10-31 add optimization flags for MIPS 24Kc.
2015-10-31 nbdgeneric: fix unrecognized opcode wsbh when building...
2015-10-31 nbdar71xx/image: remove old unused build code for TPLINK