kirkwood/dockstar: use ubi(kernel, squashfs, ubifs) images
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / kirkwood /
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood/dockstar: use ubi(kernel, squashfs, ubifs...
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: add DEVICE_VAR KERNEL_IN_UBI for kernel as...
2016-03-14 lukakirkwood: add feature devicetree
2016-01-25 lukakirkwood: drop 4.3 support
2016-01-25 nbdbase-files: remove default /etc/config/network, generat...
2016-01-06 nbdtargets: add kernel image dependencies on device tree...
2015-12-11 jowall: drop old
2015-12-04 jowall: remove redundant board.d/00_model files
2015-12-03 jowkirkwood: add missing board_config_flush(), remove...
2015-12-03 jowkirkwood, ipq806x: fix board.d script permissions
2015-12-03 jowkirkwood: switch from uci-defaults to board.d
2015-11-18 lukakirkwood: nsa310s: fix partition size
2015-11-11 lukakirkwood: add Linksys routers to default profile
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: rename EA3500/EA4500 profiles
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: add diag LED on Linksys EA3500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: support sysupgrade on Linksys EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: support Linksys boot counter on EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: generate factory images for Linksys EA[34]500
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: find active Linksys root partition
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: consistently use engineering board names
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: rework Linksys EA[34]500 DTS
2015-11-10 lukakirkwood: enable squashfs-on-ubiblock support
2015-11-04 lukakirkwood: add support for 4.3
2015-11-04 lukakirkwood: pogo_e02: use mainline led definitions
2015-11-01 haukekernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.23
2015-11-01 lukakirkwood: add initial support for NSA310s
2015-10-31 nbdkirkwood: image: Remove custom mkfs targz override...
2015-10-31 nbdkirkwood: image: Refactor sanitize_profile_name using...
2015-08-05 jogokirkwood: add wpad-mini to router profiles
2015-08-05 jogoimage: fix jffs2(_nand) image generation
2015-05-27 nbdkirkwood: disable TSO on the ethernet device by default...
2015-05-25 nbdkirkwood: disable the bogus CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER...
2015-05-08 lukakirkwood: add support for the Seagate GoflexHome
2015-04-28 jogokernel: disable INET_LRO by default
2015-04-17 lukakirkwood: put uboot-envtools in DEFAULT_PACKAGES
2015-04-10 blogickernel: remove references to kmod-of-i2c
2015-03-10 blogickirkwood: add missing symbol that broke full builds
2015-03-06 blogickernel: move KERNFS to generic config
2015-03-06 blogickernel: disable ARCH_NEEDS_CPU_IDLE_COUPLED
2015-03-06 blogickernel: disbale HAMRADIO in generic config
2015-03-06 blogickernel: move MTD_SPLIT_SUPPORT to generic config
2015-03-05 lukakirkwood: drop support for 3.14
2015-03-05 lukakirkwood: switch to 3.18
2015-02-12 lukakirkwood: Seagate GoFlex Net
2015-02-08 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2015-02-07 lukatargets: base-files: does not need to be executable
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: add wpad-mini to guruplug profile
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: enable swconfig by default on EA3500
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: fix EA3500 ubi options
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: drop port-based VLAN setup
2015-01-18 lukakirkwood: enable switch on Linksys EA3500
2015-01-17 blogictarget: kirkwood: fix leds defaults config
2015-01-11 lukamvsw6171: rename to 'mvsw61xx'
2014-12-25 kaloz[kirkwood/mvebu]: we've changed places with Luka, refle...
2014-12-19 lukakirkwood: add *plugs to uci-defaults
2014-12-18 lukakikwood: populate with new boards
2014-12-18 lukakirkwood: set default EA4500 switch config
2014-12-17 lukakirkwood: add sheevaplug and derivatives
2014-12-15 blogicadd "preinit_regular" set_state argument
2014-12-14 blogickirkwood: enable EA4500 switch on 3.18
2014-12-12 blogickirkwood: Iomega ix2-200: wire up the GPIO poweroff...
2014-12-11 lukakirkwood: sort 110-nas profile
2014-12-11 lukakirkwood: add 3.18 support
2014-12-09 lukakirkwood: Iomega ix2-200: use all remaining MTD space...
2014-12-07 blogickirkwood: add a diag script
2014-12-01 blogickirkwood: enable mvsw6171 switch driver on EA4500
2014-11-30 lukakirkwood: change CRC32 implementation to CRC32_SLICEBY8
2014-11-30 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2014-11-26 blogickirkwood: Add support for Iomega StorCenter ix2-200
2014-11-10 lukakirkwood: add support for Linksys EA3500
2014-10-24 nbdkernel: makefiles: make use of new var KERNEL_PATCHVER
2014-10-12 clean up and parallelize mkfs calls
2014-10-05 nbdtargets: remove useless quotes around KERNELNAME
2014-09-10 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.18
2014-08-30 floriankirkwood: fix typos on DEBUG_LL_UART_*
2014-08-27 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2014-08-08 lukakirkwood: drop 3.10 support
2014-08-08 lukakirkwood: switch to 3.14
2014-07-21 blogictarget/linux/*/image/Makefile: use new dts path variable
2014-07-20 blogickernel: update to 3.10.49
2014-07-13 juhosgkernel: sort Kconfig options in kernel configs
2014-06-26 blogickernel: update 3.10.36->3.10.44
2014-06-26 lukakirkwood: move to /lib/ for consistency
2014-06-24 lukakirkwood: base-files: use /lib/functions/
2014-06-24 lukakirkwood: base-files: add script to detect board name...
2014-06-24 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.8
2014-06-11 blogickernel: make sure the new UBIBLOCK symbol does not...
2014-06-11 blogickernel: add a NAND_SUPPORT symbol
2014-05-28 lukakirkwood: cosmetic: move POGOE02 profile to different...
2014-05-28 lukakirkwood: add support for Linksys EA4500
2014-05-23 lukakirkwood: add Pogoplug E02 kernel support for 3.14
2014-05-21 lukakirkwood: add support for 3.14
2014-04-12 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.36
2014-03-27 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.34
2014-02-23 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.32
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: dockstar: remove sata from packages
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for dockstar
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for ib62x0
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for iconnect