xtables-addons: Avoid redefinition of SHRT_MAX in lua packet script
[openwrt.git] / package /
2016-05-10 lukaxtables-addons: Avoid redefinition of SHRT_MAX in lua...
2016-05-10 lukafstools: fix snapshot support
2016-05-10 lukafstools: update to latest git HEAD
2016-05-10 lukafstools: update to latest git HEAD
2016-05-10 lukadropbear: Make utmp and putuline support configurable...
2016-05-10 lukanetifd: Add configurable DHCP release behavior
2016-05-10 lukaxtables-addons: Fix Lua packet script implementation
2016-05-10 lukabase-files: remove ununsed login.sh
2016-05-10 lukabase-files: Allow to disable failsafe mode
2016-05-10 lukaimage / basefiles: make console password configurable
2016-05-10 lukabase-files: fix error message during boot
2016-05-10 lukabusybox: fix setting the kernel timezone
2016-05-10 lukanetifd: Send DHCP release when client exits
2016-05-10 lukanetifd: fix default ip rules
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: add -c option for specifying amount of data to...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: trx: use separated buffer for TRX header
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: exit with error if Seama header wasn't...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: fix image data handling
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: move buf allocation to the MD5 function
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: update MD5 using header in the first block...
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: seama: add md5 to header struct
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: check for Seama magic early when fixing MD5
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: add missing breaks in a switch
2016-05-09 rmileckimtd: use tabs for indents
2016-05-04 jowopenssl: Update to version 1.0.2h
2016-05-02 blogicubox: turn logd into a separate package
2016-04-30 blogicbase-files: fix group/user settings after sysupgrade
2016-04-30 blogicbase-files: split user/group addition code into a function
2016-04-29 blogicppp: Add ppp-mod-passwordfd subpackage to ppp
2016-04-29 blogicdnsmasq: Add conntrack support in the full variant
2016-04-29 blogicdropbear: Add procd interface triggers when interface...
2016-04-29 blogiciproute2: Add package for nstat utility
2016-04-29 blogicbase-files: evaluate uci-defaults on run-time installations
2016-04-26 blogiczynq: Add Zybo device support
2016-04-26 blogicZynq: Add Zedboard device support
2016-04-26 blogicdnsmasq: run as dedicated UID/GID
2016-04-26 blogicmac80211: ath9k: add GPIO support for AR9280 chip
2016-04-26 blogicusbutils: Update USB IDs list and drop gzip compression
2016-04-26 blogiclantiq: uboot-envtools on BTHOMEHUBV3A
2016-04-25 jowfstools: respect mount flags for /overlay mounts
2016-04-25 rmileckimac80211: add brcmfmac regression ("NULL pointer derefe...
2016-04-21 blogicxtables-addons: build: fix configure compatiblity with...
2016-04-19 haukecurl: remove file accidentally committed in r49197
2016-04-19 haukeoxnas: add support for Akitio MyCloud mini
2016-04-17 haukecurl: fix deprecated 'depends' syntax
2016-04-17 haukeutil-linux: update to version 2.28
2016-04-17 haukebusybox: update to 1.24.2
2016-04-17 haukelibnl-tiny: backport 'gnet_stats_rate_est64' support
2016-04-17 haukednsmasq: Add enable parameter in the UCI DHCP host...
2016-04-17 haukecurl: add flags to allow gc-sections to strip out unuse...
2016-04-17 haukecurl: add config option for NTLM support
2016-04-17 haukecurl: upstep to latest version 7.48.0
2016-04-17 haukehostapd.sh: Add support for "anonymous_identity" config...
2016-04-17 haukepackage: remove .git files from images
2016-04-17 haukebase-files: allow to set arbitrary ip address and netmask
2016-04-16 haukesamba: fix some security problems
2016-04-16 rmileckimac80211: update brcmfmac including missing boardrev...
2016-04-13 lukarpcd: update to latest version
2016-04-09 blogicuboot-envtools: add OpenMesh OM5P-ACv2 support
2016-04-09 blogicom-watchdog: add OpenMesh OM5P-ACv2 support
2016-04-09 blogicuboot-envtools: add OpenMesh OM5P-AC support
2016-04-09 blogicom-watchdog: add OpenMesh OM5P-AC support
2016-04-09 blogicbrcmfmac43430-firmware: switch to @GITHUB download...
2016-04-09 blogicramips: Fixes for LinkIt 7688
2016-04-06 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/utils/usbutils: Update USB IDs list to snapshot...
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/libs/libusb: Update to 1.0.20
2016-04-01 blogicpackage/libs/lzo: update version to 2.09
2016-04-01 blogicbrcmfmac43430-firmware: add new package
2016-03-29 wigyoripackage: uboot-sunxi: various changes
2016-03-25 lukauboot-mvebu: add package
2016-03-23 lukauboot-envtools: add support for ap120c
2016-03-23 blogicuboot-zynq: Update to U-Boot 2016.03 release
2016-03-23 blogicmac80211: build airo on x86 only
2016-03-21 blogicmt76: fix compile error
2016-03-20 blogicodhcp6c : Silence mtu write error warnings
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: remove rtl8188eu (staging)
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: add vendor dirs
2016-03-20 blogicmac80211: add cisco airo
2016-03-20 blogicwireless: remove cisco airo
2016-03-19 haukelinux-firmware: fix rt73-usb-firmware package
2016-03-17 haukemac80211: libertas-spi: deactivate for UML target
2016-03-16 blogicramips: Add support for Xiaomi MiWiFi Nano
2016-03-16 blogicbrcmfmac: Add Raspberry Pi 3 support
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: explicit define the size...
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: add forgotten include openwr...
2016-03-14 lukauboot-kirkwood/goflexhome: update bootargs to use new...
2016-03-14 lukauboot/kirkwood: correct mtdparts + cmdline for new...
2016-03-11 jowRevert "kernel: Linux IP Virtual Server kernel modules...
2016-03-10 blogicprocd: fix respawn related warning
2016-03-10 blogicpackage/devel/gdb: Update to 7.11
2016-03-10 blogicprocd: support pidfile writing.
2016-03-10 blogickernel: Linux IP Virtual Server kernel modules (netfilt...
2016-03-10 blogicprocd: bump to latest git HEAD
2016-03-10 blogicbase-files: add function ucidef_set_interface_raw to...
2016-03-08 blogicopenvpn: add support for X.509 name options
2016-03-08 blogicbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2016-03-07 rmileckimac80211: backport brcmfmac patchset with driver settin...
2016-03-07 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, adds some mt7603...
2016-03-07 nbdkernel: remove linux 4.3 support