2006-11-28 mbmtrivial changes
2006-11-28 mbmsmall tweaks to the usb disk hotplug scripts
2006-11-28 nbdmore cleanup, build fix on freebsd
2006-11-28 nbdportability fix
2006-11-27 nbdadd ralink rt2570 driver
2006-11-27 nbdfix wlcompat defaults
2006-11-27 nbdfix brcm-2.4 target profiles
2006-11-27 nbdanother bsd bugfix
2006-11-27 nbdtrap chmod errors in tar unpack on bsd - modes like...
2006-11-27 nbdfix collecting package metadata on freebsd
2006-11-27 nbdminor cleanup and freebsd compile fix
2006-11-26 pavlovinstall-devel puts this here, kill it too
2006-11-26 pavlovcleanup some of the custom work for devel libs
2006-11-26 nbdinstall iptables devel headers into the staging dir
2006-11-26 pavlovcleanup properties in here, adding exec, keywords,...
2006-11-26 pavlovsome more build docs
2006-11-26 pavlovcorrect trailing slash (cosmetic rather than functional)
2006-11-26 pavlovsome more build system documentation
2006-11-26 nbdadd reboot fix for mtd (thanks, wbx)
2006-11-25 nbdsync openssl ciphers and options with whiterussian
2006-11-25 florianAdd ifenslave package (#980)
2006-11-25 nbdfix pesky kmod-* ipkg install bug
2006-11-25 nbdhaserl: use a different prefix for cookie variables...
2006-11-24 kalozupgrade udev to v103, add kexec-tools
2006-11-24 nbdfix gpios for wzr-rs-g54, add support for the wzr-rs...
2006-11-24 nbdadd a workaround for a race-condition in the wl driver...
2006-11-24 nbdupgrade to linux
2006-11-24 nbdadd a prereq check for autoconf
2006-11-23 nbdclear before running prereq checks (rechecks...
2006-11-23 malbonCFE tag partitioning support.
2006-11-23 mbm/etc/config/wireless support for madwifi (work in progress)
2006-11-23 mbmfix sed error installing kmod ipkgs
2006-11-23 nbddeny non-root access to /dev/mtd*ro
2006-11-23 nbdfix the ixp4xx arch - armeb, not arm
2006-11-23 florianAdd ethernet bonding support for x86 (#856)
2006-11-23 nbdadd a gcc 4.2 snapshot
2006-11-23 nbdreplace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_...
2006-11-23 nbdadd missing src symlink
2006-11-22 nbdrename default/ to files/
2006-11-22 nbdmove platform specific base-files into target/linux...
2006-11-22 nbdmove busybox init scripts from base-files into the...
2006-11-22 nbdadd INSTALL_BIN, INSTALL_DIR, INSTALL_DATA variables
2006-11-22 mbmfix broken export from last commit
2006-11-22 mbmavoid eval leaks
2006-11-22 nbddiag: add support for the buffalo wzr-rs-g54
2006-11-22 mbmadd "export -n" to ash
2006-11-22 nbdremove zimage patch
2006-11-22 nbdfix various variable copying bugs
2006-11-21 nbdfix svn:executable property on /etc/init.d/done
2006-11-21 florianPort the locale changes to the other gcc versions as...
2006-11-21 nbdswitch rb532 to the old gcc again. 4.1.1 is suddenly...
2006-11-21 nbdfix dmz gpio for the wrtsl54gs
2006-11-21 florianForgot that part (#926)
2006-11-21 florianFix gcc config_largefile (#926)
2006-11-21 mbmcleanup uci and
2006-11-20 nbdfix wepkey default (#972)
2006-11-20 nbdfix typo (#972)
2006-11-20 mbmstrtok helper function
2006-11-20 nbdremove python prereq check - no longer necessary
2006-11-19 nbdautodetect atm, pci, usb, pcmcia features from kernel...
2006-11-19 florianFix autoloading for netfilter modules (#939)
2006-11-19 nicofix oversized packets in udhcpc (closes: #962), bump...
2006-11-19 nbdfix typo
2006-11-19 nbdreorganize nat helper packages, move ftp and irc nat...
2006-11-19 nbdfix motorola we800g misdetection
2006-11-18 nbdadd distance/slottime setting to (fixes...
2006-11-18 nbdhopefully fix duplicate ppp instances (#895)
2006-11-18 nbdadd missing dependency
2006-11-18 nbdfix a typo
2006-11-18 nbdmove hostap-utils to network category
2006-11-18 nbdremove outdated README file
2006-11-18 nbdfix typo
2006-11-18 nbdhostap: fix potential dependency issue, add missing...
2006-11-18 nbdadd /sbin to the path for x86 image builds (for fdisk)
2006-11-18 nbdadd prereq checks for target/linux/* and target/image...
2006-11-18 nbdforgot to remove a part of the description...
2006-11-18 nbdadd missing dependency
2006-11-18 nbdsplit off softmac from kmod-ieee80211
2006-11-18 nbdimport Package/Default in KernelPackage to avoid reusin...
2006-11-18 nbdadd missing dependency
2006-11-18 nbdremove old patch
2006-11-18 nbdadd lzma kernel compression support for au1000
2006-11-18 nbdremove kallsyms from au1000 kernel config - makes the...
2006-11-18 nbdonly enable in-tree kmod-* packages by default
2006-11-18 nbdmake nozomi depend on pcmcia support
2006-11-18 florianFix ne2k-pci compilation (#957)
2006-11-17 mbmcorrect typo in 'uci get'
2006-11-17 nbdmini_fo fixes
2006-11-17 nbdmore mssid fixes
2006-11-17 nbdfix typo
2006-11-17 nbdnew upload of broadcom-wl package
2006-11-17 nbdfix mssid support
2006-11-17 nbdadd wep support for broadcom-wl
2006-11-17 nbdcosmetic led state change fix
2006-11-17 nbdmore mssid fixes
2006-11-17 nbdclient mode fixes for broadcom wl
2006-11-17 nbdadd a few missing exports
2006-11-17 nbdupgrade to broadcom wl driver version (from...
2006-11-17 nbdfix packaging of hostap drivers
2006-11-17 nbdadd failsafe mode and mini_fo mounting support for...