base-files: allow users to delect debug level during boot
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ramips / base-files / etc / uci-defaults /
2013-11-25 blogicralink: set the mac addr via the dts file
2013-11-19 blogicralink: set wmr-300 mac properly
2013-11-18 blogicralink: make all none 3x5x boards default to a vlan1...
2013-11-17 blogicramips: fix wmr300 network detection
2013-11-16 blogicralink: add mt7620n support
2013-11-07 blogicralink: revert 38348 as it breaks network on the hame-mpr
2013-10-28 blogicralink: add support for 2 new mt7620 boards made by...
2013-10-09 blogicralink: fixes mpr a1/a2 network setup
2013-09-19 blogicralink: add support for dalink dcs930l ipcam
2013-09-18 blogicralink: DIR-300 B7 and DIR-320/NRU B1 on Ralink RT5350
2013-08-14 blogicramips: DIR-610-A1 Support
2013-08-14 blogicramips: fix typo in network uci_defaults script
2013-08-14 blogicramips: add support for dir810l and asus rp-n53
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray IP2202 support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray X8 support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray X5/X6 Support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray M4 4M/8M support
2013-08-01 blogicramips: add Poray M3 support
2013-07-27 blogicramips: add MPR-A1 support
2013-07-24 blogicramips: Basic support for the AsiaRF RT5350 based AWM00...
2013-07-23 blogicramips: fix HG255D VLAN initial detect issue
2013-07-22 blogicramips: Add support for Huawei HG255D in trunk
2013-06-24 blogicramips: move ESW reset to preinit on RT305x/RT5350
2013-06-10 blogicramips: add HAME MPR-A2 support
2013-05-06 blogicramips: Update ARC Freestation profile
2013-04-25 blogicramips: introduce DTS for ALL5003
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add Alpha ASL-26555 support.
2013-04-25 blogicramips: Add support of D-link DIR-620D1
2013-04-09 blogic[ramips] Add Netgear WNCE2001 (OF version)
2013-04-05 blogic[ramips] fix dir-615 h1 network config
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for tenda w150m board
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add Huawei D105
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for the Edimax 3g-6200NL board
2013-03-11 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the Upvel UR-326N4G...
2013-02-16 juhosgramips: use the new macaddr_* helpers instead of maccalc
2013-02-16 juhosgramips: use the mtd_get_mac_* helpers
2013-02-02 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the Omnima EMB HPM...
2013-02-02 juhosgramips: add userspace support for the Edimax BR-6425
2013-01-28 blogicramips: reset switch on single-port devices
2013-01-19 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the Tenda 3G300M
2013-01-18 jowall targets: use numerically prefixed uci-defaults...
2013-01-06 blogic[ramips] adds support for Edimax BR-6524N
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the Planex MZK-W300N...
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: add user-space support for Airlive AIR3GII
2012-12-19 mirkoDo not use deprecated path to (/etc/functi...
2012-12-10 blogic[ramips] add support for Hauppauge Broadway
2012-11-29 juhosgramips: rt305x: add user-space support for the Asus...
2012-11-25 juhosgramips: add DIR-615 D userspace support
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add user-space support for TEW-691GR
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the TEW-692GR board
2012-10-18 juhosgramips: add user space support for the DIR-645
2012-09-25 blogic[ramips] make uci-defaults switch detection work on...
2012-09-25 blogic[ramips] unbreak port mapping detection
2012-08-29 juhosgramips: make built-in switch transparent for ALL0256N...
2012-08-29 juhosgramips: Add support for 8devices Carambola dev board.
2012-08-29 juhosgramips: Add switch setup to uci network defaults
2012-08-22 juhosgramips: add RSSI leds for uci-defaults for ALL0256N
2012-08-17 juhosgramips: add board alias for the ALL0239-3G
2012-08-17 juhosgramips: add support for D-Link DIR-615 H1
2012-08-12 juhosgramips: add D-Link DIR-620 A1 support
2012-07-24 blogic[ramips] initial LED configuration for Fonera 2.0n
2012-07-24 blogic[ramips] add ALL5002 userspace support
2012-07-12 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for Edimax 3G-6200N
2012-06-23 acinonyxramips: mac address detection for Fonera 2.0n
2012-06-19 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the Petatel PSR-680W...
2012-05-29 juhosgramips: use the generic uci-default functions for initi...
2012-05-29 juhosgramips: WAN LED for D-Link DIR-300-B1
2012-05-02 juhosgramips: W306R V2.0 - GPIO and Network fixes
2012-04-23 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the UR-336UN board
2012-04-21 juhosgramips: rt305x: add initial support for Tenda W306R...
2012-03-29 jowramips: add support for the ARC FreeStation5 board...
2012-03-27 juhosgramips: rt305x: add add support for the Asus WL-330N...
2012-02-22 juhosgramips: merge identical switch configuration entries
2012-02-22 juhosgramips: use unified switch identifiers in uci-defaults...
2012-02-22 juhosgramips: fix VLAN config of the RT-N15
2012-02-19 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the Skyline SL-R7205...
2012-02-15 florian[ramips] add Ralink V11ST-FE board support
2012-02-13 juhosgramips: add preliminary support for the Asus RT-N56U...
2012-02-11 juhosgramips: fix Belkin F5D8235-v2 VLAN setup
2012-02-11 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for Accton WR6202 / SMCWBR1...
2012-02-11 juhosgramips: rt305x: merge duplicated mac address setup
2012-01-26 juhosgramips: add support for Sitecom WL-341v3 and other...
2012-01-24 juhosgramips: add user-space support for ALL0256N
2012-01-23 juhosgramips: scripts updates
2011-12-28 juhosgramips: rt288x: add support for the Belkin F5D8235...
2011-12-28 juhosgramips: rt305x: add support for the ALFA Networks W502U...
2011-12-27 juhosgramips: rt288x: add support for the Buffalo WLI-TX4...
2011-12-23 juhosgramips: initial support for Sitecom WL-351 v1 002
2011-12-23 juhosgramips: add support for the Senao/EnGenius ESR-9753...
2011-12-06 juhosgramips: fix mac addresses on the DIR-300/600 boards
2011-12-05 juhosgramips: set mac addresses for the NBG-419N
2011-12-05 juhosgramips: move ramips_get_mac_* functions to lib/
2011-12-05 juhosgramips: add ramips_ prefix to get_mac_{binary,nvram...
2011-12-05 juhosgramips: fix network configuration setup
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: setup default network configuration for RT-N15
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: remove default network configuration, and gener...
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: use /lib/functions/
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: simplify uci-defaults/network script
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: setup mac and network interfaces from separate...
2011-12-01 juhosgramips: setup bc2 mac addresses from the generic networ...