dnsmasq: Add conntrack support in the full variant
[openwrt.git] / package / network / services / dnsmasq / Makefile
2016-04-29 blogicdnsmasq: Add conntrack support in the full variant
2016-04-26 blogicdnsmasq: run as dedicated UID/GID
2016-02-26 blogicdnsmasq: add host-specific lease time option for static...
2016-01-25 jowdnsmasq: Don't add local hostname if ula prefix is...
2016-01-15 nbddnsmasq: Add option --min-port
2016-01-12 jowdnsmasq: add local hostname record for own lan ula...
2015-09-21 cyruspackage: Remove dependencies to kmod-ipv6
2015-09-09 cyruslinux: make IPv6 builtin if selected (saves >30KB)
2015-09-02 cyrusdnsmasq: make /tmp/dnsmasq.d and /tmp/hosts preferred...
2015-08-03 haukednsmasq: Bump to dnsmasq2.75
2015-07-30 cyrusdnsmasq: Bump to dnsmasq2.74
2015-06-15 cyrusUpdate dnsmasq to v2.73.
2015-06-08 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc9
2015-05-17 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to dnsmasq2.73rc8 Important.
2015-04-29 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc7
2015-04-23 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc6
2015-04-13 cyrusdnsmasq: fix dnssec timestamp logic, backport crashfix
2015-04-10 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.73rc4
2015-01-16 jowdnsmasq: support and use local-service by default ...
2015-01-05 nbddnsmasq: fix dependency problems of the dnsmasq-full...
2014-12-22 cyrusdnsmasq: backport some dnssec fixes
2014-12-17 cyrusdnsmasq: allow de-selecting features from -full variant.
2014-11-03 blogiclicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 blogicAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 cyrusAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-09-26 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.72
2014-09-22 cyrusdnsmasq: fix lockup when interfaces disappear
2014-08-20 cyrusdnsmasq: fix a race condition possibly leading to lockup
2014-06-18 cyrusdnsmasq: removing nettle 3.0 support due to nettle...
2014-06-18 cyrusdnsmasq: various house-keeping updates
2014-06-18 cyrusdnsmasq: Add a full variant
2014-06-18 cyrusdnsmasq: respect target's LDFLAGS
2014-06-18 cyrusdnsmasq: use COPTS for compile time options
2014-05-20 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.71
2014-05-14 cyrusdnsmasq: bump to 2.7.0
2013-12-21 jowdnsmasq: rework init procedure
2013-11-04 jowdnsmasq: fix backward compatibility with existing configs
2013-10-11 jowdnsmasq: add option broadcast to host sections
2013-06-17 jowdnsmasq: use host-record instead of address
2013-05-17 cyrusdnsmasq: add directory for external hosts-files
2013-04-24 cyrusdnsmasq: update to 2.66
2013-01-02 jowdnsmasq: allow dhcp host entries without mac addresses...
2012-10-19 hcglicensing: Add licensing metadata to many packages
2012-10-10 nbdpackages: sort network related packages into package...