openvpn: fix compile error with musl
[openwrt.git] / package / kernel /
2014-06-29 blogickernel: xen-kbdfront.ko is at a different path
2014-06-22 nbdmac80211: disable greenfield by default
2014-06-22 nbdmac80211: revert a faulty upstream change which is...
2014-06-20 kaloz[kernel]: make thermal framework registered sensors...
2014-06-20 kaloz[kernel]: package the gpio-fan module
2014-06-17 kaloz[kernel]: package the TLC59116 led driver
2014-06-17 kaloz[kernel]: package the TI TMP421 driver
2014-06-17 kaloz[kernel]: bundle ehci-orion with kmod-usb2
2014-06-13 nbdmac80211: disable the clk_* backport, it is unused...
2014-06-13 nbdmac80211: fix disabling of 802.11n features
2014-06-13 nbdrevert an accidentally committed patch chunk
2014-06-13 nbdkernel: fix pkt_type filter mask for packet sockets
2014-06-12 nbdb43: fix a regression on G-PHY devices
2014-06-12 nbdrt2x00: fix crash when using TKIP on USB devices
2014-06-12 nbdath9k: fix initial noise floor calibration on older...
2014-06-12 nbdath9k: make noise floor calibration and periodic calibr...
2014-06-12 nbdb43: fix frequency reporting, fixes scan issues
2014-06-11 cyruskernel: fix kernel builds for chipidea w/ usb-gadget
2014-06-11 nbdath9k: do a chip reset if noise floor calibration fails...
2014-06-08 nbdkernel: add missing dependency for kmod-fs-nfs
2014-06-07 haukebroadcom-diag: remove broadcom-diag
2014-06-07 haukebroadcom-wl: fix build with bcma or ssb deactivated
2014-06-07 nbdbrcm47xx: add a "legacy" subtarget that is usable for...
2014-06-07 nbdmac80211: b43: fix B43_USE_SSB dependency
2014-06-06 nbdb43: fix ssb/bcma dependencies
2014-06-05 nbdath9k: add a fix for rx overrun processing
2014-06-05 nbdath9k: add a fix for ANI related stability issues
2014-06-05 nbdath9k: fix enabling PC-OEM card support (#16624)
2014-06-05 nbdmac80211: merge a series of cleanups/fixes
2014-06-05 nbdath9k: merge a p2p powersave handling fix
2014-06-05 nbdrt2x00: merge beacon setup fixes, disable unused hw...
2014-06-05 nbdmac80211: b43: make support for SSB optional
2014-06-05 nbdmac80211: b43: update BCM4716 patch to compile without SSB
2014-06-03 nbdmac80211: backport a powersave related fix
2014-06-03 nbdmac80211: refresh patch
2014-06-03 blogickernel: fix kernel build for chipidea w/o usb-gadget
2014-06-02 nbdmac80211: b43: make support for BCMA optional
2014-06-02 nbdmac80211: b43: make B43_PHY_LP configurable
2014-06-02 nbdnetfilter: split off header matching modules not used...
2014-06-02 blogicpackage/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh OM2P-HSv2 support
2014-06-02 blogicpackage/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh OM2Pv2 support
2014-06-02 blogickernel: Fix xen domU kmod-xen-kbd package
2014-06-02 blogicmac80211: query driver for max A-MPDU length exponent
2014-06-02 blogickernel: Enable kmod-hid-generic driver when selecting...
2014-06-02 blogickernel: Add kernel modules for USB gadget serial devices.
2014-06-02 blogickernel: enable chipidea udc mode
2014-05-26 nbdath9k: fix deprecated syntax in config symbol
2014-05-25 nbdath9k: make support for PC-OEM cards optional, reduces...
2014-05-25 nbdmac80211: mark kmod-rtlwifi as hidden (selected by...
2014-05-23 nbdbutton-hotplug: remove #ifdef CONFIG_HOTPLUG, it is...
2014-05-23 nbdgpio-button-hotplug: remove #ifdef CONFIG_HOTPLUG,...
2014-05-23 nbdrt2x00: fix rt3352 rf probing (#14322)
2014-05-23 nbdmac80211: fix probing of rtl8180
2014-05-23 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2014-05-22
2014-05-23 lukakernel: add pps-gpio support
2014-05-20 nbdath9k: revert a faulty rx path fix
2014-05-20 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2014-05-19
2014-05-20 floriankernel: Enable CONFIG_SPI_SPIDEV when selecting kmod...
2014-05-19 nbdmac80211: fix stbc configuration
2014-05-19 nbdath9k: add some rx path fixes
2014-05-18 nbdmac80211: fix ht capabilities for HT20
2014-05-18 nbdltq-hcd: disable mips16 support
2014-05-15 nbdmac80211: fix VHT80 channel allocation (thx, SeG)
2014-05-14 haukegpio-button-hotplug: fix (and extend) package description
2014-05-14 haukebutton-hotplug: describe module a bit better & mention...
2014-05-11 lukakernel: add thermal option
2014-05-11 nbdbroadcom-wl: bring interfaces up, do not rely on netifd...
2014-05-08 haukemac80211: fix warning in select_queue with kernel 3.14
2014-05-06 nbdltq-vdsl-fw: store firmware as...
2014-05-06 nbdltq-vdsl: force shell to bash to avoid compile errors
2014-05-06 nbdltq-vdsl-mei: force shell to bash to avoid compile...
2014-05-06 nbdmac80211: reset ht_capab for each device
2014-05-05 nbdmac80211: fix station info rx bitrate for IBSS mode
2014-05-04 nbdar71xx/ath9k: fix reading the WMAC revision on AR953x...
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: remove obsolete check for enable_ht
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: remove mode_11n variable for hwmode - the...
2014-05-03 nbdath: Add config option for DFS support
2014-05-03 nbdath5k: merge a tx power handling fix
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: restrict ath9k/ath10k DFS support to ETSI
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: enable CFG80211_CERTIFICATION_ONUS by default
2014-05-03 nbdath9k: merge a few upstream fixes
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: add support for htmode=VHT20
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: force upper channel for HT40 when autochannel...
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: add automatic ht40 mode handling for 2.4 ghz
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: clean up vht capability processing
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: clean up ht capability handling, drop the...
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: disable 802.11n support if htmode is not...
2014-05-03 nbdmac80211: simplify HT40 handling, derive lower/upper...
2014-05-02 haukekernel: net-rtl8188eu depends on kmod-usbcore
2014-05-02 haukeomap: fix usb dependencies
2014-05-02 haukekernel: fix dependency to xor-neon.ko
2014-05-02 haukekernel: omap: omap-des.ko is not available in kernel...
2014-05-02 haukekernel: unify the two kmod-usb-mxs-phy packages
2014-05-02 haukekernel: make b44 depend on libphy for kernel 3.14
2014-05-01 haukekernel: add support for USB_NET_CDC_EEM and USB_NET_CDC...
2014-05-01 haukekernel: Add kernel module for cramfs support.
2014-05-01 wigyorimac80211: add TMSC firmware to 8192cu module to properl...
2014-04-30 wigyorikernel: add staging r8188eu module (3.13)
2014-04-29 nbdath9k: merge a fix for a race condition on init
2014-04-29 nbdath9k: merge fixes for stability issues under heavy...