uboot-envtools: Add Gateworks Ventana Support
[openwrt.git] / package / kernel /
2015-10-06 nbdkernel: drop the now unused kmod-oprofile package
2015-10-05 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, adds a few minor...
2015-10-05 nbdmac80211: add a fix to initialize the tid field in...
2015-10-04 matteolantiq: fix gcc 5 build
2015-09-27 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes some aggregat...
2015-09-27 rmileckimac80211: backport patch setting TX power in interface...
2015-09-24 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, adds performance...
2015-09-24 nbdath9k: fix handling of tx headroom for padding (fixes...
2015-09-24 nbdmac80211: fix a few issues with fast-xmit support
2015-09-24 nbdkernel: add missing CAN related config symbol
2015-09-21 cyruspackage: Remove dependencies to kmod-ipv6
2015-09-21 nbdath10k: remove API v2 firmware, it is no longer needed
2015-09-18 nbdmac80211: add missing dependency for the hermes driver...
2015-09-17 nbdkernel: remove lantiq specific ATM API hacks and their...
2015-09-16 blogicmac80211: rename iwlagn to iwlwifi
2015-09-16 blogicmac80211: cleanup sort
2015-09-16 blogicmac80211: cleanup remove net prefixes
2015-09-16 nbdmac80211: refresh patch
2015-09-16 nbdath9k: enable hw manual peak calibration for QCA9561
2015-09-14 blogicpackage/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh MR1750 support
2015-09-14 blogiclantiq: Update to the latest DSL driver / application...
2015-09-14 blogickernel: dwc2: Add missing config symbol definition
2015-09-14 nbdmac80211/hostapd: rework 802.11w driver support selecti...
2015-09-13 nbdath10k: reduce dma burst size on newer firmware to...
2015-09-13 nbdath10k: make title for the old firmware config option...
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: use wl18xx-fw-4.bin
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: add iwlagn debug options
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: refresh Intel firmware
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: iwlagn: enable iwlmvm
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: update linux-firmware to 2014-09-03
2015-09-11 haukemac80211: rt2800-usb: enable "unknown" USB IDs
2015-09-11 nbdbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-09-09 cyruslinux: make IPv6 builtin if selected (saves >30KB)
2015-09-08 cyruspackage: replace ifconfig-usage with ip
2015-09-08 nbdkernel: remove packaging of kmod-crypto-core and kmod...
2015-08-29 haukebroadcom-wl: add interface after bridge is up
2015-08-29 haukebroadcom-wl: fix bash comparison error
2015-08-29 haukebroadcom-wl: fix section mismatches in broadcom-wl...
2015-08-29 haukebroadcom-wl: fix build with kernel 4.1
2015-08-28 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes some tx power...
2015-08-27 rmileckimac80211: add pending brcmfmac patch fixing warm reboots
2015-08-26 rmileckimac80211: add pending brcmfmac patches fixing multiple...
2015-08-25 rmileckimac80211: backport latest patches except for NVRAM...
2015-08-23 jogomac80211: disable ipw2x00 for big endian targets
2015-08-21 wigyoriNewer kernels make use of libahci in ahci-platform...
2015-08-19 kalozmwlwifi: fix commit hash for
2015-08-18 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2015-08-17 haukemac80211: add mt7601u driver
2015-08-17 blogicbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-08-09 haukekernel: crypto: fix depends in kmod-crypto-hmac
2015-08-09 haukekernel: crypto: fix module loading of cryptomgr.ko
2015-08-09 haukekernel: crypto: fix module loading of aead.ko
2015-08-05 jogomac80211: mwl8k: init devices synchronously
2015-08-03 haukeacx-mac80211: update git url
2015-07-31 nbdmac80211: restore AP scan patch
2015-07-31 nbdmac80211: fix an invalid read in minstrel rate sorting
2015-07-31 nbdmac80211: fix data alignment of management frames ...
2015-07-30 kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to latest rev with fixed firmware
2015-07-29 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes more tx power...
2015-07-27 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes some compile...
2015-07-26 haukegpio-button-hotplug: handle EPROBE_DEFER and other...
2015-07-26 haukekernel: add kmod-lp again
2015-07-25 haukemac80211: do not add debugfs_create_devm_seqfile()...
2015-07-24 nbdkernel: remove kmod-crypto-aes, AES crypto support...
2015-07-24 blogicmac80211: Clarify ath9k & ath10k debug selection
2015-07-24 blogiclantiq: Fix ifxos driver on linux 4.1
2015-07-24 blogickmod-regmap: enable MMIO support
2015-07-22 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2015-07-21
2015-07-18 nbdcfg80211: fix a locking issue (#20098)
2015-07-18 nbdmt76: update to the latest version, fixes rx buffer...
2015-07-17 haukekernel: fix dependecy of kmod-ieee802154_6lowpan
2015-07-16 jogokernel: wpan: at86rf230 depends on regmap-spi
2015-07-14 jowlinux: enable kmod-acpi-button for x86_64 (#20080)
2015-07-14 blogicbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-07-14 blogicmac80211: make ath10k firmware v2 selectable
2015-07-12 jogoar7-atm: fix compilation for 4.1
2015-07-12 jogoacx-mac80211: make it compile again against new compat...
2015-07-09 rmileckimac80211: add brcmfmac patch fixing user space picked...
2015-07-09 rmileckimac80211: try to workaround some brcmfmac bug with...
2015-07-08 haukekernel: modules: activate wpan on kernel 4.1
2015-07-07 nbdmwlwifi: fix compile error after mac80211 update
2015-07-07 blogicmac80211: Drop ath10k workaround for providing calibrat...
2015-07-07 blogicmac80211: ath9k: fix qca956x name also
2015-07-07 blogickernel: move wpan to separate menu
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Make ATM and PTM drivers compatible with kernel 4.1
2015-07-07 blogiclantiq: Make ltq-ifxos compile with kernel 4.1
2015-07-07 nbdmac80211: update regulatory database to master-2015...
2015-07-06 haukemac80211: fix compile warning in rt2800lib.c
2015-07-06 haukemac80211: add kernel 4.1 support again
2015-07-06 haukemac80211: remove useless patch
2015-07-06 haukemac80211: remove useless patch
2015-07-06 nbdmac80211: add missing patch chunk
2015-07-06 nbdmac80211: update to version 2015-06-22
2015-07-06 nbdath10k: remove support for the obsolete STA firmware
2015-07-06 nbdmac80211: Update QCA9880 firmware to
2015-07-06 nbdmac80211: Backport ath10k firmware API v5 support
2015-07-05 jogopackage: ar7-atm: depend on !LINUX_4_1
2015-07-04 haukekernel: add crypto-cmac
2015-07-04 haukekernel: fix loading bluetooth_6lowpan
2015-07-04 jogokernel: kmod-scsi-core: fix load on install