2013-10-29 jowRevert "[cyassl]: upgrade to 2.8.0"
2013-10-29 lukakernel: add w1-master-mxc module
2013-10-29 lukaimx6: add initial 3.12 support
2013-10-29 lukaimx6: use upstream gateworks board names
2013-10-29 lukakernel: refresh 3.12 patches on -rc7 release
2013-10-29 lukaimx6: update 3.10 patches
2013-10-28 haukekernel: add missing config optinons
2013-10-28 nbdkernel: jffs2: ignore bad blocks after the end-of-files...
2013-10-28 nbduClibc: get rid of bogus unused strlcpy definition...
2013-10-28 nbdtoolchain/gdb: remove use of extern inline to fix build...
2013-10-28 nbdmtd-utils: get rid of extern inline to fix build errors
2013-10-28 nbde2fsprogs: update to 1.42.8, fixes a build error
2013-10-28 nbdsquashfs: make inline functions static to fix build...
2013-10-28 nbdsquashfs4: make inline functions static to fix build...
2013-10-28 nbdpkg-config: update to latest version, fix build on...
2013-10-28 nbdbuild: fix build on Mac OS X 10.9
2013-10-28 nbdu-boot: prefer over
2013-10-28 kaloz[cyassl]: upgrade to 2.8.0
2013-10-28 blogicgpio-button-hotplug: add support for power buttons
2013-10-28 blogicubox: update to latest git HEAD
2013-10-28 blogicralink: add package for mt7620 sdhci
2013-10-28 blogicralink: dont include mt7620 sdhci support inside the...
2013-10-28 blogicralink: add support for missing mt7620 mux values
2013-10-28 blogicralink: add support for 2 new mt7620 boards made by...
2013-10-28 blogickernel: add packages for sdhci support
2013-10-27 lukakernel: fix compile error in 3.12
2013-10-27 lukakernel: add missing 3.12 config symbols
2013-10-27 lukamvebu: drop patch that has been upstreamed
2013-10-27 lukamvebu: delete empty directory
2013-10-26 blogicubox: update to latest git head
2013-10-26 blogicralink: pinctrl fix for non muxed pins
2013-10-25 haukebrcm47xx: b44: fix error handling for dummy phy creation
2013-10-25 haukebrcm47xx: b44: add dummy phy device if we do not find any
2013-10-25 lukakernel: add keyboard-imx module
2013-10-25 florianmalta: add kernel configuration for 3.12
2013-10-25 floriankernel: handle Cavium Octeon Kconfig rename
2013-10-25 florianbuildroot: add lz4 initramfs compression option
2013-10-25 florianinclude: handle LZ4 compression scheme
2013-10-25 floriankernel: add some missing 3.12 config symbols
2013-10-25 floriankernel: make kmod-pcnet32 depend on kmod-mii
2013-10-25 floriankernel: add mii library kernel module package
2013-10-24 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2013-10-24 kaloz[generic:] preliminary 3.12 support
2013-10-24 florianbuildroot: split Kernel config options to
2013-10-24 floriankernel: make swconfig checkpath compliant
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: ventana boards use kmod-sky2
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: use more descriptive function name
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: use more common name for ubi(fs) images
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: fix pcie interrupt mapping
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: add support for building uImage
2013-10-23 add more options when it comes to including...
2013-10-23 lukabuild: make MkuImage more generic
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: enable SATA support
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: enable cpufreq
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: enable i2c-dev
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: remove obsolete files
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: pcie driver fixups
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: fix symlink of dtb files
2013-10-23 juhosgar71xx: rename 'nand' subtarget to 'mikrotik'
2013-10-23 juhosgar71xx: change title and description for NAND subtarget
2013-10-23 juhosgar71xx: remove 'Target/Description' from main Makefile
2013-10-23 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.17
2013-10-23 cyrusodhcp6c: filter similar RAs spammed by some ISPs
2013-10-23 cyrusfirewall: Improve ubus support
2013-10-23 cyrusodhcpd: fix cleaning of configuration on reload
2013-10-22 haukebrcm47xx: b44: detect external phy by bit set in DevCon...
2013-10-22 juhosgx86/generic: remove 3.8 config
2013-10-22 juhosgx86/generic: switch to 3.10.15
2013-10-22 juhosgx86/generic: add kernel config for 3.10
2013-10-22 juhosgkernel/3.10: add missing config symbol
2013-10-22 lukaimx6: make symlinks for dtb's
2013-10-21 cyrus6relayd: reduce fallout of RA spamming a bit
2013-10-21 luka[tools] gmp: update to 5.1.3
2013-10-20 nbdath9k: gather entropy from raw ADC I/Q samples (use...
2013-10-20 juhosgmkfwimage: Increase RSPRO maximum size to 0xF00000...
2013-10-20 juhosgar71xx: Fix sysupgrades for Allnet and OpenMesh devices
2013-10-20 juhosgar71xx: fix WLAN 5 GHz LED init on dir-825-c1
2013-10-19 nbdlibubox: update to latest version, fixes ustream reuse...
2013-10-19 cyrusnetifd: Fix ifupdate events
2013-10-18 luka[tools] cmake: upgrade to 2.8.12
2013-10-18 cyrusodhcpd: various bugfixes
2013-10-18 cyrusnetifd: various improvements
2013-10-18 nbdrt2800usb: merge a fix to slow down tx status polling...
2013-10-18 jowwpa_supplicant: fix beacon_int configuration option
2013-10-18 jowx86: fix condition in
2013-10-18 jowiw: add patch to support 802.11j frequencies
2013-10-18 jowiwinfo: make 'type' visible in wrapped iwinfo
2013-10-18 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to 2013.10
2013-10-18 lukabuild: set owner root for all files on ubifs creation
2013-10-18 lukaimx6: reorganize build system
2013-10-17 cyrusipkg-make-index: use more backwards-compatible openssl...
2013-10-17 lukabuild: drop FIT option until we actually need it
2013-10-17 nbdx86: Update kernel for alix2 to 3.10.15
2013-10-17 cyrusnetifd: rename customopts to sendopts for consistency
2013-10-17 cyrusAdded 'customopts' dhcp protocol option, which is an...
2013-10-17 nbdgcc 4.8-linaro: backport an upstream fix to fix asm...
2013-10-17 lukaimx6: fix file names when building images
2013-10-17 cyrusodhcp6c: fix parsing of IA_PD adverts
2013-10-16 lukaimx6: enable FIT images
2013-10-16 lukabuild: add menuconfig option for building FIT images