[kirkwood] Cleanup image generation
[openwrt.git] / target /
2010-08-28 lars[kirkwood] Cleanup image generation
2010-08-27 agb[gemini] update wbd222 patch after r22662
2010-08-26 mbImprove n810 profile
2010-08-26 hcgUpdate kernel to, add USB storage to profile
2010-08-26 florian[ar7] add 2.6.35 support
2010-08-25 juhosggeneric: fix pm25lv SPI flash support
2010-08-25 juhosgar71xx: refresh patches
2010-08-25 florian[cobalt] add support for 2.6.35
2010-08-25 florian[cobalt] rename config-2.6.32 to config-default
2010-08-25 florian[brcm63xx] add 2.6.35 support
2010-08-25 florian[kernel] refresh 2.6.35 patches
2010-08-25 mbAdd usb gadget feature flag
2010-08-25 florian[malta] update to
2010-08-25 florian[malta] update qemu README wrt latest qemu
2010-08-25 lars[kernel] Add missing symbols to 2.6.35 config
2010-08-24 lars[kirkwood] Update kernel to 2.6.35
2010-08-24 mbAdd usb gadget packages
2010-08-23 mbn810: Fix USB board init
2010-08-23 mbtahvo-usb: Use platform device interface properly ...
2010-08-22 lars[xburst] refresh config
2010-08-22 lars[xburst] Fix n5x6 sound drivers
2010-08-22 haukekernel: fix some mistakes in ssb patch refresh in r2276...
2010-08-22 florian[au1000] refresh 2.6.35 patches
2010-08-22 florian[kernel] refresh 2.6.35 patches
2010-08-22 florian[ar7] make adm6996 switches work on tnetd7200 and tnetd7300
2010-08-22 florian[ar7] cleanup the cpmac phy mask, patch from Ben Witten
2010-08-22 florian[ar7] refresh patches
2010-08-22 florian[kernel] update to
2010-08-22 florian[kernel] update to
2010-08-22 florian[kernel] update to
2010-08-22 lars[kirkwood] Add Seagate Dockstar support
2010-08-22 mbn810: Add basic battery management driver
2010-08-22 haukekernel: update kernel version to
2010-08-21 mbUpdate to
2010-08-21 lars[ifxmips] Danube: Fix irq ack
2010-08-21 mbn810: Add retu/tahvo userspace interface debugging
2010-08-19 claudio[at91] Include the usb-ohci module as default
2010-08-19 florian[ar7] add swconfig to the default set of packages
2010-08-19 florian[ar7] remove fixed phy support, enable most ar7 switch...
2010-08-19 nbdkernel: backport ppoll to 2.6.31 to fix udev build
2010-08-19 nbdkernel: backport ssb dma_dev changes to fix b43 build
2010-08-19 mbAdd Tahvo USB support
2010-08-18 juhosggeneric: rtl8366: allow use of VIDs 16-4095 if vlan4k...
2010-08-18 juhosggeneric: rtl8366: add generic code to enable VLANs
2010-08-18 juhosggeneric: rtl8366: add enable_vlan{,4k} to smi_ops
2010-08-18 juhosgar71xx: don't override CONFIG_SWAP
2010-08-18 juhosgar71xx: change mac address initialization
2010-08-17 florian[rdc] allow 1MB extra space for JFFS and other enhancem...
2010-08-16 florian[kernel] add missing config options from #7733, thanks...
2010-08-16 florian[ifxmips] refresh 310-cfi0002-swap.patch
2010-08-16 nbdar71xx: add a new driver for the ar7240 switch using...
2010-08-16 florian[kernel] add missing symbol: CONFIG_UCB1400_CORE to...
2010-08-15 haukebrcm47xx: do not read out cfe
2010-08-15 juhosggeneric: update ARM mach-types
2010-08-15 acoulbrcm47xx/patches-2.6.35: Allow SSB EHCI/OHCI drivers...
2010-08-15 juhosgramips: add support for Sparklan WCR-150GN board
2010-08-15 juhosggeneric: fix LED control on the RTL8366 switches
2010-08-15 juhosgixp4xx: fix compiler warnings in wrt300nv2-setup.c
2010-08-15 juhosgixp4xx: fix compiler warnings in tw5334-setup.c
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: use the right parameter for ixp4xx_phy_disconnect
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: fix GPIOLIB support
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: refresh patches
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: add TW-266-2 support to 2.6.32 as well
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: backport IXP4XX_GPIO_IRQ macro to 2.6.32
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: sync 2.6.32 kernel config
2010-08-14 juhosgixp4xx: include linux/slab.h in the latch LED driver
2010-08-14 juhosgar71xx: add eap7660d board to diag.sh and sysupgrade
2010-08-14 juhosggeneric: fix wrong number of erase sectors for xxxS33B...
2010-08-14 acoullinux/ar71xx: add nanostation-m signature (thanks Anton...
2010-08-13 jow[ar71xx] add uci-defaults script to migrate vlan 0...
2010-08-13 mbn810: Make sysfs backlight controls work
2010-08-13 jow[kernel] fixup 2.6.34 kernel headers to properly export...
2010-08-13 jow[kernel] ssb: give the PCI core more time to initialize...
2010-08-10 florian[kernel] rename 014-samsung_flash patch to a better...
2010-08-10 florian[orion] fix Freecom DT2 jffs2 rootfs generation issue...
2010-08-10 florian[orion] fix jffs2 128k image generation, patch from...
2010-08-10 lars[kernel] Fix gpio_spi_old module for 2.6.35
2010-08-10 hcg[gumstix] Switch of echo on ttyS1 (required for bluetoo...
2010-08-10 hcg[gumstix] Add stty to default config (required for...
2010-08-10 hcg[gumstix] enable gpio uesrspace interface via sysfs
2010-08-10 hcg[gumstix] Remove sqlite from default config
2010-08-10 hcgRemove shells from unavalable serial ports
2010-08-09 florian[au1000] add support for 2.6.35
2010-08-09 mbomap24xx: Update kernel config. This also fixes module...
2010-08-09 mbomap24xx: Fix MMC multiplexer
2010-08-09 jow[generic] fix localversion detection for linux 2.6.35
2010-08-09 kaloz[cns3xxx]: workaround serial hang with SMP enabled
2010-08-09 agb[x86] image: use internal qemu-img for vmdk and vdi...
2010-08-08 nbdrtl8366: re-enable learning by default, disabling it...
2010-08-08 florian[package] rename kmod-switch-ip175c package to kmod...
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] add missing 2.6.34 symbols
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] refresh 2.6.34 patches
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] crashlog depends on BOOTMEM
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] refresh 2.6.35 patches
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] add missing 2.6.35 config symbols
2010-08-08 florian[kernel] add missing 2.6.35 config symbols
2010-08-08 mbomap24xx: Add working inittab and watchdog init script
2010-08-08 mbomap24xx: Support booting userland from MMC card
2010-08-08 mbAdd omap24xx.
2010-08-07 lars[xburst] qi_lb60: Fix keyboard gpio pins