rpcd: iwinfo plugin fixes
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ramips / mt7621 / profiles /
2016-04-26 blogicramips: Add support for the Netgear WNDR3700v5
2016-04-21 blogicramips: Add support for ZBT WG3526
2016-04-09 blogicramips: Disable the SD driver by default on MT7621
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: fix Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X profile
2016-04-09 blogicramips: mt7621: sync MQmaker WiTi profile name to dts...
2015-12-12 blogicramips: add support for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (UBNT...
2015-12-11 blogicramips: add additional support for MQmaker WiTi board
2015-11-24 blogicralink: add support for netis WF-2881
2015-11-07 nbdramips: minor fixes for mt7621 profiles
2015-11-02 blogicramips: add support for ZBT WG2626
2015-08-17 blogicramips: fix various mistakes in subtargets *.mk profiles
2015-07-24 blogicramips: add support for STORYLiNK SAP-G3200U3
2015-07-18 nbdramips: enable mt76 by default for mt7621
2015-06-18 blogicramips: Add Support for the Linksys RE6500
2015-06-18 blogicramips: add support for PandoraBox PBR-M1
2015-02-02 blogicralink: cleanup firefly default packages
2015-01-20 blogicralink: add support for firewrt
2014-03-18 blogicralink: refresh patches
2013-12-13 blogicralink: add mt7621 support