imx6: remove obsolete VENTANA_DTS from profile
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / imx6 / profiles /
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: remove obsolete VENTANA_DTS from profile
2015-11-18 lukaimx6: add Gateworks GW551x support
2014-12-11 blogickernel/modules: fix chipidea
2014-08-11 lukaimx6: kernel: add GW5520 support
2014-08-11 lukaimx6: kernel: add GW16083 Ethernet Expansion Mezzanine...
2014-06-02 lukaimx6: ventana: remove non-trunk packages from defaults
2014-06-02 lukaimx6: ventana: add default kernel modules
2014-04-19 lukaimx6-gateworks: enable new canbus packages
2014-02-20 lukaimx6: update Ventana dts
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: ventana: add canbus utils
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: ventana: add default kernel modules for GSC
2013-12-11 lukaimx6: add canbus support for Ventana boards
2013-12-09 lukaimx6: add support for GW53xx
2013-11-18 lukaimx6: build images for ventana boards that are supported
2013-11-18 lukaimx6: merge all gateworks boards into one profile
2013-11-18 lukaimx6: add support for more then one nand type per profile
2013-10-30 lukaimx6: update gateworks profile with extra packages
2013-10-23 lukaimx6: ventana boards use kmod-sky2
2013-10-18 lukaimx6: reorganize build system