Renamed reworked UCI API to uci2 to allow a peaceful coexistence with the old one
[project/luci.git] / libs / httpd / host / runluci
2008-08-27 Steven BarthRenamed reworked UCI API to uci2 to allow a peaceful...
2008-08-26 Steven BarthUCI API changes
2008-08-10 Steven Barth* libs/web: Reworked authentication
2008-07-24 Steven BarthRewrote host environment targets to work out of the box
2008-06-26 Steven Barth* libs/httpd: Rewrote daemon controller to increase...
2008-06-23 Steven Barth* libs/httpd: Tuned Garbage Collection
2008-06-23 Steven Barth* libs/httpd: Added performance ;-)
2008-06-23 Steven Barth* Introducing LuCI HTTPD as testing environment