libs/cbi: Fixed CBI handling of "Save & Apply"
[project/luci.git] / libs / cbi / luasrc / view /
2008-07-29 Steven Barthmodules: Redesigned configuration save, apply, save...
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Added "Save & Apply" button to CBI forms
2008-07-20 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: several small tweaks in
2008-07-20 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/libs/cbi: print a notice in empty tblsections
2008-07-15 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/libs/cbi: fix syntax error in mvalue template
2008-07-15 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/libs/cbi: various template cleanups
2008-07-15 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/libs/cbi: fix <label> assignment for checkbox...
2008-07-14 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Fixed MultiValue select widget
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/libs/cbi: remove now ununsed tiny_value*.htm...
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: more fixes for theme
2008-07-12 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: lots of fixes in theme
2008-07-07 Steven BarthAdded copyright-tags to templates
2008-07-06 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Fixed rendering of checkbox and radiobox...
2008-07-06 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Use labels instead of divs for field titles
2008-06-14 Steven Barth* Rewrote Luci to be coroutine-safe allowing the use...
2008-06-09 Steven Barth* Prepare german translation cleanup
2008-05-27 Steven Barthcommit 4f6198094cf4134179d1f9c9fa8f79759a27c87e