2013-11-11 jowuhttpd: return after processing -d switch, only set...
2013-11-11 blogicbase-files: fix typo in rfkill script
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: add ubus.default
2013-11-11 nbdixp4xx: fix usb on cambria boards by using the ehci...
2013-11-11 blogicpppd: don't call modprobe at all from pppoatm
2013-11-11 blogicrevert 94e44643a8ce1d7991376b6ced586784b3f92500
2013-11-11 blogicramips: use gpio-button-hotplug in favour of the input...
2013-11-11 blogicramips: make the rfkill switch work on fonera20n
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 fixups
2013-11-11 blogicFix modprobe path for pppoatm
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: dont install deu test manager
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: rename TDW8970 led adsl->dsl
2013-11-11 blogicbase-files: update rfkill script to work with slider...
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: update TDW8970.dts to support buttons properly
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: remove old hotplug handler
2013-11-11 blogicbase-files: add a generic wps button handler
2013-11-11 blogicgpio-button-hotplug: add support for sliding switches
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: make the service auto respawn if it crashes
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: make sure that the ubus module is loaded when...
2013-11-11 kaloz[omap]: add missing option, enable hw rng
2013-11-11 kaloz[crypto-hw-omap]: depend on the correct target
2013-11-11 juhosgar71xx: Use KEY_RESTART key code for the reset button...
2013-11-11 juhosgar71xx: add profile and build image for the TL-WA750RE...
2013-11-11 juhosgar71xx: add user space support for the TL-WA750RE/WA850...
2013-11-11 juhosgar71xx: Add kernel support for the TP-Link WA750RE...
2013-11-11 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: fix ag71xx_probe error path
2013-11-11 haukebcm53xx: make bgmac work
2013-11-11 haukekernel: bgmac: make it send and receive some packages...
2013-11-11 haukekernel: bcma: detect pci ID 0x4313
2013-11-10 haukekernel: b53: add initial support for switches in BCM5301X
2013-11-10 nbdprocd: reduce the number of unnecessary calls to /sbin...
2013-11-10 nbdnetifd: remove connect_time from /var/state, it is...
2013-11-10 kaloz[cns3xxx]: add uImage image build
2013-11-10 kaloz[cns3xxx]: add pushbutton GPIO for GW2380/82/83
2013-11-09 haukebroadcom-diag: fix sys button on Asus rt-n16
2013-11-09 haukebrcm47xx: add detection for Linksys WRT54GS V1
2013-11-09 haukebrcm47xx: register ADM6996L switch
2013-11-09 haukekernel: adm6996: add support for ADM6996L and GPIO...
2013-11-08 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2013-11-08 kaloz[omap]: switch to 3.12, enable support for AM33xx/OMAP3
2013-11-08 kaloz[omap]: rename the omap4 target to omap
2013-11-08 juhosgbase-files: mtd_get_mac_ascii bugfix
2013-11-08 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: fix a race involving netdev registration
2013-11-07 juhosgar71xx: build image for the WD My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender
2013-11-07 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for the WD My Net Wi...
2013-11-07 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the My Net Wi-Fi Range...
2013-11-07 juhosgtools: adapt addpattern for WD's Range Extender
2013-11-07 nbdmac80211: mark rt2x00 library packages as hidden, there...
2013-11-07 juhosgar71xx: image: add EOF marker to the WNDR4300 UBI image
2013-11-07 juhosgtools/mtd-utils: add EOF marker support to libubigen...
2013-11-07 juhosgkernel/3.10: add EOF marker support to the UBI layer
2013-11-07 jowubox: fix extroot/extoverlay mounting by label and...
2013-11-07 blogicubox: update to latest git head
2013-11-07 blogicubus: update to latest git head
2013-11-07 blogiclantiq: fix TDW8970 lan/wan mac
2013-11-07 blogicbutton-hotplug: sync list of supported keys with gpio...
2013-11-07 blogicau1000: make sysupgrade compatible with all file system...
2013-11-07 blogicau1000: create sysupgrade binary for each file system...
2013-11-07 blogiclantiq: Fix ar8216 switch configuration for WBMR-HP...
2013-11-07 blogicutil-linux: cleanup description for swap-utils
2013-11-07 blogicbusybox: don't enable swapon/swapoff by default
2013-11-07 blogicbase-files: Make /etc/init.d/boot restartable
2013-11-07 blogicralink: revert 38348 as it breaks network on the hame-mpr
2013-11-07 blogicralink: fix c&p error in gpio driver
2013-11-07 blogiclantiq: fix td-w8970 initramfs generation
2013-11-07 blogiclantiq: fix vdsl-app dependency
2013-11-07 kaloz[sparc]: mark as broken (toolchain issues), bump kernel...
2013-11-06 lukakirkwood: add support for dockstar
2013-11-06 juhosgfirmware-utils: remove the wndr3700 utility
2013-11-06 juhosgar71x: image: don't use the wndr3700 utility
2013-11-06 lukasunxi: drop CONFIG_DEVTMPFS option
2013-11-06 lukakernel: add some config options
2013-11-05 juhosgar71xx: image: fix WNDR4300 initramfs image generation
2013-11-05 juhosgar71xx: image: allow to use optional parameters for...
2013-11-05 kaloz[generic/3.12]: update for 3.12 final
2013-11-05 haukebrcm47xx: fix detection of Asus RT-N12B1 and Netgear...
2013-11-05 juhosgar71xx: generate recovery image for WNDR4300
2013-11-05 juhosgpackage/ubox: fix jffs2 handling on MTD devices emulate...
2013-11-05 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.18
2013-11-05 lukasunxi: add new target
2013-11-05 lukaimx6: drop unused variable from Makefile
2013-11-05 lukainclude: add more CPU flags for arm
2013-11-04 jowdnsmasq: fix backward compatibility with existing configs
2013-11-04 juhosgar71xx: move WNDR4300 profile to the nand subtarget
2013-11-04 juhosgar71xx: Add new subtarget nand for WNDR4300
2013-11-04 juhosgar71xx: remove yaffs from the generic rootfstype list
2013-11-04 juhosgar71xx: image: dd root.* images in fs specific macros
2013-11-04 juhosgkernel/3.1[02]: move MTD root device setup code to...
2013-11-04 juhosgkernel: refresh kernel configs with
2013-11-03 haukekernel: add some config options
2013-11-03 haukekernel: fix dependencies of kmod-thermal
2013-11-03 haukekernel: fix dependencies of usb-eth-gadget
2013-11-03 haukekernel: bgmac: update backport patch
2013-11-01 juhosgar71xx: image: only define profiles for the generic...
2013-11-01 juhosgar71xx: image: add IMAGE_PROFILE variable
2013-11-01 juhosgar71xx: always enable hw ecc support for the ar934x...
2013-11-01 haukekernel: add missing config options
2013-10-31 nbdopenvpn: clean up and fix the init script
2013-10-31 lukakirkwood: add userland support for Pogoplug E02
2013-10-31 lukakirkwood: add Pogoplug E02 Kernel support