2013-12-01 haukebrcm47xx: add vectored interrupts
2013-12-01 haukebrcm47xx: add cpu overwrites
2013-12-01 haukebrcm47xx: use "firmware" partition name
2013-12-01 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.21
2013-11-30 lukaar71xx: merge board specific patches into one
2013-11-30 juhosgkernel: refresh kernel configs with
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: update Userspace support for the WA850/WA750
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: Update profile for the wa750/wa850 to include...
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: use cybertan_check_image for image verification...
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: sysupgrade for My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: image: unify CyberTAN macros
2013-11-30 juhosgar71xx: image: fix CyberTAN sysupgrade images
2013-11-30 juhosgfirmware-utils/trx: remove trailing whitespaces
2013-11-30 juhosgfirmware-utils/trx: fix two bugs
2013-11-30 blogicramips: Fix initial network configuration for few boards
2013-11-30 blogicramips: Fix dts typos
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: build image for the TL-WR1043ND v2 board
2013-11-29 juhosgfirmware-utils/mkplinkfw: add TL-WR1043ND v2 support
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for the TL-WR1043ND...
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the TL-WR1043ND v2 board
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: add profile and build image for the Sitecom...
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: fix switch port map for the Sitecom WLR-8100
2013-11-29 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add AR8337N switch support
2013-11-29 juhosggeneric: ar8216: remove trailing whitespaces
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: rssi leds for My Net WiFi Range Extender
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: improve support for the My Net Wi-Fi Range...
2013-11-29 juhosgag71xx: add F1E specific feature bit definitions to...
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: user space support update tl-wr842n_v2 add...
2013-11-29 juhosgar71xx: Kernel support update tl-wr842n_v2 added missin...
2013-11-29 kalozFPU type should not interfere with the ABI selection.
2013-11-29 kaloz[omap]: tunr on some additional features
2013-11-29 kalozignore the fpu if we're doing soft-float
2013-11-29 kalozthere's no such thing as a soft fpu, this target should...
2013-11-29 kalozenable using soft-float regardless of having a fpu
2013-11-28 jowubox: fix handling of uci lists, prevent shell code...
2013-11-28 jowRevert "ubox: the validation code has problems with...
2013-11-28 jowbusybox: do not abort sysntpd init if enable_server...
2013-11-28 jowprocd: fix processing of datatype specification with...
2013-11-27 kaloz[omap]: initialize wl12xx from the device tree
2013-11-27 kalozadd device tree based initialization to wl12xx
2013-11-27 kaloz[omap]: refresh/rename patches
2013-11-27 kaloz[omap]: fix gpio interrupt-cells property on AM335x
2013-11-27 kaloz[generic/3.12]: refresh patch
2013-11-27 kaloz[generic/3.12]: make the wl12xx glue code available...
2013-11-27 kaloz[generic/3.12]: add TI wireless symbols and enable...
2013-11-27 nbdmac80211: include 802.11n support when wl12xx is selected
2013-11-27 nbdath9k: merge initval updates
2013-11-27 kaloz[mac80211]: fix typo in wl128x firmware names
2013-11-26 kaloz[uboot-omap]: hide package, it's needed all the time
2013-11-26 kaloz[uboot-omap]: use plain image names inside the target...
2013-11-26 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: upgrade Linaro GCC 4.8 to 4.8-2013.11
2013-11-26 kaloz[mac80211]: wl12xx could need the wl128x firmware files...
2013-11-26 nbdmac80211: merge another round of upstream fixes
2013-11-26 blogicralink: dts fixes
2013-11-26 blogicubox: the validation code has problems with the "(...
2013-11-25 nbdhostapd: add support for auto-channel selection
2013-11-25 nbdhostapd: update to version 2013-11-20
2013-11-25 blogickernel/modules: snd-pcm-dmaengine only if CONFIG_SND_DM...
2013-11-25 blogictools/mpfr: add GNU source
2013-11-25 blogicpppd: Place plugin-specific options after `plugin name`.
2013-11-25 blogicralink: add mac address detection for Asus RT-G32 b1
2013-11-25 blogicbase-files: allow users to delect debug level during...
2013-11-25 blogicprocd: update to make use of the new validate_...
2013-11-25 blogicubox: update the validate_data tool
2013-11-25 blogicubox: fix typo that caused log_file to not be validated...
2013-11-25 blogicralink: fix up the mt7530 driver to work properly with...
2013-11-25 blogicralink: add LRO support
2013-11-25 blogicralink: add NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_TX support for the...
2013-11-25 blogicralink: set the mac addr via the dts file
2013-11-24 lukakirkwood: include ext4 support by default
2013-11-24 lukakirkwood: kernel: add missing config option
2013-11-24 luka[tools] cmake: upgrade to
2013-11-23 lukakirkwood: drop unnecessary argument from *_UBIFS_OPTS...
2013-11-23 lukakirkwood: add support for iomega iconnect
2013-11-22 kalozFor now vdi and vmdk images should be x86 only
2013-11-22 kalozmove menuconfig options into separate files
2013-11-22 kalozdrop stupid defaults
2013-11-22 kalozadd a feature flag for device tree support
2013-11-22 kaloz[x86]: VMWare and VirtualBox images should select what...
2013-11-22 kaloz[x86]: rationalize target image options
2013-11-22 kalozallow configuration of the target directory for binaries
2013-11-22 kaloz[toolchain/uClibc]: replace the mips64 fixes patch...
2013-11-21 nbduhttpd: update to the latest version, fixes crashes...
2013-11-20 luka[tools] pkg-config: fix occasional install problem
2013-11-20 blogicprocd: fix the running hook #38868
2013-11-20 blogiclantiq: move patch to proper folder
2013-11-20 nbdmac80211: fix reorder issues with multicast packets...
2013-11-20 nbdmac80211: fix an overflow issue in minstrel_ht
2013-11-20 blogiclantiq: update default mii modes
2013-11-20 blogiclantiq: fix etop registers
2013-11-20 blogicprocd: add validation to the log init script
2013-11-20 blogiclantiq: fix an endless loop in the vmmc platform code
2013-11-20 wigyorimxs: build/profile-related changes
2013-11-20 wigyoripackage: uboot-mxs: cosmetic fix
2013-11-20 nbdmac80211: small rate control fix
2013-11-19 blogiclibubox: fix compile error (#14497)
2013-11-19 blogicralink: set wmr-300 mac properly
2013-11-19 blogicmtd: add a "mtd verify" call
2013-11-19 blogiclibubox: ubox: procd: move md5.{c,h} to libubox
2013-11-19 blogicprocd: update to latest git head