ramips: fix patches after 3.14.32 bump
[openwrt.git] / target /
2015-02-08 lukaramips: fix patches after 3.14.32 bump
2015-02-08 nicolinux/generic: add missing config symbols
2015-02-08 nicolinux/sunxi: rename A20-OLinuXino-Lime profile
2015-02-08 lukax86: refresh kernel config
2015-02-08 lukalantiq: fix patches after 3.14.32 bump
2015-02-08 lukakirkwood: refresh kernel config
2015-02-08 lukakernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.6
2015-02-07 jowx86: declare missing kernel symbols
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: ubnt: move new board patches into one
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: rb2011: apply patch to file
2015-02-07 jowimagebuilder: align filename with SDK
2015-02-07 jowsdk: rename file to mention target/subtarget and move...
2015-02-07 jowtoolchain: respect CONFIG_VERSION_FILENAMES and add...
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: merge board specific patches into one
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: uci-defaults: add el-mini to appropriate group
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: qihoo: define flash variable as static
2015-02-07 lukatargets: base-files: diag.sh does not need to be executable
2015-02-07 lukatargets: files in uci-defaults do not need to be execut...
2015-02-07 lukaar71xx: refresh patches
2015-02-07 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.32
2015-02-06 jowimagebuilder: don't pregenerate package index, strip...
2015-02-06 kalozmvebu: add note about the move to single firmware files
2015-02-06 kalozmvebu: support building images for a single board
2015-02-06 jowimagebuilder: use FreeBSD compatible tar invocation
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: don't generate targz images by default
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: Enable the A385 AP on 3.19
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: add Armada 385 DB AP support
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: add the Armada 385 Reference Design support
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: fix NAND and NOR options
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: add a subprofile for boards based on a small NOR
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: add large NOR sub-profile implementation
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: Add sub-profiles
2015-02-05 kalozgeneric: allow ubi autoattach to run on NOR flash
2015-02-05 kalozmvebu: Add MTD split framework support
2015-02-04 blogicar71xx: add support for the TP-LINK TL-WR941ND v5
2015-02-04 blogicat71xx: TP-LINK Archer: add 5GHz led entry
2015-02-03 blogicralink: fix USB host function for Intenso M2M
2015-02-02 blogicar71xx: Revert "added board support for compex wpj558"
2015-02-02 blogicralink: cleanup firefly default packages
2015-02-02 blogicralink: add FireWRT button detail
2015-02-02 blogicralink: add FireWRT led detail
2015-02-02 blogicralink: add ethernet macaddr to dts for FireWRT
2015-02-02 blogicramips: add support for Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini devices
2015-02-02 blogicadded board support for compex wpj558
2015-02-01 nbdramips: fix ethernet driver tx completion polling
2015-01-31 jowx86_64: add more symbols required to enable SMP
2015-01-31 jowx86_64: support HyperThreading and SMP with up to 8...
2015-01-31 rmileckikernel: disable bcma's usage of OF API in kernel 3.10
2015-01-30 jowlinux: fix mips boot decompressor build
2015-01-30 blogicar71xx: add Netgear WNR1000v2/WNR1000v2-VC support...
2015-01-30 rmileckibcm53xx: fix partitions on Netgear R8000
2015-01-30 rmileckibcm53xx: fix booting BCM4709
2015-01-30 rmileckibcm53xx: fix Netgear R8000 serial console
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: disable MMC debugging in kernel config
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: workaround switch being uninitialized on netifd...
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: add support for Lamobo R1
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: use sunxi_board_name when generating default...
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: introduce sunxi_board_name() in /lib/sunxi.sh
2015-01-30 wigyorisunxi: implement board_detect for device-tree kernels
2015-01-29 jowx86_64: enable PCIE support
2015-01-29 jowRevert "x86_64: enable PCIE support"
2015-01-29 jowx86_64: enable PCIE support
2015-01-28 rmileckibcm53xx: early support for Netgear R8000
2015-01-28 rmileckikernel: bcm47xxpart: support T_Meter partitions
2015-01-28 blogicar71xx: fix D-Link DIR-615 rev. C1 WLAN MAC address
2015-01-28 jowlinux: add upstream patch to allow building dwc2 as...
2015-01-28 blogickernel: add LZ4 decompressors to kconfig hack
2015-01-28 blogickernel: kmod-usb2-pci to Intel ixp4xx/Geode
2015-01-28 blogicralink: check ethernet MAC address whether it is valid
2015-01-28 blogicar71xx: add default LED configuration for D-Link DIR...
2015-01-28 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.30
2015-01-27 rmileckikernel: bcm47xxpart: support boart_data partition on...
2015-01-27 rmileckikernel: backport queued bcm47xxpart changes
2015-01-27 jowep93xx: fix broken kmods after r44112 (#18833)
2015-01-26 kalozmvebu: temporary el cheapo' fan control script
2015-01-25 jowkernel: add missing symbol to generic 3.18 config
2015-01-25 jowmvebu: add missing config symbol
2015-01-25 jowipq806x: declare missing config symbols
2015-01-25 kalozgeneric/3.19: fixup the value of IFF_NO_IP_ALIGN
2015-01-25 lukakernel: update 3.14 to 3.14.29
2015-01-25 jowcns21xx: remove stray CONFIG_WAN from kernel config
2015-01-25 jowxburst: fix kernel build
2015-01-25 kalozmvebu: use pwmfan in the profile
2015-01-25 kalozmvebu: preliminary 3.19 support
2015-01-25 kalozmvebu: gpio based pwm support
2015-01-25 kalozmvebu: update mamba dts
2015-01-25 kalozmvebu: backport some upstream changes
2015-01-25 kalozgeneric: add preliminary 3.19 support
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: add wpad-mini to guruplug profile
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: enable swconfig by default on EA3500
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: fix EA3500 ubi options
2015-01-25 lukakirkwood: drop port-based VLAN setup
2015-01-25 kalozgeneric/3.18: update to 3.18.3
2015-01-24 nbdralink: fix ethernet feature TSO not work
2015-01-24 nbdralink: init tx/rx vlan offload register for mt7621
2015-01-24 nbdralink: use fe_max_buf_size to get rx buffer size
2015-01-24 nbdramips: fix ethernet vlan tx offload support check
2015-01-24 nbdep93xx: remove obsolete kernel version check
2015-01-24 nbdx86: remove linux 3.3 support
2015-01-24 nbdbuild: drop obsolete kernel version dependencies