ar71xx: ag71xx: fix max frame length setup of the built-in switches
[openwrt.git] / target / linux / ar71xx / files / drivers / spi /
2013-02-19 juhosgar71xx: remove __dev{init,exit} annotations from kernel...
2012-02-10 juhosgar71xx: merge 3.2 fixes
2012-01-22 juhosgar71xx: move arch specific files to files-2.6.39
2012-01-22 juhosgar71xx: rename vsc7385 spi driver
2012-01-22 juhosgar71xx: rename ap81 spi driver
2012-01-22 juhosgar71xx: rename rb4xx spi drivers
2012-01-11 juhosgar71xx: pb44_spi: add shutdown handler
2012-01-11 juhosgar71xx: pb44_spi: call pb44_spi_{en,dis}able from probe...
2012-01-11 juhosgar71xx: pb44_spi: introduce pb44_spi_{en,dis}able helpers
2012-01-11 juhosgar71xx: ar71xx_spi: add shutdown handler
2012-01-11 juhosgar71xx: ar71xx_spi: save and restore regs from probe...
2010-11-12 juhosgar71xx: use pr_* functions in drivers
2010-11-12 juhosgar71xx: wrap long lines
2010-11-12 juhosgar71xx: fix whitespaces nits
2010-10-21 nbdar71xx: improve 2.6.36 compatibility. also, instead...
2010-08-31 juhosgar71xx: rewrite SPI drivers for the RB4xx boards
2009-08-06 juhosg[ar71xx] update ar71xx_spi driver
2009-07-11 juhosg[ar71xx] add SPI controller driver for the PB44 board
2009-07-11 juhosg[ar71xx] use platform data to setup the MAC_CFG registe...
2009-07-11 juhosg[ar71xx] add definitions for some magic values in the...
2009-07-10 juhosg[ar71xx] fix a bug in the SPI driver (closes #5485)
2009-06-04 juhosg[ar71xx] add SPI driver for the Vitesse VSC7385 switch
2009-06-03 juhosg[ar71xx] add another SPI controller driver for the...
2008-07-21 juhosgsurprise :p