hostapd: fix some whitespaces
[openwrt.git] / package / network / services / hostapd / files /
2014-08-11 lukahostapd: fix some whitespaces
2014-07-29 jowhostapd: Reintroduce Full Dynamic VLAN support
2014-07-15 nbdhostapd: add a require_mode option in wifi-device secti...
2014-06-05 nbdhostapd: move reading of rsn_preauth out of auth_type...
2014-06-04 nbdhostapd: replace undefined $bridge with $network_bridge
2014-06-02 blogichostapd: Add optional support for hostapd own_ip_addr...
2014-05-03 nbdhostapd: add an option for 802.11h (enabled by default)
2014-04-12 blogic802.11s: fix authsae support in netifd
2014-04-12 nbdhostapd: fix "bad number" error due to missing wps_pbc_...
2014-03-21 nbdhostapd: add pbc_in_m1 option
2014-02-18 blogichostapd: add validation rules to wireless handler
2014-02-02 nbdhostapd: do not get basic_rate as a simple string variable
2014-01-31 nbdhostapd: fix basic rate list handling with netifd
2014-01-28 jowhostapd: Fix 80211w setup with netifd
2014-01-28 jowhostapd: Fix basic_rate setup with netifd
2014-01-14 blogichostapd: fix mcast_rate setting
2014-01-12 blogichostapd: fix frequency setting for IBSS/RSN
2013-12-28 nbdhostapd: fix mixed wep/wpa with netifd
2013-12-28 nbdhostapd: fix the uci option name for ap isolate
2013-12-23 nbdhostapd: fix wep with netifd
2013-12-10 jowhostapd: fix short_preamble option
2013-12-08 jowhostapd: properly parse wmm and hidden uci options...
2013-12-03 nbdhostapd: fix maclist processing with netifd
2013-12-02 nbdnetifd: add wireless configuration support and port...