firewall3 - a C implementation of the current firewall scripts
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2013-02-01 cyrus6relayd: Fix announced router flags and IPv6 procfs...
2013-01-29 cyrus6relayd: remove IPv6 forwarding-sysctl workaround
2013-01-21 cyrus6relayd: fix shell library includes in init-script
2013-01-21 cyrus6relayd: avoid a race-condition with looping RAs
2013-01-15 cyrus6relayd: add suitable default configuration
2013-01-13 cyrus6relayd: Rewrite init-script logic
2013-01-02 cyrus6relayd: Announce RDNSS and DNSSL via RA
2013-01-01 cyrus6relayd: Detect changes of default routes for RAs
2012-12-28 cyrus6relayd: Announce DNS search domain via DHCPv6
2012-12-27 cyrus6relayd: Advertise IPv6-specific MTU instead of generic
2012-12-22 cyrus6relayd: Fix detection of prefix changes
2012-12-11 cyrus6relayd: Fix announcement of deprecated prefixes
2012-12-09 cyrus6relayd: Always send NA with hop-limit 255
2012-12-06 cyrus6relayd: More RFC-compatibility and size reduction
2012-11-29 cyrus6relayd: Fix some RFC 6204 compatibility issues
2012-11-17 cyrus6relayd: add conffiles section, thanks swalker
2012-11-16 cyrus6relayd: various updates & fixes
2012-10-31 cyrus6relayd: auto-configure local interfaces as well
2012-10-30 cyrus6relayd: update to work around a raw-socket bug
2012-10-30 cyrusipv6: add 6relayd (RD-, DHCPv6- & NDP-Proxy)