Revert "[cyassl]: upgrade to 2.8.0"
[openwrt.git] / package / devel / gdb /
2013-02-26 floriangdb: do not depend on libthread-db when using musl...
2012-11-21 florian[package] gdb: recategorize from utils to devel in...
2012-11-19 florian[package] gdb: fix debugging of MIPS(el) applications
2012-11-19 florian[package] gdb: add missing zlib dependency
2012-10-30 nbdgdb: depend on zlib if zlib is selected
2012-10-29 nbdgdb: use the libthread-db package instead of throwing...
2012-10-29 nbdgdb: update to version 7.5
2012-10-13 florian[package] gdb: fix patch directory after r33706
2012-10-10 nbdgdb: move to package/devel/