descriptionOpenWrt MDNS daemon
ownerJohn Crispin
last changeTue, 2 Jan 2018 11:56:18 +0000 (12:56 +0100)
2018-01-02 Rosen Penevumdnsd: Replace strerror(errno) with %m. master
2017-09-28 Philipp MeierAdd debug output for service_timeout
2017-09-28 Philipp MeierRemove incorrect comma in http service json config
2017-09-28 Philipp MeierRemove ttl==255 restriction for queries
2017-05-22 Rafał MiłeckiSupport specifying instance name in JSON file
2017-05-12 Rafał MiłeckiSupport PTR queries for a specific service
2017-05-12 Rafał MiłeckiAllow filtering with instance name in service_reply
2017-05-12 Rafał MiłeckiStore instance name in the struct service
2017-05-12 Rafał MiłeckiRename service_name function to the service_instance_name
2017-05-12 Rafał MiłeckiRename mdns_hostname variable to the umdns_host_label
2017-03-21 Rafał MiłeckiFix sending unicast questions on cache expire
2017-03-21 Rafał MiłeckiKeep source sockaddr for every cached DNS record
2017-03-20 Rafał MiłeckiFix code freeing cached non-A(AAA) records too early
2017-03-20 Rafał MiłeckiFix replying to "QU" questions received on unicast...
2017-03-20 Rafał MiłeckiFix reading port of incoming packets
2017-03-20 Rafał MiłeckiUse MCAST_PORT define for port 5353
5 years ago master