2008-08-08 Steven BarthReworked Fledermaus Theme
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: Damn, I should take english lessons ....
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: added inline documentation and luci.ip...
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: properly handle overflows in luci.ip.add()
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: fix off-by-one bug in luci.ip
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: fixed contains() in luci.ip
2008-08-08 Steven Barthlibs/core: Cleaned up luci.sys in favor of the new...
2008-08-08 Steven Barthlibs/web: Added missing on_commit trigger
2008-08-08 Steven BarthAdded missing translation
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add assert() to contains() in luci.ip
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: fixed big endian in Hex() constructor
2008-08-08 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: added Hex() constructor to luci.ip
2008-08-07 Steven Barththemes/*: Use application/xhtml+xml as Mime-Type
2008-08-07 Steven BarthFixed a typo
2008-08-07 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Added support for interface aliases
2008-08-07 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Added magic ;-)
2008-08-07 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Added support for IPv6 network...
2008-08-07 Jo-Philipp... * libs/core/ip: save a redundant object in compare()
2008-08-07 Steven Barthlib/core: luci.ip: Added more sanity checks and optimiz...
2008-08-07 Steven Barthlibs/core: Taught luci.ip how to use netmasks and small...
2008-08-07 Steven BarthUse http instead of https in Makefile
2008-08-07 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs/ip: fix add()
2008-08-07 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add preliminary ip calculation library
2008-08-07 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Removed accidently remaining debug...
2008-08-07 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Completed support for LED configuration
2008-08-07 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Prepare Button / LED configuration
2008-08-06 Steven BarthAdded missing Makefiles
2008-08-06 Steven Barthlibs/core: Outsourced luci.sys to own directory
2008-08-06 Steven BarthMoved luci.sys.libpath to luci.util
2008-08-06 Steven BarthMoved luci.sys.exec, luci.sys.execl and luci.sys.bigend...
2008-08-06 Steven BarthOutsourced IPKG abstraction to own directory
2008-08-06 Steven BarthReenable working Freifunk modules
2008-08-06 Steven Barthlibs/core: Replace luci.sys.bigendian with a system...
2008-08-06 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Several user interface improvements
2008-08-05 Steven BarthAdd bitlib Makefile
2008-08-05 Steven BarthFixed OpenWRT Makefile, mark Freifunk packages as broken
2008-08-05 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Display wifi devices as enabled...
2008-08-05 Steven BarthFix a small luci-splash issue
2008-08-05 Steven Barthapplications/luci-splash: Minor Fixes
2008-08-05 Steven Barthapplications/luci-splash: Updated to work with new...
2008-08-05 Steven BarthRemove incompatible interface alias script
2008-08-05 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Optimized Comboboxes
2008-08-05 Steven BarthRemove abandoned firewall configuration file
2008-08-04 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full, modules/admin-mini: Added eyecandy ;-)
2008-08-04 Steven BarthAdd firewall configuration to dev environment
2008-08-04 Steven Barthapplications/luci-fw: Reworked to use the new native...
2008-08-04 Jo-Philipp... * luci/admin-full: fixed bug that prevented creation...
2008-08-04 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: fix bitlib compilation
2008-08-04 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: packaged bitlib
2008-08-04 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Optimized Comboboxes
2008-08-04 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Added value function to luci.cbi.Value to...
2008-08-03 Steven Barthlibs/core: luci.model.ipkg: Use OPKG instead of IPKG...
2008-08-03 Steven Barthmodules/admin-*: Fixes for firmware upgrade and system...
2008-08-03 Steven Barthadmin-full, admin-mini: Added configuration backup...
2008-08-03 Steven Barthluci-addons: Fixed keeping of configuration files in...
2008-08-03 Steven BarthBump UCI version to 0.4.8
2008-07-31 Steven Barthlibs/web: Fixed template escaping
2008-07-31 Steven BarthFixed a small bug in timezone generation
2008-07-31 Steven Barthapplications/luci-upnp: Disable automatic start of...
2008-07-30 Steven BarthRevert "Bump UCI version"
2008-07-30 Steven BarthBump UCI version
2008-07-30 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Fixed CBI handling of "Save & Apply"
2008-07-29 Steven BarthAdded "apidocs" target to Makefile
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/web: Small improvements, added inline documentation
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/lpk: Fixed typos
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/lpk: Several fixes in CLI -> Machine bindings
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/lpk: Updated CLI
2008-07-29 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2008-07-29 Steven Barthmodules: Redesigned configuration save, apply, save...
2008-07-29 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Added "Save & Apply" button to CBI forms
2008-07-28 Steven Barthlibs/lpk: Initial CLI
2008-07-28 Steven Barthlibs/core: Renamed luci.util.create_dtable => luci...
2008-07-28 Steven Barthlibs/core: Add luci.util.create_dtable
2008-07-27 Steven Barthlibs/lpk: Implemented register/stack/state machine
2008-07-26 Steven Barthluci/lpk: Initial commit
2008-07-26 Steven BarthImproved OpenWRT Makefile
2008-07-26 Steven BarthFixed OpenWRT Makefile
2008-07-26 Steven Barthlibs: Fixed serialization stuff
2008-07-26 Steven Barthcontrib/package: Add luaposix to OpenWRT feed
2008-07-26 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Fixed wifi client mode again
2008-07-26 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs/core: strip bytecode from serialized data...
2008-07-26 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs/core: Oops... forgot the boolean datatype...
2008-07-25 Steven Barthmodules/freifunk: Add compatibility cgi-bin-nodes.html
2008-07-25 Steven Barthapplications/luci-splash: Made configuration sections...
2008-07-25 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Fixed WLAN client mode
2008-07-25 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Made interfaces optional
2008-07-25 Steven Barthlibs/core, libs/uci, libs/web: Fixed several inline...
2008-07-25 Steven Barthlibs/core: Fixed some typos in the luci.util inline...
2008-07-24 Steven Barthlibs/uci: Added inline documentation
2008-07-24 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs/core: Small translation fix for get_bytecode()
2008-07-24 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libd/core: Add serialize_data() and restore_data...
2008-07-24 Steven BarthRewrote host environment targets to work out of the box
2008-07-23 Steven Barthlibs/web: Cleanup and inline documentation
2008-07-23 Steven BarthMade SGIs even more standards compliant (respect EOF...
2008-07-23 Steven BarthFix sgi-wsapi and sgi-luci to be standards compliant
2008-07-23 Steven Barthlibs/core: Fixed docstrings for luci.util
2008-07-23 Steven Barthlibs/core: Update luci.sys inline documentation
2008-07-23 Steven BarthPorted luadoc to use luaposix instead of lfs
2008-07-23 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs/core: fix description of link() function...
2008-07-23 Jo-Philipp... * luci: add modified luadoc source to contrib