modules/admin-*: Added hints for Wifi Channels
[project/luci.git] / themes /
2008-08-17 Steven BarthFixed a design flaw in luci.model.uci
2008-08-16 Steven BarthUI Improvements
2008-08-14 Steven Barthmodules/admin-core: Added several cross-references...
2008-08-14 Steven BarthUser interface improvements part #3
2008-08-13 Steven BarthMerged themes/fledermaus and themes/openwrt-light
2008-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: fix vertical alignment of help icons
2008-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: fix margin for field titles
2008-08-13 Steven BarthMore UI optimizations
2008-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: <tt> is deprecated, replace with <pre...
2008-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: small css fix for theme
2008-08-13 Steven BarthUser interface improvements part #2
2008-08-13 Steven BarthImprove last commit
2008-08-13 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Improved user interface draft #1
2008-08-13 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Network interface configuration...
2008-08-12 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2008-08-12 Steven Barththemes/*: Added .hidden Flag
2008-08-12 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: fix ipkg postinstall for
2008-08-11 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: add "OpenWrt Light" theme, a derivate...
2008-08-09 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: trivial css fix for and...
2008-08-08 Steven BarthReworked Fledermaus Theme
2008-08-07 Steven Barththemes/*: Use application/xhtml+xml as Mime-Type
2008-07-29 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2008-07-29 Steven Barthmodules: Redesigned configuration save, apply, save...
2008-07-23 Steven Barththemes: Add registration of themes at package installat...
2008-07-20 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: several small tweaks in
2008-07-19 Steven Barththemes: Fixed title-tag in case we don't serve a dispat...
2008-07-19 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: little title fix for theme
2008-07-19 Steven BarthImproved browser title
2008-07-16 Steven BarthSeveral small cleanups and improvements
2008-07-16 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes/ replace header image with...
2008-07-16 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes/ workaround for empty menu...
2008-07-16 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: layout changes for smalltext tables...
2008-07-15 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: css fixed in theme
2008-07-15 Steven Barththemes/ Fixed UCI change display
2008-07-15 Steven BarthGeneralized UCI changes display
2008-07-14 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci: add memory status patches from soma
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: small css fix vor field descriptions...
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: remove behaviour hack from css file
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: made margin for value description IE...
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: more fixes for theme
2008-07-13 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: IE6 fixes for theme
2008-07-12 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: lots of fixes in theme
2008-07-07 Steven BarthAdded copyright-tags to templates
2008-07-07 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: next round of css fixes for openwrt...
2008-07-06 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: several css fixes for theme
2008-07-06 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: always show all submenus in openwrt...
2008-07-06 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: merge the from xyron
2008-07-05 Steven Barth* modules/admin-core: Add translation for UCI changes...
2008-06-28 Steven Barth* libs/web: Switched from HTTP-Basic-Auth to Session...
2008-06-15 Steven Barth* Added support for htdocs module directory
2008-06-14 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: fix query string functionality
2008-06-14 Steven Barth* Rewrote Luci to be coroutine-safe allowing the use...
2008-06-09 Steven Barth* Prepare german translation cleanup
2008-06-09 Steven Barth* themes/fledermaus: Register on install
2008-06-06 Steven Barth* Removed High-Level UCI-API due to Lua compiler bugs
2008-06-05 Steven Barth* Merged Luci to use native UCI-library
2008-06-04 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: do an explicit check for table data...
2008-06-04 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: oops I forgot the most important piece...
2008-06-04 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/themes: fix admin header template, crashes badly...
2008-06-04 Steven Barth* Fix #2275
2008-06-03 Felix Fietkaufix footer
2008-06-03 Felix Fietkaumake use of the new features in the binding for uci...
2008-06-03 Steven Barth* Increased menu font size
2008-06-03 Steven Barth* libs/web: Added support for custom query strings
2008-05-31 Steven Barth* Core translation part 1
2008-05-29 Steven Barth* Bugfixes
2008-05-28 Steven BarthSquashed commit of the following:
2008-05-25 Steven Barth* core: Fixed a bug in the dispatcher
2008-05-25 Steven BarthRenamed FFLuCI to LuCI, ffluci to luci and Freifunk...
2008-05-14 Steven Barth* core: Added template for a table view of typed sections
2008-05-14 Steven Barth* CBI: Minor changes
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Readded themes
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* WTF SVN oO
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Mördercommit ;-)
2008-04-27 Steven Barth* Reworked Theme "Fledermaus"
2008-04-19 Steven Barth* Added public webif pages:
2008-04-14 Steven Barth* Added many descriptions
2008-04-11 Steven Barth* Major repository revision