modules/freifunk: fix i18n
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2008-12-15 Steven BarthRefined urltokens and XSRF protection
2008-12-14 Steven BarthImplement URL tokens
2008-09-05 Steven BarthMove RPC-bidnings out of the way to prevent the indexer...
2008-09-05 Steven BarthFix UVL RPC-API
2008-09-05 Steven BarthFixed UVL bindings
2008-09-05 Steven BarthFixed JSON-RPC API, added uvl API-Bindings
2008-08-29 Steven BarthGeneral optimizations, simplifications and improvements
2008-08-29 Steven BarthFixed RPC-API
2008-08-29 Steven Barthmodules/rpc: Check for existence of external libraries
2008-08-29 Steven BarthPublish luci.model.ipkg via JSON-RPC
2008-08-29 Steven BarthCompleted first version of JSON-RPC API
2008-08-26 Steven BarthUCI API changes
2008-08-26 Steven Barthlibs/json: Completed JSON library
2008-08-26 Steven Barthlibs/core: Reworked some basic libraries to not use...
2008-08-22 Steven BarthRPC initial authentication API completed
2008-08-22 Steven BarthRPC part #2
2008-08-22 Steven BarthUpdated XML translation system, fixed some errors with...