cbi.lua: Fix Flag.parse() to set "self.section.changed"
[project/luci.git] / modules / luci-base / luasrc / cbi.lua
2015-08-02 Christian Schoenebeckcbi.lua: Fix Flag.parse() to set "self.section.changed" 431/head
2015-06-10 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #389 from hnyman/timezone2015d
2015-05-26 Jo-Philipp Wichluci-base: prevent parsing the form input after cbi...
2015-05-26 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #388 from oneru/fwknop-qr
2015-05-26 Jo-Philipp Wichluci-base: fallback to a simple text editor if uci...
2015-01-16 Jo-Philipp WichGlobally reduce copyright headers
2015-01-08 Jo-Philipp WichRework LuCI build system