contrib/package/olsrd-luci: remove hostname from default config
[project/luci.git] / contrib / package / asterisk-xip /
2009-03-31 Michael GeddesAdd mailformat - which format to use for email
2009-03-30 Michael GeddesCan't have globals in includes
2009-03-30 Michael GeddesSupport voicegeneral 'format' section as list
2009-03-30 Michael GeddesUpdate documentation
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesList of voice prompts requried
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesMove number taging from lastcall.conf to tagnumber...
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesPut quotes for safety.
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesThe number tagging has been split into macros/tagnumbe...
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesAdd match_all_s variable - match all including s
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesSupport for Call queues
2009-01-27 Michael GeddesOptions for voicemail
2009-01-19 Michael GeddesAllow _* tags on sip configs
2009-01-19 Michael GeddesDISA dialplan support.
2009-01-19 Michael GeddesAdd pickup2 module support.
2009-01-19 Michael GeddesAdd disaconf support.
2009-01-19 Michael GeddesUpdate Documentation
2009-01-18 Michael GeddesAdd link to load voicemenu config.
2009-01-18 Michael GeddesAbility to have unatended voice menus.
2009-01-18 Michael GeddesAllow voicezone to have a 'name' option rather than...
2009-01-18 Michael GeddesAbility for 'module' configs to have an optional 'creat...
2009-01-17 Michael GeddesGenerate context for adding callerid name with proper...
2009-01-17 Michael GeddesAdd LASTCALL_DIR to globals section if there is a DEST...
2009-01-17 Michael GeddesAdd DisplayName option to sip/iax for callerid display
2009-01-16 Michael GeddesShow that type is allowed to be specified with the...
2009-01-16 Michael GeddesDocument domain/localnet are lists.
2009-01-16 Michael GeddesFor sipglobal, sip, handle multiple domain and localnet...
2009-01-16 Michael GeddesAllow specifying the target type together with the...
2009-01-16 Michael GeddesFix the split_append function so that codec modules...
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesFix up udev zap devices to look like devfs (which aster...
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesSupport for tagging of names in lastcall lists.
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesFix some errors related to quoting variables.
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesTidy up some bugs with quoting.
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesDocument dialplangoto.
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesAdd Inzone handling - routing icoming calls based on...
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesMake udev ZAP devices look like devfs devices.
2009-01-14 Michael GeddesExtensions can be a list
2009-01-11 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib/package/asterisk-xip:
2009-01-08 Jo-Philipp Wichcontrib/package: move asterisk14-xip to feed