Remove dependency between luci-admin-full and firewall on user request
[project/luci.git] / build /
2009-01-17 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: add helper script
2008-12-14 Steven Barthi18n: .xml should not overwrite .lua files if they...
2008-12-09 Steven BarthCompatbility with non-Debian distros
2008-12-06 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: generate timezone offsets too in
2008-11-30 Steven BarthMerge LuCIttpd
2008-11-06 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: add utility
2008-11-02 Steven BarthTune cbi2uvl
2008-10-23 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: add uvl2cbi code gnerator and license foo
2008-09-25 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: fix crash in uvl2i18n.lua when variable...
2008-09-25 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: add uvl2i18n helper script
2008-09-24 Steven Barthsome BSD compatibility stuff
2008-09-11 Steven BarthCBI2UVL: boolean is a datatype not a type
2008-09-11 Steven BarthCompleted first part of UVLDoc
2008-09-03 Steven BarthAdded cbi2uvl converter
2008-09-02 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: add extended xml->lua xslt, thanks Alina
2008-09-01 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2008-09-01 Steven BarthAdded more reliable Lua2XML Converter for translations
2008-08-29 Steven BarthPass $LDFLAGS while linking
2008-08-22 Steven BarthUpdated XML translation system, fixed some errors with...
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci/build: fix bashism in
2008-08-15 Steven BarthSeveral escaping fixes
2008-08-15 Steven BarthAdded XML -> Lua translation transform target to Makefiles
2008-07-29 Steven BarthAdded "apidocs" target to Makefile
2008-07-24 Steven BarthRewrote host environment targets to work out of the box
2008-07-19 Steven BarthAdded non-stripped debug target for LuCI
2008-06-29 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci: fix stripping of certain multi line comments
2008-06-29 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci: strip comments in source target
2008-06-15 Steven Barth* Added support for htdocs module directory
2008-06-14 Steven Barth* Rewrote Luci to be coroutine-safe allowing the use...
2008-06-09 Steven Barth* Made Makefiles attribute aware
2008-06-03 Steven BarthRevert "* Don't override environment variables in Makefile"
2008-06-02 Steven Barth* Don't override environment variables in Makefile
2008-05-28 Steven Barth* Reworked Makefiles
2008-05-28 Steven BarthSquashed commit of the following:
2008-05-27 Steven Barthcommit 4f6198094cf4134179d1f9c9fa8f79759a27c87e
2008-05-27 Steven Barthadd some indirection around make targets of module...
2008-05-27 Steven Barthfix make clean
2008-05-26 Steven Barth* Reworked host-Target for global Makefile
2008-05-25 Steven BarthRenamed FFLuCI to LuCI, ffluci to luci and Freifunk...
2008-05-22 Steven Barth* Changed Makefiles to use mainline Lua
2008-05-22 Steven BarthMerge branch 'menu'
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Fixed buildscripts
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Fix builds
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Fixed local Makefiles
2008-05-08 Steven Barth* Mördercommit ;-)