2013-07-19 juhosgprocd: improve early console handling
2013-07-19 juhosgkernel: add missing symbols for 3.10
2013-07-19 juhosgkernel: refresh config-3.10
2013-07-19 haukekernel: simplify kmod-crypto-misc dependencies
2013-07-19 haukex86: fix kmod-gpio-pc8736x dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-et131x dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix usb-net-asix dependencies
2013-07-19 jowubox: update to git head, fixes multiple null pointer...
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix crypto-hw-geode dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix crypto-hw-padlock dependencies
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix syntax error in kmod-crypto-misc
2013-07-19 nbdkernel: add missing module for mmc-spi
2013-07-19 nbdltq-deu: add missing dependency
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-chipideai syntax
2013-07-19 haukekernel: fix kmod-usb-chipideai dependencies
2013-07-19 jogokernel: remove gpio_buttons
2013-07-19 jogox86: switch rdc to to gpio_keys_polled
2013-07-19 jogoixp4xx: switch cambira to gpio_keys_polled
2013-07-19 nbdscripts/ emit dependencies for package...
2013-07-19 haukekernel: update bcma and ssb to version from wireless...
2013-07-19 nbdbuild: SCAN_DEPS handling (fixes package/kernel/linux...
2013-07-19 nbdscripts/ clean up temp files
2013-07-19 nbdbutton-hotplug: add missing dependency on kmod-input...
2013-07-19 jowlinux: fix platform dependency of kmod-usb2-fsl
2013-07-19 jowlinux: kmod-ipt-filter depends on kmod-ipt-conntrack
2013-07-19 jogokernel: change ipt depends to a select
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: use a select of kmod-ipt-core instead...
2013-07-19 jowxtables-addons: add missing kmod dependencies
2013-07-19 jogokernel: add missing kernel config symbol
2013-07-19 jogomac80211: add missing dependencies
2013-07-18 jogokernel: video-core depends on i2c-core if i2c-core...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-gpio-mcp23s08 depends on i2c-core
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-pcmcia-serial requires kmod-serial-8250
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-e1000e depends on pip for 3.8+
2013-07-18 nbdimx23: add back the missing imx23 target dependency
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: net-zd1201 depends on usb-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: fix usb-net-cdc-mbim dependencies
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-qualcomm depends on usb-serial-wwan
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-keyspan needs to include ezusb.ko
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: usb-serial-ipw depends on usb-serial-wwan
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: mtdtests depends on nand
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: bluetooth depends on crypto-hash
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: rfkill depends on input-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: split slhc into a separate package and make...
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: fix accidental depends line duplication
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: sctp depends on ipv6 if ipv6 is enabled
2013-07-18 nbdbuild: fix IGNORE_ERRORS for sources packages that...
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: make kmod-sched depend on kmod-ipt-core
2013-07-18 nbdkernel: reduce spurious rebuilds of simple kmod-* packages
2013-07-18 jowlinux: introduce new kmod-iptunnel for Linux 3.10+...
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing netfilter dependencies
2013-07-18 jowinclude: modify to build empty kmod packages...
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependency to kmod-i2c-tiny-usb
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependencies to kmod-fs-msdos and...
2013-07-18 jowscripts: change and to not...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: btrfs supports raid6 in 3.10, thus depends...
2013-07-18 jogokernel: move xor into its own package
2013-07-18 jogokernel: split out lib-raid6
2013-07-18 jogokernel: kmod-dm depends on crypto
2013-07-18 jogokernel: crypto: add missing dependencies and files
2013-07-18 jogokernel: drop kmod-ata-sis
2013-07-18 sort kmod dependencies
2013-07-18 jowlinux: add missing dependencies to kmod-ip6tables
2013-07-18 jogobuild: print missing dependency error to stderr
2013-07-18 nbdbuild: add required exports for dependency tracking
2013-07-18 nbdbuild: implement kernel module dependency tracking
2013-07-18 nbdbuild: add kernel modules to package provides info...
2013-07-17 wigyoriimx23: ChipIdea changes
2013-07-17 luka[package] base-files/busybox: move ntpd init script...
2013-07-17 luka[package] uboot-env: add config for the ALFA NETWORKS...
2013-07-17 nbdath5k: fix AHB support dependency (#13896)
2013-07-17 blogicramips: add sysupgarde support for wl-330n3g
2013-07-16 jowfirewall: update to git head
2013-07-16 cyrusnetifd: Fix IPv6-prefix assignment with continuous...
2013-07-16 cyrus6relayd: Fix DHCPv6-PD with continuous hints
2013-07-16 use alphabetical order for menuconfig...
2013-07-16 nbdtools/mkimage: avoid a linux specific return code
2013-07-16 fix depends syntax
2013-07-16 luka[tools] mkimage: fix md5sum after r37361
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: add missing patches (r37363)
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: add support for gw5400-a
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: use $PATH to locate dtc binary
2013-07-15 luka[tools] mkimage: update to 2013.07-rc1
2013-07-15 lukakernel: add sound-soc-imx-sgtl5000
2013-07-15 lukakernel: add sound-soc-imx
2013-07-15 add options for putting kernel and dtb in...
2013-07-15 blogicramips: make the old dwc driver depend on v3.9
2013-07-15 blogicramips: add v3.10 kernel config files
2013-07-15 blogickernel: v3.10 has no GENERIC_GPIO anymore
2013-07-15 blogicramips: fix ehci/ohci OF binding
2013-07-15 blogicramips: update dtsi files to work with dwc2 driver
2013-07-15 blogicramips: add a explicit reset to dwc2
2013-07-15 nbdar71xx: fix uimage split for ew-dorin
2013-07-15 nbdar71xx: refresh patches
2013-07-15 nbdkernel: refresh 3.10 patches
2013-07-15 nbdkernel: fix another corner case in the bridge state...
2013-07-15 jowbase-files: reject invalid uci keys in network_get_devi...
2013-07-15 nbdnetfilter: remove use of obsolete compatibility config...
2013-07-15 nbdmac80211: fix a crash in legacy minstrel when no STA...
2013-07-15 nbdkernel: fix a bridge issue that broke WDS client handli...