2008-12-12 mirkochanged Makefile and profiles, added patches for kernel...
2008-12-12 kalozdisable IMQ on 2.6.28 as well -- people should use...
2008-12-12 nicoadd a workaround preventing opkg to install anything...
2008-12-12 florianFix the default negotiation to be 10Mbits HD on some...
2008-12-12 mirkoadd support for target 3c24xx (more known as Openmoko...
2008-12-11 mbBuild the root fs.
2008-12-11 florianResync kernel config
2008-12-11 florianAlloz aead and friends to compile for 2.6.27 targets...
2008-12-11 mbAdd basic framework for the openmoko platform.
2008-12-11 kalozload crypto_blkcipher before cryptomgr.. *sigh*
2008-12-11 nicoadd an "Installed-Size" field to package control files...
2008-12-11 nicoremove references to kmod-crypto-aead, removed in ...
2008-12-11 nicoload aead after crypto_algapi
2008-12-11 hcgadd a suitable default config for ps3 petitboot
2008-12-11 hcgAdd kexec load legacy kernel patch
2008-12-11 hcgAdd kernel
2008-12-11 hcgRemove package libtwin - should be in packages, not...
2008-12-11 hcgAdd libtwin package for PS3 petitboot bootloader
2008-12-11 kalozupgrade to 2.6.28-rc8
2008-12-11 kalozload aead automatically, too
2008-12-10 florianFix typo, we are not building for the DG834G (ar7)...
2008-12-10 mirkoset Package/rt2800-pci to BROKEN
2008-12-10 mirkomac80211 updated to 2008-12-10 due to 404-download...
2008-12-10 kalozdefrag needs to be loaded before conntrack_ipv4
2008-12-10 kalozmove aead into crypto-core
2008-12-10 florianAdd support for Sagem F@ST2404 (#4332)
2008-12-10 kalozfix conntrack on 2.6.28
2008-12-10 kalozsome people at linksys/sercomm should be shot on sight
2008-12-10 kalozupgrade orion to 2.6.28-rc7
2008-12-10 kalozupgrade compat wireless to 2008-12-09, remove the exper...
2008-12-10 florianAdd missing configuration symbol on CONFIG_INPUT_IXP4XX...
2008-12-10 florianDisable CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT
2008-12-09 mirkoincreased SCAN_DEPTH for feeds/ by 1
2008-12-09 juhosg[ar71xx] register eth0 device on the TEW-632BRP board
2008-12-09 thepeoplefix pcmcia build
2008-12-09 nbdmadwifi: move autochannel idletime decision after radar...
2008-12-09 florianAdd missing kernel configuration symbols (#4297)
2008-12-09 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: increase size of dma descriptors
2008-12-09 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: use same FIFO configuration...
2008-12-09 juhosg[ar71xx] preliminary 2.6.28 support
2008-12-09 juhosg[ar71xx] rename a patch
2008-12-09 nbdatheros: fix reboot on ar2315 devices which do not...
2008-12-08 floriankexec-tools builds fine again on 2.6.27, unmask it...
2008-12-08 florianFix remaining bug of the off-by-one error ;)
2008-12-08 nozUpdated script (from Jose):
2008-12-08 florianEnable ohci on bcm96348gw
2008-12-08 kalozpreliminary ixp4xx 2.6.28 support
2008-12-08 florianPrepare bcm63xx for SPI master support
2008-12-08 kalozadd generic 2.6.28 patches
2008-12-08 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: add OOM handler
2008-12-08 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: don't refill rx buffers twice
2008-12-08 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: interrupt status is masked...
2008-12-08 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: remove unused code
2008-12-07 florianAdd support for bcm96348gw10 (Netgear DG834GT) (#4319)
2008-12-07 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: NAPI poll cleanup
2008-12-07 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: handle TX timout
2008-12-07 rwhitbybusybox: Increment PKG_RELEASE
2008-12-07 rwhitbybusybox: Enabled FEATURE_HTTPD_PROXY by default (cost...
2008-12-06 juhosg[adm5120] use mips_machine code
2008-12-06 juhosg[ar71xx] add dummy code for the TRENDnet TEW-632BRP...
2008-12-06 rwhitbyixp4xx/apex: Limit ram size to 64MB
2008-12-06 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: always use NAPI to transmit...
2008-12-06 juhosg[kernel] update to and refresh patches
2008-12-06 juhosg[ar7] refresh 2.6.26 patches
2008-12-06 juhosg[kernel] refresh 2.6.25 patches
2008-12-05 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: improve poll routine
2008-12-05 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: always flush register writes
2008-12-05 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: don't use dma_cache_wback_inv
2008-12-05 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: don't use CHECKSUM_UNNECCESARY...
2008-12-04 nbdmadwifi: fix division by zero
2008-12-04 nbdmadwifi: fix the autochannel patch
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] EHCI driver: add AR913x support
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] add SoC specific reset code
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] add AR913x specific reset register offsets
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] rename reset register definitions
2008-12-04 florianAdd missing GPIO related config symbols
2008-12-04 juhosg[au1000] refresh patches
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] fix a typo
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] register GPIO buttons on the AP83 board
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] make all AR913x GPIO lines usable
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] OHCI driver cleanup
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] register USB device on the AP83 board
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] add ar913x specific USB setup
2008-12-04 juhosg[ar71xx] don't override CONFIG_USB_EHCI_ROOT_TT
2008-12-03 thepeopleMove txpower settings after the interface comes up...
2008-12-03 florianFinally fix the CONFIG_SSB_SILENT symbol
2008-12-03 juhosg[ar71xx] create platform data for the EHCI driver
2008-12-03 juhosg[ar71xx] rename USB variables
2008-12-03 kalozadd two patches for ath9k 802.11n AP mode
2008-12-03 juhosg[ar71xx] ag71xx driver: minor cleanup
2008-12-03 juhosg[ar71xx] oops, i accidentally switched it to
2008-12-03 nicoremove toolchain build directory as well in 'make dirclean'
2008-12-03 nicofix gcc-4.2.4 when target != avr32
2008-12-02 juhosg[kernel] make mips_machine stuff available for other...
2008-12-02 juhosg[kernel] refresh 2.6.27 patches
2008-12-02 juhosg[kernel] refresh 2.6.26 patches
2008-12-02 juhosg[ar71xx] update mips_machine stuff
2008-12-02 nozAdded script for backing up and flashing...
2008-12-02 kalozcompile in-cpu rtc into the kernel, clean up config
2008-12-02 kaloznuke old gcc 4.2 versions