2013-12-28 nbdhostapd: fix mixed wep/wpa with netifd
2013-12-28 nbdhostapd: fix the uci option name for ap isolate
2013-12-27 blogicfirmware-utils: check_magic() in buffalo-lib.c always...
2013-12-27 blogicswconfig: remove useless variables, return -1 on errors
2013-12-27 blogicbase-files: fix mount-utils incompatibility
2013-12-27 blogicralink: fix tso regression in the ethernet driver
2013-12-26 haukebrcm47xx: fix cpu wait for BCM4706
2013-12-26 haukebrcm47xx: b44: This updates the phylib patches to the...
2013-12-26 haukekernel: bgmac: update patches
2013-12-26 kaloz[package/binutils]: handle the Linaro version as well
2013-12-25 blogicramips: add support for RT-N14U (mt7620n based) board
2013-12-25 blogicramips: add gpio pin 72 in mt7620 chips to dtsi files
2013-12-23 juhosgar71xx: fix max frame length of the QCA955x SoCs
2013-12-23 juhosgar71xx: don't set builtin_switch flag for QCA9558
2013-12-23 juhosgx86/kvm_guest: remove 3.7 support
2013-12-23 juhosgx86/kvm_guest: remove 3.3 support
2013-12-23 juhosgx86/kvm_guest: add support for 3.10 and switch to it
2013-12-23 nbdhostapd: fix wep with netifd
2013-12-21 nbdwpa_supplicant: fix interface combination parsing issues
2013-12-21 jowopkg: switch to git repository (#14655)
2013-12-21 jowdnsmasq: rework init procedure
2013-12-20 kaloz[cyassl]: change fixup method and fix CFLAGS handling
2013-12-20 nbdath9k: merge a timer handling fixes
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: allow to use large ethernet frames on AR934x...
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: fix max frame length setup of the built...
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: calculate max frame len register value...
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: add ag71xx_max_frame_len() helper
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: get max_frame_len and desc_pktlen_mask...
2013-12-20 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: store descriptor packet length mask...
2013-12-20 kaloz[usb ethernet gadget]: handle new libs required for...
2013-12-20 kaloz[omap]: don't fail if there are no dtbs
2013-12-19 nbdar71xx: add missing tx gain table flag for buffalo...
2013-12-19 nbdath9k: merge another round of upstream (or -pending...
2013-12-19 lukaimx6: refresh patches
2013-12-19 lukakernel: backport upstream inet fix
2013-12-19 lukaimx6: proper fix for io-remap
2013-12-18 jowprocd: fix service file tracking
2013-12-18 jownetifd: add reload trigger for /etc/config/wireless...
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: enable images for WD My Net N750
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: fix WD My Net N750 switch led cfg
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: implement switch fix for WD My Net N750
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: implement callback in mdio reset
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: make ag71xx_mdio_platform_data visible
2013-12-17 nbdbusybox: add back support for top-level menuconfig...
2013-12-17 jogogpio-button-hotplug: fix crash on remove
2013-12-17 jowbusybox: restore init scripts
2013-12-17 jowfirewall: fix handling of tcp_ecn parameter
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: compute the RX buffer size from the...
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: store RX buffer size in the ag71xx...
2013-12-17 nbdiproute2: reduce .ipk package size from ~100k down...
2013-12-17 nbdbusybox: disable module utils, kmodloader provides...
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: store maximum frame length in the ag71x...
2013-12-17 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: use mdio bus name in ar7240_probe messages
2013-12-17 juhosgag71xx: ag71xx: use device name for debugfs entry
2013-12-17 nbdbusybox: fix typo in (#14628)
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: ventana: add canbus utils
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: ventana: add default kernel modules for GSC
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: add rtc feature support
2013-12-17 lukakernel: add rtc-ds1672 module support
2013-12-17 lukaimx6: drop upstreamed patch
2013-12-17 luka[tools] automake: update to 1.11.6
2013-12-16 nbdbusybox: add support for config overrides via env/busyb...
2013-12-16 nbdbusybox: remove busybox menuconfig from top level menuc...
2013-12-16 nbduClibc: disable sha256 and sha512 for libcrypt - saves...
2013-12-16 nbdhostapd: move old wifi setup scripts to hostapd-common-old
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add initial support for the Mikrotik RB911G...
2013-12-16 jowdnsmasq: switch to /lib/functions/
2013-12-16 jowbase-files: support bit length as netmask...
2013-12-16 jowbase-files: add network_get_protocol() to /lib/function...
2013-12-16 nbdmac80211: fix AP mode scanning issues
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add NAND driver for the Mikrotik RB91x boards
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: rb2011: use board name from the hardware config
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: rb2011: simplify setup code
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: rb2011: use the new RouterBOOT helpers
2013-12-16 blogicralink: fix dir810 networking
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: rb95x: use the rb_get_wlan_data helper
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add some RouterBOOT specific helper functions
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel: define RB_ID_HW_OPTIONS in include/linux/router...
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: refresh m25p80 patches
2013-12-16 nbdnetifd: update to latest version, fixes a null pointer...
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: rb95x: nuke rb95x_gpio_init
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel/3.1[02]: add Winbond W25X05 SPI flash support
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel: remove obsolete yaffs options from target configs
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel: update yaffs code
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel/3.9: remove yaffs patches
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel/3.6: remove yaffs support
2013-12-16 juhosgkernel/3.3: remove yaffs support
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx/mikrotik: disable unused MTD options
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add dummy rle_decode function if CONFIG_RLE_DEC...
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add userspace support for WD My Net N750
2013-12-16 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for WD My Net N750
2013-12-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: Enable jumbo frames on AR8327 by default
2013-12-15 juhosgar71xx: build image for the TP-Link TL-WA901ND v3 board
2013-12-15 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for the TP-Link TL-WA901...
2013-12-15 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the TL-WA901ND v3 board
2013-12-15 juhosgar71xx: move TL-WA801ND v2 setup code
2013-12-15 juhosgar71xx: refactor TL-WAx50RE setup code
2013-12-15 luka[tools] ppl: update to 1.1
2013-12-15 luka[tools] cloog: update to 0.18.1
2013-12-15 juhosgfirmware-utils/mkplinkfw: add TL-WA801ND v2 support