2013-07-15 nbdubox: fix compile error (#13877)
2013-07-15 cyrusBump iptables version
2013-07-15 cyrusiptables: restore reap functionality to recent module
2013-07-15 lukaimx6: switch to askconsole
2013-07-14 lukaar71xx: really delete patches-3.8 directory
2013-07-14 lukaar71xx: remove patches for 3.8 (leftover after r37315)
2013-07-14 mirko[scripts/] remove broken mirrors for linux...
2013-07-14 florianrealview: switch to 3.10 kernel
2013-07-14 florianrealview: add support for 3.10 kernel
2013-07-14 floriankernel: add some more ARM related configuration symbols
2013-07-14 lukanetifd: update to latest version, add bridge_empty...
2013-07-14 blogiclantiq: apply [37258] also to the 3.9 kernel patches
2013-07-14 blogicswconfig: fix dependency bug introduced by [37304]
2013-07-14 blogicar71xx: fix maximum watchdog timeout
2013-07-14 blogicramips: disable ill_acc driver by default
2013-07-14 blogicprocd: update to latest git revision
2013-07-14 blogicubox: update to latest git revison
2013-07-14 blogicralink: drop v3.8 support
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: update to 3.10.1
2013-07-14 haukemac80211: b43: load b43 on core rev 17 and 18.
2013-07-14 haukemac80211: b43: activate LP-Phy support every time
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: use b53 phy driver for the switch in kernel...
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for WHR-HP-G300N
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for dlrtdev
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for Allnet devices
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for Cameo devices
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for DIR-825B1
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for Embedded Wireless Dorin
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for Ubiquiti XM devices
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: increase kernel size for wndr3700 based devices
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for WZR-HP-G300NH2
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: enable uimage split for wzr-hp-ag300h/wzr-600dhp
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for WZR-HP-G300NH
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: use uimage split for WZR-HP-G450H
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: enable uimage split and use it for carambola2
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: remove linux 3.8
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: move the watchdog driver to the kernel
2013-07-14 nbdar71xx: set linux 3.10 as default
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: add initial support for kernel 3.10
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: fix switch handling
2013-07-14 nbdkernel: disable the yaffs2 /proc code to make it compil...
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: do not load the kernel modules needed for...
2013-07-14 nbdkernel: implement automatic rootfs split from the firmw...
2013-07-14 nbdkernel/base-files: clean up old code related to refresh...
2013-07-14 haukebrcm47xx: do not change nvram without user interaction
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: make it work with kernel 3.10
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: check the correct value for not null.
2013-07-14 haukebroadcom-diag: reoder some parts.
2013-07-14 nbdbusybox: disable features marked as broken (#13782)
2013-07-13 haukekernel: refresh patches for kernel 3.8.13
2013-07-13 haukekernel: update to kernel 3.10.1 and refresh patches
2013-07-13 haukekernel: update to kernel 3.9.10 and refresh patches
2013-07-13 nbdar71xx: fix ar933x watchdog clock (#13866)
2013-07-13 haukebrcm47xx: proc gets mounted without this patch
2013-07-13 haukebrcm47xx: remove obsolete hotplug stuff
2013-07-13 nbdmac80211: tweak mac address allocation
2013-07-12 haukebcm53xx: add initial support for ARM based BCM47XX...
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: reconfigure in Build/Compile instead of Build...
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: merge a fix for PS-Poll handling, refresh...
2013-07-12 nbdmac80211: remove bogus module params from compat.ko
2013-07-11 blogicar71xx: add carambola2 support
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: update to latest git revision
2013-07-11 blogiclantiq: revert 36778 as it breaks irq assignment to...
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: make the log port default to 514 if none is...
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: move codel from kmod-sched-core to kmod-sched...
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: add a patch that reduces module size by removin...
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: make libsas depend on x86
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: disable CONFIG_RD_LZMA by default, it will...
2013-07-11 nbdkernel: disable CONFIG_CLS_U32_PERF by default, it...
2013-07-11 blogicar71xx: set priority of ath79_wdt to 1
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: update to latest git version
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: add proto and trigger support to the /etc/init...
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: add a small script that handles config reloads...
2013-07-11 blogicprocd: the delete ubus call was passed the wrong field...
2013-07-11 blogicubox: upgrade to latest version
2013-07-11 blogicdropbear: register a config.change trigger
2013-07-11 blogicbase-files: convert sysntpd init script to procd
2013-07-11 blogicbusybox: convert crond init script to procd
2013-07-11 blogicbusybox: convert telnet init script to procd
2013-07-11 blogicbase-files: run readlink on initscript name before...
2013-07-11 blogicbase-file: usbfs is no longer mounted under /proc/bus/usb
2013-07-10 florianar71xx: fix TPLINK/TPLINKOLD initramfs images typos
2013-07-10 florianbrcm2708: drop support for 3.3 kernel
2013-07-10 florianbrcm2708: package the i2c master driver module
2013-07-10 florianbrcm2708: package the SPI master controller driver
2013-07-10 floriankernel: add a bunch of missing LCD Kconfig options
2013-07-10 florianbrcm2708: package the HW random module
2013-07-10 floriankernel: package the HW random core module
2013-07-10 florianar71xx: fix Netgear initramfs images
2013-07-10 florianar71xx: fix some more issues with initramfs images
2013-07-10 nbdbuild: move the XARGS variable out of the host checks...
2013-07-10 nbdipset: force the shell to bash to fix build issues...
2013-07-10 nbdxtables-addons: update to version 2.3, adds linux 3...
2013-07-10 use qstrip to reduce syntax highlighting...
2013-07-10 nbdfirewall: add missing dependencies
2013-07-10 nbdar71xx: make implicit alignment in struct pptp_addr...
2013-07-10 remove duplicate KERNEL_PERF_EVENTS symbol
2013-07-09 luka[package] ubox: remove empty menu from block-mount
2013-07-09 florianbrcm2708: update maintainership
2013-07-09 florianbrcm2708: switch to 3.10 kernel