2013-04-03 blogic[lantiq] Migrate lantiq platform to common led helper...
2013-04-03 blogic[lantiq] add a missing patch that makes board detection...
2013-04-03 blogic[lantiq] revert patch that renames the worker thread...
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] add cdc-mbim module
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] Patch for invoking (pre)init
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] Add INA2XX current sensor module.
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] add lm92 kernel module
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] add pcf857x kernel module
2013-04-03 blogic[kernel] make OF_I2C build as part of i2c-core
2013-04-03 blogic[mac80211] several patches to make OF work on rt2x00
2013-04-03 blogic[mac80211] add RT5350 wifi support
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for tenda w150m board
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] fix ALL5002 default package selection
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] Build WW factory image for DAP-1350
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add Huawei D105
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add profile for the Edimax 3g-6200NL board
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] there is no ttyS1 console
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] make v3.8 the default
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add new image/Makefile
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add the dts files that describe the boards...
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] fix upvel profile names
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] fix rt3883 config-3.8
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] fix rt305x config-3.8
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] mark rt288x broken until the test hardware...
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add patches for v3.8
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] remove old ralink 3.8 patches
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] move files to files-3.7
2013-04-03 blogic[ramips] add feature gpio
2013-04-03 blogic[generic] add OF support to rtl8367b driver
2013-04-03 blogic[generic] make firmware loading work on v3.9
2013-04-02 floriantoolchain/gcc: remove reference to llvm introduced...
2013-04-02 floriantoolchain/gcc: add support for GCC 4.8.0
2013-04-02 floriantoolchain/gcc: update 4.7-linaro to 2013.03
2013-04-01 nbdlibpcap: get rid of some bloat introduced by the update
2013-04-01 nbdlibpcap: update to 1.3.0
2013-04-01 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: drop 4.5 support
2013-04-01 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: cleanup
2013-04-01 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: remove empty 4.6.2 patches directory
2013-04-01 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: fixup 4.7 configure options
2013-04-01 kaloz[toolchain/gcc]: llvm is marked broken for two and...
2013-04-01 nbdopenvpn: enable password save support (#13245)
2013-04-01 nbdvalgrind: update to v3.8.1
2013-04-01 nbdmpc85xx: enable ath9k and wpad-mini by default
2013-03-29 floriantoolchain/eglibc: add missing ld-search-paths patch...
2013-03-28 lukatoolchain: stop generating broken symlink in TOOLCHAIN_...
2013-03-27 haukebrcm47xx: generate images for Linksys E.... models
2013-03-27 haukegemini: remove usage of ehci_port_power() it was remove...
2013-03-27 haukebrcm47xx: activate image generation for some Netgear...
2013-03-27 haukebrcm47xx: generate images for more WRT...N models
2013-03-27 jogomac80211: backport some upstream mwl8k fixes
2013-03-27 jogobase-files: firstboot: only ask for confirmation on TTY
2013-03-26 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix a race-condition in RA-handling
2013-03-26 jowbase-files: move sysctl init after boot
2013-03-25 jowbase-files: fix bad start index in previous commit
2013-03-25 jowpackage/base-files: change sysctl handling
2013-03-25 kaloz[gemini]: upgrade to 3.9-rc4, disable unsupported boards
2013-03-25 kaloz[generic/3.9]: refresh patches against -rc4
2013-03-25 kaloz[generic/3.9]: add missing symbols
2013-03-25 cyrusiptables: don't use --enable-ipv6 if IPv6 is disabled
2013-03-25 jowfeeds.conf.default: switch LuCI feed to git...
2013-03-25 cyrusodhcp6c: minor bug fixes
2013-03-25 juhosgar71xx: fix ethernet LEDs on the TL-WDR3500
2013-03-25 juhosgar71xx: add GPIO output select values for AR934x
2013-03-24 juhosgar71xx: add default LED configuration for the WL-WRD3500
2013-03-24 juhosgar71xx: fix USB power GPIO on the TL-WDR3500
2013-03-24 juhosgar71xx: remove numeric suffix of the TL-WDR3500 USB LED
2013-03-24 juhosgar71xx: add diag support for the TL-WDR3500
2013-03-24 juhosgar71xx: add default switch configuration for the TL...
2013-03-24 haukekernel: add missing config options for au1000 target
2013-03-24 haukemac80211: download file with firmware for brcmsmac
2013-03-24 haukemac80211: update brcmsmac ap patches
2013-03-23 florianbase-files: also apply r36107 to files.old
2013-03-22 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-22 nbdtools/upx: use HOSTCXX to fix build errors on mac os x
2013-03-22 nbdbuild: add a HOSTCXX variable pointing at the c++ compiler
2013-03-22 floriangdb: update to 7.5-2012.12-1
2013-03-22 florianbase-files: sysupgrade fail with eglibc
2013-03-21 haukekernel: add missing CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX config...
2013-03-21 haukekernel: REGMAP_SPI should only be selectable when SPI_M...
2013-03-21 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-20 haukebrcm47xx: generate images for some more devices
2013-03-20 haukekernel: add some fixes for kernel 3.9
2013-03-20 haukekernel: add some missing config options for kernel 3.9
2013-03-20 cyrusnetifd: Fix adding IPv6 DNS-servers to resolv.conf
2013-03-20 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix metric for on-link prefix routes
2013-03-19 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-19 floriankernel: make SND_COMPRESS_OFFLOAD symbol visible for...
2013-03-19 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-18 nbdhostapd: fix build errors on supplicant-only builds
2013-03-18 cyrusodhcp6c: fix preference handling, custom client-ID
2013-03-17 nbdbuild: make the color of the 'configuration out of...
2013-03-17 nbdhostapd: initial prototype of an ubus binding
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.6 kernel patches
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.3. kernel patches
2013-03-17 florianuml: switch to 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 florianuml: add support for 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.2 patches
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: switch to 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 floriankernel: refresh 3.9 patches
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: add support for 3.8 kernel