2013-09-11 floriankernel: Fix FIQ code on VIVT CPUs (#14145)
2013-09-11 floriantoolchain: refresh uClibc patches
2013-09-11 floriantoolchain: define MUSL dynamic linker for SPARC
2013-09-10 lukakernel: add imx sata module
2013-09-10 lukaimx6: backport ahci support
2013-09-10 lukaimx6: add i2c retry on NAK
2013-09-10 lukaimx6: add gpio sysfs support
2013-09-10 lukakernel: allow hwmon GSC driver for all targets
2013-09-10 nbdbuild: enable MIPS16 again, but make it depend on ...
2013-09-10 nbdkernel: fix arch-dependent bug in hso module
2013-09-10 nbdRevert "build: enable MIPS16 by default if available"
2013-09-10 nbdopenssl: add parallel build support
2013-09-10 nbdbuild: enable MIPS16 by default if available
2013-09-10 nbdprocd: update to latest version, adds udevtrigger impro...
2013-09-10 nbdtoolchain/gcc: remove 4.6.3, it is unused and unmaintained
2013-09-09 nbdrt2x00: merge an rt2800 initialization order fix
2013-09-09 jowrpcd: update to git head
2013-09-08 nbdath9k: clean up some patches
2013-09-08 nbdmac80211: merge a big batch of upstream changes/improve...
2013-09-07 nbdtools/cmake: disable qt related checks to fix build...
2013-09-07 haukebrcm47xx: add me as maintainer
2013-09-07 juhosgar71xx: use the lzma loader for the WRT160NL
2013-09-07 juhosgppc40x: remove 3.8 support
2013-09-07 juhosgppc40x: switch to 3.10
2013-09-07 juhosgppc40x: add support for 3.10
2013-09-06 jogobrcm63xx: drop linux 3.9 support
2013-09-06 jogobrcm63xx: switch to linux 3.10
2013-09-05 cyrusodhcp6c: more compatibility fixes
2013-09-05 jogokernel: b53: support phy ids for BCM5365
2013-09-05 haukemac80211: kmod-rtl_pci: fix dependencies
2013-09-05 haukekernel: kmod-libphy, kmod-tg3: fix load order
2013-09-05 haukekernel: kmod-ssb, kmod-b44: fix load order
2013-09-05 haukekernel: kmod-firewire: fix dependencies
2013-09-05 haukemac80211: do not download carl9170 firmware separately...
2013-09-05 haukekernel: kmod-fs-xfs: fix dependencies
2013-09-05 haukekernel: kmod-usb-serial-keyspan: fix dependencies
2013-09-05 haukeath10k: enable Atheros 802.11ac driver
2013-09-05 kalozAdd missing symbol
2013-09-04 haukekernel: b53: allow access the MIB counters on BCM5365
2013-09-03 luka[package] kobs-ng: add new package
2013-09-03 jowusbreset: rewrite to not rely on /proc/bus/usb anymore
2013-09-03 juhosgar71xx: fix NetGear initramfs image names
2013-09-03 cyrusFix IPv6 NAT breaking older kernels
2013-09-02 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.10
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: reorder Image/Build/* macros
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: simplify more oneliner macros
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: simplify oneliner loader macros
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: simplify oneliner initramfs macros
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: simplify oneliner buildkernel macros
2013-09-02 florianscripts/feeds: ensure that --ff is enabled
2013-09-02 florianbuild scripts: fix 'make defconfig' damage
2013-09-02 florianmcs814x: dlan-usb-extender: fix usbdev trigger
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: optimize kernel generation
2013-09-02 juhosggeneric: remove linux version checks from myloader.c
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: image: dynamically generate Image/Build/Templat...
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: configure OBS4 line on TL-WR841N-v8/MR3420v2
2013-09-02 jowAdd rpcd - an extensible backend server for ubus-over...
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: remove fs_* variables from image/Makefile
2013-09-02 juhosgpackage/rotary-gpio-custom: fix checkpatch errors modul...
2013-09-02 juhosgpackage/w1-gpio-custom: fix checkpatch errors in module...
2013-09-02 juhosgpackage/i2c-gpio-custom: fix checkpatch errors in modul...
2013-09-02 juhosgpackage/kernel: add spi-gpio-custom module
2013-09-02 juhosgar71xx: fix initramfs image generation for Cameo933x...
2013-09-02 juhosgx86/alix2: remove kernel config for 3.8
2013-09-02 juhosgx86/alix2: switch to 3.10.9
2013-09-02 juhosgx86/alix2: add kernel config for 3.10
2013-09-02 juhosgx86: add support for 3.10
2013-09-01 cyrusnetfilter: Add IPv6-NAT support for kernel and ipt
2013-09-01 cyrusiptables: Update to 1.4.20
2013-08-31 acinonyxscripts/ Fix whitespace errors
2013-08-31 acinonyxscripts/{cleanfile,cleanpatch}: Add scripts for cleanin...
2013-08-31 acinonyxscripts/ Remove checks for __setup's...
2013-08-31 acinonyxscripts/ Remove check for deprecated...
2013-08-31 acinonyxscripts/ Introduce '' script
2013-08-29 lukaimx6: add uboot-envtools to default packages
2013-08-29 luka[package] uboot-imx6: update to v2013.07
2013-08-29 luka[package] uboot-envtools: update to v2013.07
2013-08-29 nbdnetifd: update to the latest version, fixes a bridge...
2013-08-28 florianmvebu: remove maintainer ship role
2013-08-28 nbdkernel: fix booting issues on imx23 and imx6 targets
2013-08-28 lukaimx6: disable sdma until license issues are solved
2013-08-28 lukaimage: add hooks for kernel/DTB installation in root...
2013-08-28 improve wording for kernel/DT inclusion...
2013-08-28 lukaimx6: refresh 3.10 kernel config
2013-08-27 juhosgar71xx: add some pending patches
2013-08-27 juhosgkernel: don't hide the 'Warning: unable to open an...
2013-08-27 juhosgimage: ensure that /dev/console exist in rootfs images
2013-08-27 juhosgkernel: ensure that /dev/console exists in initramfs
2013-08-27 juhosgar71xx: don't hardwire cpu_has_dsp{,2} to zero
2013-08-27 juhosgar71xx: don't register USB device on WNDAP360
2013-08-27 juhosgmac80211: add a bunch of rt2x00 specific changes
2013-08-26 nbdkernel: fixing a potential deadlock in block2mtd for...
2013-08-26 nbdmklibs: Fix mklibs usage when *.so files reside in...
2013-08-26 nbdmac80211: merge a few ad-hoc mode fixes
2013-08-26 nbdmac80211: disable CCK rates for 802.11n clients on...
2013-08-25 acinonyxlldpd: Add libbsd dependency when using eglibc
2013-08-25 juhosgx86/alix2: add kmod-usb2-pci to default packages
2013-08-24 juhosgar71xx: build factory image for DIR-505 A1
2013-08-24 juhosgar71xx: allow to override kernel size in the CameoHorne...
2013-08-23 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.9