2013-01-02 blogic[ramips] rt5350 switch support fix
2013-01-02 blogicRemove remaining etrax references
2013-01-02 blogic[kernel] fix typo in HFS kernel module
2013-01-02 blogic[mac80211] fixes libertas firmware install path
2013-01-02 blogic[kernel] fix video modules package generation
2013-01-02 juhosggeneric: fix UBIFS build error if XZ compression is...
2013-01-01 cyrus6relayd: Detect changes of default routes for RAs
2013-01-01 cyrusipv6-support: Remove unnecessary code
2013-01-01 juhosgpackage/kernel: select crypto-sha256 for cifs on 3.7+
2013-01-01 juhosgpackage/kernel: create separate package for the sha256...
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: add support for 3.7
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: nuke 3.3 support
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: switch to 3.6
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: add support for 3.6
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: remove NAND_NO_AUTOINCR flag from rb1xx.c
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: use mtd_read helper in trxsplit.c
2013-01-01 juhosgadm5120: don't include asm/system.h in adm5120-hcd.c
2013-01-01 juhosggeneric: add missing symbol for 3.7
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xx: register the NAND flash controller device on...
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xx: allow to register the NAND flash controller...
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xxx: allow to select ATH79_DEV_NFC for QCA955x
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xxx: allow to build the ar934x_nfc driver for QCA955x
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xx: fix NAND controller base for QCA955x SoCs
2013-01-01 juhosgar71xx: fold AP135 patch
2012-12-31 cyrusipv6-support: Fix typo in dhcpv6-script
2012-12-30 blogic[lantiq] adds missing symbol
2012-12-30 haukertc-rv5c386a: fix compilation for kernel >= 3.4
2012-12-30 haukeacx-mac80211: fix compilation
2012-12-30 nbduci: disable parallel builds again, the lua<->libuci...
2012-12-30 blogic[lantiq] fixes usb port on arv 4518
2012-12-30 juhosgramips: rt305x: fix garbled name in mach-mzk-w300nh2.c
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: build firmware image for the Planex MZK-W300NH2...
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: add user-space support for the Planex MZK-W300N...
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: rt305x: add kernel support for the Planex MZK...
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: build image for Airlive AIR3GII
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: add user-space support for Airlive AIR3GII
2012-12-29 juhosgramips: rt305x: add kernel support for AirLive AIR3GII
2012-12-29 juhosgar71xx: add support for 3.7
2012-12-29 juhosgar71xx: Build the AP135 images
2012-12-29 juhosgar71xx: Add userspace support for AP135
2012-12-29 juhosgar71xx: Add support for AP135
2012-12-29 juhosgar71xx: use a backported patch to fix AR933x UART baud...
2012-12-29 add support for overriding the source dir...
2012-12-29 cyrusipv6-support: Use more consistent default values
2012-12-28 nbdar71xx: change the unaligned access hack to assume...
2012-12-28 nbdmac80211: refresh patches
2012-12-28 nbdmac80211: assume 2-byte aligning for 802.11 packets...
2012-12-28 nbdmips: use -mno-branch-likely for kernel and userspace...
2012-12-28 cyrusipv6-support: Updated functionality
2012-12-28 cyrus6distributed: Add null-route for delegated prefix
2012-12-28 cyrus6relayd: Announce DNS search domain via DHCPv6
2012-12-27 nbdkernel: remove the cisco SIP NAT patch, at least on...
2012-12-27 haukebrcm47xx: bcma: correct M25P32 serial flash ID
2012-12-27 nbduci: update to latest version (adds list delete support...
2012-12-27 cyrusipv6-support: Remove site-border feature
2012-12-27 cyrusRemove site-border routing filter due to problems
2012-12-27 cyrusipv6-support:
2012-12-27 cyrus6distributed: feature update
2012-12-27 cyrus6relayd: Advertise IPv6-specific MTU instead of generic
2012-12-27 cyrusbase-files: Fix a typo in config_list_foreach
2012-12-26 juhosgmpc83xx: add support for 3.7
2012-12-26 juhosgmpc83xx: nuke 3.3 support
2012-12-26 juhosgmpc83xx: switch to 3.6.11
2012-12-26 juhosgmpc83xx: add support for 3.6
2012-12-26 juhosgmpc83xx: create package for the rbppc_cf module
2012-12-26 juhosggeneric: more missing symbols for 3.{6,7}
2012-12-26 juhosgar71xx: build image for the AP136-020
2012-12-26 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for AP136-020
2012-12-26 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the AP136-020 board
2012-12-26 juhosgar71xx: rename AP136 to AP136-010
2012-12-25 juhosgar71xx: dynamically set AR8327's PAD configuration...
2012-12-25 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add sgmii_delay_en field to ar8327_pla...
2012-12-25 juhosgar71xx: ag71xx: show PHY interface mode in dmesg
2012-12-24 juhosgramips: fix ASUS WL-330N3G MAC address
2012-12-24 juhosgramips: fix wifi EEPROM extraction on DIR-615-Dx models
2012-12-23 jowbase-files: fix broken calculations on 64bit...
2012-12-23 kaloz[cns3xxx]: add nol2x0 cmdline to disable l2x0 cache
2012-12-23 cyrusipv6-support: Fix default RA settings for dnsmasq
2012-12-23 nbdbusybox: (vconfig) do not attempt to open /proc/net...
2012-12-22 nbdbuild: reduce the size of package metadata a bit to...
2012-12-22 nbdtools/ipkg-utils: remove some unnecessary field checks
2012-12-22 nbdopkg: keep package list files compressed when src/gz...
2012-12-22 nbdbuild: remove the default useless MAINTAINER value
2012-12-22 nbddropbear: convert init script to procd
2012-12-22 nbdbase-files: add basic procd integration, let procd...
2012-12-22 nbdprocd: add initial implementation
2012-12-22 nbdlibnl-tiny: add includedir to pkg-config cflags
2012-12-22 nbddropbear: use network_get_device instead of scan_interf...
2012-12-22 juhosggeneric: ar8216: don't use 0 as default VID on AR8327
2012-12-22 juhosggeneric: more missing symbols for 3.{6,7}
2012-12-22 juhosgramips: unify eeprom file name for the built-in wireles...
2012-12-22 juhosgramips: rt3883: fix build error
2012-12-22 cyrusipv6-support: Preliminary support for dnsmasq >=2.66
2012-12-22 cyrus6relayd: Fix detection of prefix changes
2012-12-22 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix build on arch where char is unsigned
2012-12-22 cyrus6distributed: Improve prefix deprecation algorithm
2012-12-22 juhosgar71xx: register the second ethernet interface on the...
2012-12-22 juhosgar71xx: fix ethernet device registration for QCA9558
2012-12-22 juhosgar71xx: rename QCA9558 ETH_CFG bit defines
2012-12-22 juhosgar71xx: fixup allowed PHY interface types for QCA9558