2014-12-19 lukakirkwood: add *plugs to uci-defaults
2014-12-18 lukakikwood: populate with new boards
2014-12-18 lukakirkwood: set default EA4500 switch config
2014-12-18 haukekernel: bgmac: fix some problems
2014-12-18 haukebcm53xx: PCIe: add link check again
2014-12-18 lukauboot-envtools: add more kirkwood boards
2014-12-18 nbdar7: remove leftover 3.10 patches
2014-12-18 nbdbinutils: break-out libbfd, libopcodes and ar
2014-12-18 nbdar71xx: add support for qca956x soc
2014-12-18 nbdar8216: Inline function ar8xxx_create_mii
2014-12-18 nbdar8216: Remove read/write/rmw member functions from...
2014-12-18 nbdar8216: Create helpers mii_read32 / mii_write32 for...
2014-12-18 nbdar8216: Factor out chip-specific parameters from ar8xxx...
2014-12-18 nbdar8216: remove unused function parameter in ar8327_led_...
2014-12-17 rmileckibcm53xx: backport spi-nor changes and update bcm53xxspi...
2014-12-17 nbdkernel: disable multicast-to-unicast translation for...
2014-12-17 lukakirkwood: add sheevaplug and derivatives
2014-12-17 kaloz[ar71xx]: Belkin AC 1750 DB (F9K1115v2) support
2014-12-17 cyrusdnsmasq: allow de-selecting features from -full variant.
2014-12-16 cyrusiproute2: bump version from 3.16.0 to 3.17.0
2014-12-16 cyrusnftables: bump to release 0.4, cleanup our patches
2014-12-16 cyruslibnftnl: bump to upstream release 1.0.3
2014-12-16 cyruscyassl: bump to 3.3.0
2014-12-15 nbdbuild: prevent spurious host-build re-builds by touchin...
2014-12-15 blogicralink: remove partitoon map from mt7621.dtsi
2014-12-15 rmileckibcm53xx: sysupgrade support for devices with serial...
2014-12-15 rmileckibrcm47xx: extract magics from specific upgrade images...
2014-12-15 blogicfstools: update to latest git HEAD
2014-12-15 blogicuboot-envtools: enable UBI support per default on oxnas
2014-12-15 blogicadd "preinit_regular" set_state argument
2014-12-15 rmileckibrcm47xx: detect (and still reject for now) CyberTAN...
2014-12-15 blogicprocd: update to latest git HEAD
2014-12-15 cyrusnftables: mini-bump and patch cleanup
2014-12-15 rmileckiramips: update mtd patches to apply after changes from...
2014-12-15 rmileckibrcm47xx: use separated function in upgrade to detect...
2014-12-14 cyrusnftables: bump to latest git, fix mini-gmp patches
2014-12-14 cyruslibnftnl: bump to latest git
2014-12-14 blogickirkwood: enable EA4500 switch on 3.18
2014-12-14 blogicgemini: update usb driver and merge registers into...
2014-12-14 blogicgemini: merge register ethernet patches into one
2014-12-14 blogicralink: drop old pinmux nodes from dts files
2014-12-14 rmileckikernel: warn users to use the new (dedicated) firmware...
2014-12-13 nbdtoolchain: do not include in the libc...
2014-12-13 nbdnvram: remove, it is unused and incompatibl...
2014-12-13 rmileckikernel: move old firmware uimage splitter into separate...
2014-12-13 nbdscripts/config: fix segfault introduced in r43652
2014-12-13 nbdbuild: ensure tools are built before building the toolchain
2014-12-13 nbdrealview: drop old kernel configs
2014-12-13 nbdau1000: remove leftover 3.3 kernel config
2014-12-13 nbdau1000: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdrb532: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdat91: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdbrcm2708: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdixp4xx: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdlantiq: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 nbdmpc85xx: remove linux 3.10 support
2014-12-13 floriannetlogic: fix XLR network driver build
2014-12-13 blogicramips:Add support for Aigale Ai-BR100
2014-12-13 blogicmxs: indention and whitespace fixes
2014-12-13 blogicar71xx: add an extra check on board_name for ath10k...
2014-12-13 blogicoxnas: fix gpio-fan on kd20
2014-12-13 blogicoxnas: also make use of the GPIO poweroff driver
2014-12-13 blogickernel/generic: remove some left-over garbage from...
2014-12-12 blogicoxnas: use libata ledtrig support for kd20 hdd leds
2014-12-12 blogickernel/generic: add ledtrig support to libata
2014-12-12 blogicoxnas: clean up default package selection
2014-12-12 Handle the x86_64 LINUX_KARCH case
2014-12-12 Refactor LINUX_KARCH affectation
2014-12-12 blogickirkwood: Iomega ix2-200: wire up the GPIO poweroff...
2014-12-12 nbdgcc: don't clobber stamp-bits with a symlink to itself
2014-12-12 nbdar8216: enable cpu port to receive arp and broadcast...
2014-12-12 blogicralink: fix lenovo y1 wan port mapping
2014-12-12 blogiciwinfo: bump to latest git HEAD
2014-12-12 blogicoxnas: build S-ATA driver as a module
2014-12-12 blogicralink: make uartf functional on AWM002
2014-12-12 blogicoxnas: use u-boot.bin in KDIR
2014-12-12 blogicuboot-oxnas: install u-boot.bin also to KERNEL_BUILD_DIR
2014-12-12 wigyorisunxi: fix led on bananapi
2014-12-12 nbdigmpproxy: do not attempt to ifstatus error messages...
2014-12-12 nbdigmpproxy: do not start instance if no upstream interfa...
2014-12-12 nbdigmpproxy: fix init script indentation
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: allow bootloader to pass kernel cmdline
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: change mxs-lradc module to depend on kmod-iio...
2014-12-12 jowscripts/config: remove debug statement
2014-12-12 nbdscripts/ add support for adding mirrors...
2014-12-12 jowbusybox: include config files relative to the main...
2014-12-12 jowscripts/config: support includes relative to the curren...
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: add i2c and spi packages to profiles
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: fix automatic status led detection
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: update dts file for Duckbill
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: i2c changes
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: add kernel module for spi interface
2014-12-12 wigyorimxs: make boardname consistent with other targets
2014-12-12 cyrusnetifd: Set source IP for DHCP static routes as well
2014-12-12 blogicamazon: remove leftover folders
2014-12-11 lukakernel: refresh patches
2014-12-11 lukakirkwood: sort 110-nas profile
2014-12-11 blogicau1000: revert 43626 due to syntax errors
2014-12-11 blogicoxnas: use ARM BCJ filter for XZ decompression
2014-12-11 rmileckibcm53xx: failsafe support