2013-11-17 haukemac80211: ath10k: add board.bin file again
2013-11-17 haukeat91: fix typo in network file
2013-11-17 haukekernel: add vmxnet3 module
2013-11-17 haukexfsprogs: move to submenu Filesystem
2013-11-17 haukekirkwood: add missing kernel config CONFIG_REGMAP=y
2013-11-17 haukemac80211: update ath10k firmware
2013-11-17 haukekernel: backport get_cycles() fix
2013-11-17 haukemac80211: add blink api backport
2013-11-17 blogicralink: add mt7620n dts files
2013-11-17 blogicramips: fix wmr300 network detection
2013-11-17 wigyorikernel: add fix to block2mtd driver for modified error...
2013-11-17 wigyorikernel: add missing symbols for 3.12
2013-11-16 blogicralink: add mt7620n support
2013-11-16 blogicprocd: ubox: update to latest git head
2013-11-16 wigyorikernel: add missing symbols for 3.12
2013-11-16 lukasunxi: remove old kernel config after 3.12 upgrade...
2013-11-16 cyrus6rd: Clear correct IPv6 address bits in 6rdcalc
2013-11-15 kaloz[omap]: replace the TI patch with a smaller patchset
2013-11-15 juhosgar71xx: add profile for the WR842N/ND v2
2013-11-15 juhosgar71xx: add user space support for the TL-WR842N/ND v2
2013-11-15 juhosgar71xx: Add kernel support for the WR842N/ND v2
2013-11-15 juhosgar71xx: wndr4300: set official mac addresses
2013-11-14 wigyorisunxi: rework target
2013-11-14 nbdkernel: backport an upstream fix to improve TCP perform...
2013-11-14 nbdopenssl: add support for RIPEMD/160
2013-11-14 nbdrt2x00: fix a crash in the recent update (#14467)
2013-11-14 nbdar71xx: Unifi AP Pro sysupgrade patch
2013-11-14 nbdramips: use dd bs=4096k instead of bs=4M to make it...
2013-11-14 nbdar71xx: use the new padjffs2 padding on Ubiquiti UAP...
2013-11-14 nbdpadjffs2: add a different kind of padding (using standa...
2013-11-14 juhosgbase-files: add macaddr_canonicalize helper function
2013-11-14 nbdath9k: add a fix to improve reliability of high bitrate...
2013-11-14 nbdmac80211: merge a patch that enables DFS for ad-hoc...
2013-11-14 drop TARGET_UBIFS_SQUASH_UIDS, it's used...
2013-11-14 lukaimage: don't force ubifs journal size
2013-11-13 haukemac80211: update regdb.txt
2013-11-13 haukebcm53xx: this ARM SoC does not have a FPU, use soft...
2013-11-13 haukezram-swap: fix dependencies
2013-11-13 haukebrcm47xx: swap also early boot console if necessary.
2013-11-13 haukekernel: b53: fix untagged shift for BCM5365
2013-11-13 kaloz[mac80211]: upgrade linux-firmware git revision, bump...
2013-11-13 kaloz[mac80211]: add another symbol for TI chipsets
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: remove obselete script install reference
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: fixup 2 wrong option types
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: options with default values are not parsed prope...
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: convert services to the new validation api
2013-11-13 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2013-11-13 wigyori[package]: uboot-sunxi: add U-boot builds for a couple...
2013-11-13 nbdramips: select kmod-rt2800-soc by default (if available)
2013-11-12 nbdmac80211: update to wireless-testing 2013-11-05
2013-11-12 nbdhostapd: remove #ifdef MULTICALL around ap+sta support...
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: - update uboot-mxs to 3.10
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: bump kernel to 3.12
2013-11-12 jowAdd patch to fix ipset timeout setting problem
2013-11-12 jowUpdate ipset to version 6.20.1
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: add basic board runtime detection support
2013-11-12 wigyoriuboot-envtools: add support for mxs target
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: duckbill: adjust leds to final hardware
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: rename uboot-imx23 to uboot-mxs
2013-11-12 wigyorimxs: fix loadaddr for uImages
2013-11-12 wigyorikernel: add new core sound module snd-pcm-dmaengine...
2013-11-11 luka[package] base-files: don't enter failsafe if triggered...
2013-11-11 haukebrcm47xx: fix netconfig for inverted vlan?ports in...
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-diag: add Belkin F7D3302/F7D7302
2013-11-11 haukelinux/brcm47xx : Belkin F7Dx30x board detection
2013-11-11 haukebase-files: don't kill nas for sysupgrade
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: version roll
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: support 'wds' interfaces on 'wl1' device
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: support probe of 'wds' devices
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: fix crash when starting multiple virtual...
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: perform additional cleanup on wl module...
2013-11-11 wigyorikernel: of_i2c is moved into i2c-core in 3.12, add...
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: support more virtual interfaces
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: improve device cleanup
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: add support for setting H/W address
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: eliminate 'invalid command' when setting...
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: clean up variable definitions (
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: simplify processing of 'hwmode'
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: shutdown 'nas' when 'wl' device is disabled
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: use a single instance of 'nas' per 'wl...
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: fix whitespace handling
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: update description for recently added
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: fix band reporting
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: change interface names
2013-11-11 haukebroadcom-wl: fix compiler warning
2013-11-11 haukeiwinfo: don't report associations for broadcom wds...
2013-11-11 haukeiwinfo: fix hwmodelist reporting for broadcom wl
2013-11-11 haukebrcm47xx: b44: fix logic in BUG_ON()
2013-11-11 jowuhttpd: return after processing -d switch, only set...
2013-11-11 blogicbase-files: fix typo in rfkill script
2013-11-11 blogicuhttp: add ubus.default
2013-11-11 nbdixp4xx: fix usb on cambria boards by using the ehci...
2013-11-11 blogicpppd: don't call modprobe at all from pppoatm
2013-11-11 blogicrevert 94e44643a8ce1d7991376b6ced586784b3f92500
2013-11-11 blogicramips: use gpio-button-hotplug in favour of the input...
2013-11-11 blogicramips: make the rfkill switch work on fonera20n
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: DGN3500 fixups
2013-11-11 blogicFix modprobe path for pppoatm
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: dont install deu test manager
2013-11-11 blogiclantiq: rename TDW8970 led adsl->dsl