2013-03-22 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-22 nbdtools/upx: use HOSTCXX to fix build errors on mac os x
2013-03-22 nbdbuild: add a HOSTCXX variable pointing at the c++ compiler
2013-03-22 floriangdb: update to 7.5-2012.12-1
2013-03-22 florianbase-files: sysupgrade fail with eglibc
2013-03-21 haukekernel: add missing CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX config...
2013-03-21 haukekernel: REGMAP_SPI should only be selectable when SPI_M...
2013-03-21 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-20 haukebrcm47xx: generate images for some more devices
2013-03-20 haukekernel: add some fixes for kernel 3.9
2013-03-20 haukekernel: add some missing config options for kernel 3.9
2013-03-20 cyrusnetifd: Fix adding IPv6 DNS-servers to resolv.conf
2013-03-20 cyrusodhcp6c: Fix metric for on-link prefix routes
2013-03-19 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-19 floriankernel: make SND_COMPRESS_OFFLOAD symbol visible for...
2013-03-19 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-18 nbdhostapd: fix build errors on supplicant-only builds
2013-03-18 cyrusodhcp6c: fix preference handling, custom client-ID
2013-03-17 nbdbuild: make the color of the 'configuration out of...
2013-03-17 nbdhostapd: initial prototype of an ubus binding
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.6 kernel patches
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.3. kernel patches
2013-03-17 florianuml: switch to 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 florianuml: add support for 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 florianuml: remove 3.2 patches
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: switch to 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 floriankernel: refresh 3.9 patches
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: add support for 3.8 kernel
2013-03-17 floriankernel: enable SND_COMPRESS_OFFLOAD for kernels >= 3.3
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: account for sound soc directory rename in 3.7
2013-03-17 floriankernel: set regmap-core module license
2013-03-17 floriankernel: load regmap modules after kmod-lib-lzo
2013-03-17 nbdubus: update to latest version, fixes a bug in notify...
2013-03-17 florianau1000: remove support for 3.3. kernel
2013-03-17 florianau1000: switch to 3.6 kernel
2013-03-17 florianau1000: keep the MTX-1 watchdog pin low during boot
2013-03-17 florianep93xx: remove 3.3 kernel support
2013-03-17 florianmcs814x: use devm_request_and_ioremap in mcs814x-rng...
2013-03-17 florianmcs814x: use devm_request_and_ioremap helper for nuport...
2013-03-17 florianmcs814x: remove PCI code
2013-03-16 florianmcs814x: implement MULTI_IRQ_HANDLER
2013-03-16 florianmcs814x: use the standard device tree binding to repres...
2013-03-16 nbdmac80211: merge a few minstrel_ht performance improvements
2013-03-16 nbdbusybox: fix disabling /sbin/init and logread if procd...
2013-03-15 nbdmac80211: merge a fix for a race condition on station...
2013-03-15 juhosgmpc85xx: add profile and build image for the TL-WDR4900...
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: start AR8327 switch from the probe...
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add ar8xxx_start helper
2013-03-15 juhosgmpc85xx: add AR8327 initvals to the TL-WDR4900 devicetree
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add OF configuration support for AR8327
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: separate platform_data based AR8327...
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: don't use platform_data in ar8327_init...
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: move the ar8327_get_port_init_status...
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: simplify and rename ar8327_config_port
2013-03-15 juhosggeneric: ar8216: remove superfluous pdata checks
2013-03-15 nbdath9k: add a fix to reduce the number of spurious tx...
2013-03-15 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.8 to 3.8.3
2013-03-15 juhosgar71xx: build images for the TL-MR11U v2
2013-03-15 juhosgar71xx: rw2458n - Use eeprom (art) from wifi card
2013-03-15 juhosgar71xx: Error fix in Kernel for MR3420v2 Ethernet Switc...
2013-03-15 nbdath9k: fix issues with disabling rx/tx antennas
2013-03-15 nbduhttpd: update to latest version, fixes an occasional...
2013-03-15 luka[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to version 2013.01.01
2013-03-14 blogic[procd] fix up the mount options to match what openwrt...
2013-03-14 blogic[base-files] sysupgrade was broken as procd was getting...
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] ACMP252: fix USB-enable GPIO and use default...
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] fix buttons on vr9 eval kit
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] select vdsl packages on vr9 boards
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] fix fritzbox 3370 partitions/memory/cmdline
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] build jffs images for nand based fritzbox
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] add vdsl firmware loader/cutter
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] add vdsl mei driver
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] add vdsl driver
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] add vdsl userland app
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make DEU work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make lib-ifxos work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make hcd driver work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make ptm drivers work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make atm driver work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make adsl work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] make adsl mei driver work with v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] bump to v3.8
2013-03-14 blogic[lantiq] move GPHY FW blobs to non versioned folder
2013-03-14 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-14 floriankernel: add support for 3.9-rc2
2013-03-14 florianmac80211: backport required changes to support 3.9...
2013-03-13 blogic[procd] fix date and dependency
2013-03-13 blogic[busybox] make init and logread depend on !PROCD_INIT
2013-03-13 blogic[hostapd] use new button scheme
2013-03-13 blogic[base-files] make basefiles aware of procd
2013-03-13 blogic[base-files/generic] update the /init file to start...
2013-03-13 blogic[procd] update to latest git head
2013-03-13 blogic[ar71xx] make sure the console works when using procd...
2013-03-13 jowfirewall3: update to git head
2013-03-13 nbdubus: update to latest version
2013-03-13 nbdlibubox: update to latest version, adds libjson-script
2013-03-12 juhosggemini: remove 3.3 support
2013-03-12 juhosggemini: switch to 3.8
2013-03-12 juhosggemini: add support for 3.8
2013-03-12 blogic[lantiq] fixes NO_XIP on CFI0001 flash