2014-02-22 nbdgianfar: Fix reported number of sent bytes to BQL
2014-02-22 nbdath5k: mark the current survey channel as being used
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: reduce unnecessary logspam (#14940)
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: fix issues with 5/10 mhz channel bandwidth ...
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: fix issues that have been plaguing some powersav...
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: show more reset causes in debugfs
2014-02-22 nbdmac80211: merge some upstream fixes
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: enable u-apsd support
2014-02-22 nbdath9k: add a tx locking fix
2014-02-22 jogob53: Make b53_switch_init static
2014-02-22 jogob53: Add BCM53128 switch support
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: fix RG100A/DB120 usb port number
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: fix number of usb ports for HW556 variants
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add initial support for BCM963268BU_P300...
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add VW6339GU support
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: fix number of switch ports for BCM63168/63268
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: F@ST2504n board support (image, base-files)
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: F@ST2504n board support
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: add support for Asmax AR 1004g router
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: Add profile and build image for Sagemcom...
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: Add userspace support for Sagemcom F@ST2704V2...
2014-02-22 jogobrcm63xx: Add kernel support for Sagemcom F@ST2704V2...
2014-02-21 haukekernel: add missing depends on kmod-mii
2014-02-21 haukekexec-tools: disable lzma support
2014-02-21 cyrusodhcpd: fix wrong address pool being advertised
2014-02-21 kaloz[base-files]: the root password should be empty for...
2014-02-21 jowfirewall: fix validation constraints
2014-02-21 jownetifd: fix validation constraints
2014-02-20 jowfirewall: fix several ipset integration issues (#15016)
2014-02-20 cyrus6in4: add support for updatekey
2014-02-20 lukaimx6: update Ventana dts
2014-02-20 lukaimx6: enable IMX6 watchdog
2014-02-20 juhosgar71xx: rb91x: fix pll_1000 value for eth0 to avoid...
2014-02-20 juhosgar71xx: Add support for MikroTik RB951Ui-2HnD
2014-02-20 juhosgkernel/3.10: improve fq_codel hashing for 6in4 6to4...
2014-02-20 lukaimx6: drop upstream rejected patch
2014-02-19 nbdgcc: prevent the use of LDRD/STRD on ARMv5TE
2014-02-19 juhosgar71xx: add profile and build image for TP-Link TL...
2014-02-19 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for TP-Link TL-WDR4900...
2014-02-19 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the TP-Link TL-WDR4900...
2014-02-19 nicosunxi: move a lost CONFIG_CHARGER symbol to generic
2014-02-18 nicotarget/sunxi: make REGMAP built-in (used by REGULATOR)
2014-02-18 nicotarget/uml: update README
2014-02-18 nicotoolchain: update build steps doc
2014-02-18 nicomac80211: disable libertas-sd on uml target
2014-02-18 nicouboot-envtools: pass target cflags
2014-02-18 cyrusodhcp6c: readd userclass and vendorclass
2014-02-18 juhosgkernel: refresh configs with
2014-02-18 juhosgar71xx: fix unaligned access hacks for tcp timestamps
2014-02-18 juhosgar71xx: WNR2200: fix mounting root fs problem
2014-02-18 blogicodhcp6c: add validation rules to proto handler
2014-02-18 blogicrelayd: add uci validation
2014-02-18 blogicmac80211: add validation rules
2014-02-18 blogicnetifd: add validation support
2014-02-18 blogichostapd: add validation rules to wireless handler
2014-02-18 blogicppp: add validation rules to proto handler
2014-02-18 blogiccomgt: add validation rules to proto handler
2014-02-18 blogicfirewall3: update init.d script to make use of procd
2014-02-18 blogicubox: logd did not register its config.reload trigger...
2014-02-18 blogicbase-files: split /etc/init.d/boot into 2 files
2014-02-18 blogicnetifd: update to latest git head
2014-02-18 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2014-02-18 blogicprocd: the helper script did not export all functions...
2014-02-18 blogicralink: add support for na930
2014-02-18 blogicralink: add gpio_uartf mux group
2014-02-18 blogicralink: fix the gpio mode mapping
2014-02-18 blogicauthsae: update to latest version
2014-02-18 blogicopenssl: fix up PKG_DEPENDS. there are 2 missing CONFIG...
2014-02-18 nbduci: update to latest version, adds preparation for...
2014-02-17 cyrusodhcp6c: send reconfigure-accept again to be compliant
2014-02-17 cyrusodhcpd: Fix RA interval + add support for prefixes...
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: revert r39601 as the symbol is already there
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: add missing NF_TABLES symbol - until someone...
2014-02-17 wigyori3.13: add missing symbol
2014-02-16 luka[tools] cmake: upgrade to
2014-02-16 cyrusnetifd: work around dangling prefix kernel-routes ...
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: dockstar: remove sata from packages
2014-02-16 lukakirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-16 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: add support for Seagate GoFlexNet
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for dockstar
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for ib62x0
2014-02-15 lukakirkwood: update support for iconnect
2014-02-15 luka[package] uboot-kirkwood: update to 2013.10
2014-02-15 lukakernel: rtl8306: update reset function
2014-02-15 lukalantiq: fix typo in pinctl driver
2014-02-15 lukalantiq: fix PCI problems on ARV4510PW
2014-02-14 cyrusnetifd: fix source-routing breaking 6in4 + others
2014-02-14 kaloz[omap]: use the default package set
2014-02-13 jowar71xx: fix mtdpartsize macro in image Makefile (#14961)
2014-02-13 kalozupgrade 3.13 targets to 3.13.2, refresh patches
2014-02-13 kaloz[generic]: upgrade 3.12 to 3.12.10
2014-02-13 kaloz[omap]: change image generation logic
2014-02-12 kalozhandle "neon" fpu type
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: handle some CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_INCLUDE_ foo
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: copy initramfs zImage to the bin dir as well
2014-02-12 kaloz[omap]: generate ubifs images
2014-02-12 cyrusodhcp6c: remove source-restriction from local routes...
2014-02-12 lukaimx6: drop 3.12 support
2014-02-12 lukaimx6: add initial 3.13 support
2014-02-11 nbdmac80211: send wpa frames through the WMM voice queue...