2005-03-26 nbdadd staging_dir_* to .cvsignore
2005-03-26 nbdfix lcd4linux build depends
2005-03-25 nbdadd sip express router
2005-03-25 nbdfix cifsmount (use TARGET_CC instead of CC)
2005-03-25 nbdfix some dropbear client issues
2005-03-25 nbdadd package for iptables-save and -restore
2005-03-24 nbdclean info and include dir for gmp package
2005-03-24 nbdadd libwrap, portmap, nfs-server
2005-03-24 nbdremove conffiles for dropbear (was /etc/passwd)
2005-03-24 wbxadd gmp, needed for openswan
2005-03-24 nbdbuildroot-documentation.html
2005-03-24 nbdfix target name in buildroot documentation example
2005-03-24 nbdadd unprivileged user
2005-03-24 nbdfix default backend for parallel port printer in cups
2005-03-24 nbdadd /etc/group
2005-03-24 nbdallow telnet login when ssh password is not set
2005-03-24 nbdmove passwd from dropbear package to target_skeleton
2005-03-24 nbdremove CVS dirs from package
2005-03-24 nbdremove CVS directories from ppp packages
2005-03-24 nbdadd ez-ipupdate
2005-03-23 nbdadd mount.cifs
2005-03-23 nbdadd cups
2005-03-23 wbxfixup openntpd package. ntpd now starts as user ntp and
2005-03-23 wbxmtd update for jffs2 rootsystems
2005-03-23 nbdadd more ioctl stuff
2005-03-23 nbdadd a lot of "censored" parts for wlioctl.h (found...
2005-03-23 nbdmake busybox passwd work when /etc/passwd is a symlink...
2005-03-23 nbdinclude dropbear in default build
2005-03-23 nbdallow telnet login only in failsafe by default
2005-03-23 nbdadd mount_root script to mount root fs (called from...
2005-03-23 nbdcosmetic fix for iproute2 config
2005-03-23 nbdadd experimental package dir to ipkg.conf
2005-03-23 wbxupdate document with new PKG_MD5SUM
2005-03-23 wbxstart-stop-daemon n, better description for openntpd...
2005-03-23 wbxno start-stop-daemon
2005-03-23 wbxadd openntpd. sort list of packages alphabetically...
2005-03-23 wbxchange default path for staging_dir.
2005-03-23 wbxremove link before creation, otherwise rebuild fails
2005-03-23 nicoForce iproute2 Config to build without ATM support...
2005-03-23 nicoAdd new kmod-pppoe package, add ppp_async.o to kmod-ppp
2005-03-22 nbdfix pptpd options for ppp-mppe
2005-03-22 nbdallow GRE protocol in default firewall settings
2005-03-21 nbdremove default password for dropbear
2005-03-21 wbxsome minor fixes
2005-03-21 nbdadd cifs, disable smbfs
2005-03-21 wbxparallel port support, found via google. tested by...
2005-03-21 nbdadd wrt54g v2 info
2005-03-21 nbdcheck config changes on make world
2005-03-21 nbdcompile/install kmod packages only if their kernel...
2005-03-21 nbdclean linux kernel, when linux.config changes
2005-03-21 wbxadd some mirrors
2005-03-21 nbdupdate buildroot documentation
2005-03-21 wbxadd md5sums
2005-03-20 mbm*** empty log message ***
2005-03-20 mbmfix version checks
2005-03-20 wbxadd lcd4version. compiles now, but i have no clue if...
2005-03-20 wbxadd new et-driver with patches from Kaloz/Oleg for...
2005-03-20 nbdfix package depends for ip6tables
2005-03-20 wbxadd mirrors
2005-03-20 mbmplease quit breaking things
2005-03-20 wbxadd MD5sum
2005-03-20 wbxadd mirrors and md5sum
2005-03-20 wbxadd mirror for kernel source
2005-03-19 nbdremove md5sum file after successful download
2005-03-19 nbdadd smbfs module
2005-03-19 wbxremove java compiler option, with will not work
2005-03-19 nbdadd downloading script (with md5sum checking and source...
2005-03-19 kalozsupport for the asus wl-500g deluxe and the buffalo...
2005-03-19 wbxnew url, reported by dumpedcore
2005-03-19 wbxcosmetic changes
2005-03-19 wbxmtd/wlc, kernel source added
2005-03-18 nbdcompile additional busybox head options
2005-03-17 wbxparport_pc is wrong, adn the other probably , too
2005-03-17 wbxadd vfat/fat/msdos modules needed for usb mass storage...
2005-03-16 wbxadd missing slhc kernel module for ppp_generic.o
2005-03-16 wbxadd sample ppp options file
2005-03-16 wbxuse another mirror, this mirror is down
2005-03-16 wbxmissed two patches in last commit
2005-03-16 wbxadd all source code from linksys/broadcom which is...
2005-03-16 wbxdo not poweroff
2005-03-15 wbxnbd, why you use copyright notice from broadcom, for...
2005-03-15 wbxadd pptp client
2005-03-15 nbdadd txpwr with reg. override to wlc
2005-03-15 nbdadd passive mode to wlioctl.h and wlc
2005-03-15 nbdadd wlc (wl replacement)
2005-03-14 nbdmake kernel ppp optional and remove cramfs support
2005-03-14 nbdupdate dropbear to 0.45
2005-03-14 nbdadd /etc/passwd with an empty root password for dropbear
2005-03-14 nbdupdate ipp2p to version 0.7.4
2005-03-14 wbxremove firmware names
2005-03-14 wbxadd some cache functions from broadcom code. add first...
2005-03-14 wbxstart-stop for dropbear
2005-03-14 wbxunneeded cleans
2005-03-14 wbxs/wait/askfirst/ , this let all zombies die ;). found...
2005-03-12 wbxremove stuff, update to reality
2005-03-11 wbxadd some help messages
2005-03-09 nicoDon't embed dropbear by default (startup script is...
2005-03-09 nicoAdd kmod-nfs package
2005-03-09 mbmFix nbd's nasty /var hack.
2005-03-08 nbdadd monitor mode ioctls