2013-10-01 haukeep93xx: fix sound dependencies for ep93xx
2013-10-01 haukeat91: fix missing drivers/iio/adc/at91-adc.ko in kmod...
2013-10-01 cyrusnetifd: don't remove & readd addresses that only have...
2013-10-01 jowprocd: fix incorrect use of sizeof() in vsnprintf()
2013-09-30 blogicprocd: update to latest git head
2013-09-30 blogiclantiq: add support for VGV7519 KPN Experia box v8
2013-09-30 blogicralink: dts fixes
2013-09-30 blogicralink: fix DIR-320-B1 board detection
2013-09-30 blogicralink: Change size of image for DIR-320 B1 to 8MB
2013-09-30 blogickernel: lib-textsearch needs to be auto probed for...
2013-09-30 cyrusuClibc: fix scoped-IPv6-addresses in getnameinfo
2013-09-29 nbdscripts/ use the cross readelf...
2013-09-29 nbdmac80211: add AP inactivity handling / probing fixes...
2013-09-29 nbdmac80211: really fix the long standing wds ap tx power...
2013-09-29 jowrpcd: fix missing option removal when merging subsequen...
2013-09-29 jowubus: restrict unix domain socket permission to 0600...
2013-09-29 jowubox: support alternative spellings for modinfo and...
2013-09-29 jowuci: change uci_ptr checking order in uci_delete()
2013-09-29 nbduhttpd: add a config option for using ustream-polarssl...
2013-09-29 nbdath9k: fix an AP mode powersave issue with aggregation
2013-09-28 jowubox: fix kmod loading for modules with varying dashes...
2013-09-28 nbdkernel: disable kmod-iio for linux 3.6 as well (to...
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: add missing config symbol
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: exclude regmap-spi.ko if SPI support cannot...
2013-09-27 nbdocteon: remove CONFIG_FW_LOADER override to fix build...
2013-09-27 nbdlantiq: add a default for CONFIG_MTD_NAND_XWAY to fix...
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: make sound-soc-core depend on kmod-ac97
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: add another missing symbol for iio
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: add missing symbols for iio on older kernel...
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: remove old kernel compat code for pcmcia
2013-09-27 nbdkernel: mark kmod-thermal menuconfig symbol as hidden...
2013-09-27 nbdbuild: fix typo in arm cflags
2013-09-27 luka[tools] patch: other tools might depend on this one
2013-09-27 luka[tools] quilt: add findutils as dependency
2013-09-27 juhosgar71xx: ar934x-nfc: disable subpage write when hardware...
2013-09-27 lukaimx6: enable cpufreq-imx6q by default
2013-09-27 lukamvebu: enable thermal module by default
2013-09-27 lukaimx6: enable thermal module by default
2013-09-27 lukakernel: add thermal modules
2013-09-27 lukaimx6: backport thermal driver
2013-09-27 juhosgkernel: update 3.10 to 3.10.13
2013-09-27 lukamvebu: add myself as maintainer
2013-09-27 lukamvebu: drop 3.8 support
2013-09-27 lukamvebu: switch to 3.10
2013-09-27 lukamvebu: add 3.10 support
2013-09-26 lukabuild: fix typo
2013-09-26 lukainclude/ fix spacing
2013-09-26 cyrusopkg: add build variant with signature support
2013-09-26 florianrb532: fix initramfs image creation (#14215)
2013-09-26 juhosgkernel/3.10: use backported patch for PMC SPI flash...
2013-09-26 juhosgkernel/3.10: add '003-11-' prefix for patches backporte...
2013-09-26 juhosgkernel/3.9: add missing config symbols
2013-09-26 juhosgkernel/3.8: add missing config symbols
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: include the cpu type as part of the toolchain...
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: unify powerpc target cflags
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: unify x86 target cflags
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: unify arm target cflags
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: unify mips target cflags
2013-09-26 nbdbuild: clean up default cflags handling
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: fix typo in nitrogen6dlXg
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: add support for Nitrogen6x boards
2013-09-26 luka[package] uboot-imx6: alphabetize wandboard variants
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: enable XZ_DEC_BCJ and XZ_DEC_ARM
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: fix spi on gw5400-a
2013-09-25 haukebcm53xx: bgmac: use srab switch driver
2013-09-25 haukebcm53xx: update bgmac driver
2013-09-25 haukekernel: b53: add Register Access Bridge Registers ...
2013-09-25 juhosgkernel: create firmware partition from MyLoader partiti...
2013-09-25 juhosgimage: generate separate jffs2 images w/o padding
2013-09-25 juhosgtools/padjffs2: allow to specify extra offset
2013-09-25 juhosgavr32: optimize image generation
2013-09-25 juhosgavr32: enable the new mtdsplit code
2013-09-25 juhosgar71xx: use correct board id for TL-MR3040 v2
2013-09-25 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for TL-MR3040 v2
2013-09-25 juhosgar71xx: improve kernel support for the TL-MR3040 v2
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: add support for gw51xx
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: add support for gw54xx
2013-09-25 juhosgpackage/kernel: add support for industrial-io and AD799x
2013-09-25 juhosgpackage/kernel: add hwmon driver for ADT7410
2013-09-25 juhosgpackage/kernel: move I2C-GPIO drivers from to...
2013-09-25 lukaimx6: update gw5400-a dts cleanup
2013-09-25 juhosgatheros: fix kernel warning about usage of reset gpio
2013-09-25 juhosgkernel/3.10: refresh all target patches
2013-09-25 juhosgramips: sync 3.10 configs
2013-09-25 juhosglantiq/3.10: unbreak the mtd-split patch
2013-09-25 juhosgkernel/3.10: add upstream commit id to the backported...
2013-09-25 juhosgkernel/3.10: refresh patches
2013-09-25 juhosgavr32: remove 3.8 support
2013-09-25 juhosgavr32: switch to 3.10
2013-09-25 juhosgavr32: add support for 3.10
2013-09-25 lukafeeds: enable cloning of specific git commit
2013-09-25 nbduhttpd: fix appending https ports to cmdline
2013-09-24 luka[tools] quilt: update to 0.60
2013-09-24 luka[tools] bison: update to 3.0
2013-09-24 luka[tools] m4: update to 1.4.17
2013-09-24 luka[tools] sdcc: drop tool, it is not used since r31227
2013-09-24 cyrusuml: work around mangled parameter handling for ubd
2013-09-24 cyrusuml: fix some kernel compilation issues with GCC
2013-09-24 cyrusuml: work-around console issue with procd
2013-09-24 juhosgppc44x: remove 3.8 support