2013-02-17 juhosggeneric: ar8216: cleanup function/variable names
2013-02-17 juhosggeneric: ar8216: rename struct ar8216_priv to ar8xxx_priv
2013-02-17 juhosgar71xx: add user-space support for the Mikrotik RB951G...
2013-02-17 juhosgar71xx: add kernel support for the Mikrotik RB951G...
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: add initial support for kernel 3.8
2013-02-16 nbdhostapd: fix the scan wait patch for multiple interfaces
2013-02-16 juhosgar71xx: fix kmod-usb2 package name
2013-02-16 juhosgramips: fix kmod-usb2 package name
2013-02-16 juhosgpackage/kernel: add package for the Freescale On-Chip...
2013-02-16 juhosgmpc85xx: add input drivers to default packages, and...
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: BGMAC - Adjust AutoLoad number to be prior...
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: improve cpuport detection for filesafe
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: fix network config on simpleshare
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: handle return values of cfe_env_get() correctly.
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: bgmac: fix unaligned accesses to network...
2013-02-16 nbdhostapd: add back the patch that waits for interface...
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: fix unaligned access to mac address
2013-02-16 haukebrcm47xx: try to automatically detect if the wan port...
2013-02-16 juhosgupdate x86 generic to kernel v3.7
2013-02-16 juhosgramips: use the new macaddr_* helpers instead of maccalc
2013-02-16 juhosgbase-files: add macaddr_{add,2bin,setbit_la} helpers
2013-02-16 juhosgramips: use the mtd_get_mac_* helpers
2013-02-16 juhosgbase-files: add mtd_get_mac_{ascii,binary} helpers
2013-02-16 jogokernel: add missing config options
2013-02-16 jogosamba36: fix segmentation fault when trying to add...
2013-02-15 florianhotplug2: depend on libbsd only when targetting eglibc
2013-02-15 florianlibevent2: do not add librt dependency when targetting...
2013-02-15 florianlibbsd: make it available for eglibc only
2013-02-15 jogobcm63xx: make nvram checksum failures non fatal
2013-02-15 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.7 to 3.7.8
2013-02-14 juhosggeneric: ar8216: move PHY4 RGMII workaround code out...
2013-02-14 juhosggeneric: ar8216: register the switch from the probe...
2013-02-14 florianx86: update config-3.7 for x86 (turn off CONFIG_GPIO_ICH)
2013-02-14 florianopenssl: update OpenSSL to 1.0.1e, fix Cisco DTLS.
2013-02-14 haukebrcm47xx: if the cpuport of the switch is port 8 assume...
2013-02-14 haukeswitch: export name of device found via /proc
2013-02-14 haukeswitch: export cpuport, ports and vlans via /proc
2013-02-13 juhosgfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add support for the TL-WDR49...
2013-02-13 juhosgmpc85xx: enable swconfig and the ar8216 driver
2013-02-13 juhosgmpc85xx: enable the squashfs driver
2013-02-13 juhosgmpc85xx: enable XZ_DEC_BCJ and XZ_DEC_POWERPC support
2013-02-13 juhosgar71xx: fix factory image creation for dir-825-c1
2013-02-13 juhosgar71xx: fix switch-config for dir-825-c1
2013-02-13 haukebrcm47xx: configure vlan correctly on some recent devices.
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: add support for BCM53125
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: resetting and enabling vlan write for gigabit...
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: read and write vlan config from and to gigabit...
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: improve robo_switch_enable()
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: fix switches with more than 6 ports
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: reverse if else in handle_vlan_port_read()
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: the BCM5365 is a special switch and the BCM5350...
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: reset switch before using it.
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: improve error handling in robo_probe()
2013-02-13 haukeswitch: run cleanfile over the source code
2013-02-13 nbdmac80211: add some small fixes for minstrel_ht CCK...
2013-02-12 haukebrcm47xx: add some more fixes to bgmac
2013-02-12 haukebrcm47xx: update tg3 to the version send upstream
2013-02-12 lukamvebu: remove boards suffix
2013-02-12 juhosgkernel: update linux 3.7 to 3.7.7
2013-02-12 cyrusodhcp6c: allow setting a user-provided prefix as well
2013-02-11 jowiptables: fix bad PKG_RELEASE in previous commit
2013-02-11 jowiptables: add --lenient switch to iptables-restore...
2013-02-11 juhosgar71xx: add script for automatic switch name migration
2013-02-11 nbdmac80211: add CCK rate support to minstrel_ht to improv...
2013-02-11 nbdmac80211/hostapd: short_preamble is a per-vif option...
2013-02-11 nbdar71xx: allow unknown multicast frames to pass to the...
2013-02-11 juhosgar8216: remove superfluous code from ar8216_config_init
2013-02-11 juhosgar71xx: use switchX names in network configuration
2013-02-11 juhosggeneric: ar8216: don't use ethernet device name in...
2013-02-11 juhosggeneric: ar8216: reuse the private data from ar8216_probe
2013-02-11 juhosggeneric: ar8216: use phydev instead of pdev everywhere
2013-02-11 juhosggeneric: ar8216: use pr_* macros for kernel messages
2013-02-11 cyrusodhcp6c: Various bugfixes
2013-02-11 juhosggeneric: ar8216: fix PHY features setup
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add ar8xxx_probe_switch helper
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: rename ar8xxx_mib_cleanup to ar8xxx_mi...
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: free mib counters from ar8xxx_free
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add ar8xxx_free helper
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add ar8xxx_create{,mii} helpers
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: remove redundant phy address check
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: only set phy_ptr if packet mangling...
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add defines for the AR8316 POSTRIP...
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: don't probe the chip multiple times
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add sanity check to ar8216_probe
2013-02-10 juhosggeneric: ar8216: skip probe on unused PHY addresses
2013-02-10 jogoar71xx: register the micro sd card reader on RB493G
2013-02-10 jogogeneric: b53: fix reverted error check in probe
2013-02-10 jogobcm63xx: handle huawei nvram layout
2013-02-09 juhosggeneric: ar8216: move sleep out of the loop
2013-02-08 yardleypolarssl: security update (1.2.5) addressing CBC TLS...
2013-02-08 yardleyopenssl: security update to 1.0.1d to address CBC TLS...
2013-02-08 juhosgar71xx: Routerboard 751 Mac Address Offset Fix
2013-02-08 juhosggeneric: ar8216: simplify phy features setup
2013-02-08 juhosggeneric: ar8216: don't use mdio bus specific functions...
2013-02-07 floriantoolchain/eglibc: add support for 2.17
2013-02-07 juhosggeneric: ar8216: use inline function to convert swdev...
2013-02-07 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add mii_bus field to struct ar8216_priv
2013-02-07 juhosggeneric: mvswitch: add detach callback
2013-02-07 juhosggeneric: ar8216: add detach callback
2013-02-07 juhosggeneric: add detach callback to struct phy_driver